Day 12


I returned to the Heart of Hell for the third time. I stood in front of a large well in which there was boiling liquid. When I was about to walk further, I was suddenly stopped by a huge vision playing like a huge movie screen.


There I could see a group of people praying, speaking in tongues, doing spiritual warfare. They were praying to drive out evil spirits and many evil spirits did come out of the place but unfortunately since they only prayed saying, “Go out all evil spirits” to drive them away, the evil spirits or demons left, but they just moved to another place.


After that I saw people praying for deliverance on someone, only by speaking in tongues and saying, “Go, I command evil spirits to leave this person’s body.” The evil spirits left, but they just moved to another place, some were even walking around – as if the prayers of these people do not have the LORD’s Authority.


After that I saw people praying and speaking in tongues saying, “All evil spirits are bound, and are burnt with fire from Heaven.” and I saw every evil spirit destroyed. Right beside me, I saw ash entering the deep well of boiling liquid. Then creepy creatures emerged from the well.

They were not little creepy creatures, but rather huge creatures with wings and horns, sharp nails and red eyes. They came out of the well to be bound and cast to the very tip of hell where they were shackled and would not be able to get back into the world.

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The LORD explained to me that what He wanted was not just a people speaking in tongues and casting out demons, but actually a people whose words have His authority. Words that come out of a sincere heart, full of the authority and faith in the LORD JESUS. People who truly believe in the LORD JESUS who take every thought of unbelief captive.


The LORD was sad and said that many churches of God have lost the anointing of the LORD, the authority of God. Some do not even believe in the work of the Holy Spirit, namely the Spirit of God himself. Many do not believe in the language of the Spirit, even though all the words of the LORD, every word of the LORD has been written.



Excerpt from THE TESTIMONY OF ELISABETH WIDYAWATI HERMAN 40 DAYS WITH JESUS IN HEAVEN AND HELL. To read the full testimony, download this pdf translated to English from the Indonesian language.

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