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A tragic car accident left Retha McPherson’s son, Aldo, in a coma. During that time, Aldo visited heaven and returned with a message from God.


He said to me, “Mommy, Jesus spoke to me last night about His word, and He’s coming again. Which is going to be very, very, very soon. Do you know what, Mommy? Jesus wants to come and fetch His bride but His bride is not ready.”


He was weeping one day about the golden bridge. He can’t cry like he normally cries. He would just make noises and he was laying his head on his arms and crying.


And I said, “Why are you crying?”


He says, “In heaven, there’s a golden bridge. And after the bridge, there’s a huge door with poles around it.”


He said, “These people are standing outside and they crying.”


I said, “Why are they crying?”


He said, “They can’t go in.”


And I said, “Into what?”


He looked at me and said, “Don’t tell me you don’t know.”


I said, “No, I’m not sure.”


He said, “There’s a wedding feast inside. And everybody’s not ready.”


So every day he would journal a whole page. The next morning, he only did this. He wrote Matthew 25. And he left for school.


I ran to my Bible, and I read it and it was about the 10 virgins, five wise and five foolish; five are ready, and five are not.


And I tell you, this is the bride. Today we all in church, but Jesus did not come to give us religion.


He came for an intimate, passionate love relationship worthy of the King.





Jesus assured me after we arrived in heaven during the early hours of February 29, “The only ones who can come in here are the ones whose hearts are as pure as the water. Many people think I will never come for them. But I tell you, I am coming sooner than they think.”


When He said this, the tone of His voice changed. He seemed to be almost angry, or at least I sense a great urgency in His words. It was a warning. It was a message I had to share and share now, the end times are truly upon us. Jesus is coming soon.


He went on to remind me, “I am telling you all this and showing you these things, so you can tell the world.”


Then He reiterated the importance of all these experiences by saying, “I know that a lot of My children don’t think I will come back for them for a long time. Some even think I will never come back for them. But I want you to tell them that My kingdom is ready for those who are ready and waiting for Me. I am coming very soon.”


“Lord, will all the Christians go with You, when You come for us?”


“I am going to show you something,” the Lord answered instantly. “I want you to remember all that you see. I want the whole world to know what is going to happen soon. I know many Christians do not believe what My prophets are telling them. That is why I am showing this to you.”


The air was filled with white moving objects. As the vision clarified, I saw people wearing white robes flying through the air. People were popping out of the earth everywhere and flying up into the air. This sky was literally filled with flying people, like birds in migration.


I had heard the rapture described before, but I had never imagined what an amazing spectacle it would be. I wondered what those who do not know Jesus would think when they observe such a scene. I was shocked and excited, but I’m sure they will be terrified.


This was the biggest surprise the Lord had ever shown me. It was the most awe-inspiring thing I’d ever seen – human beings flying through the air like birds. They soared upward with rocket-like speed. Some seem to be soaring like kites in the wind on a clear, beautiful day.


I saw my one-year-old granddaughter, she was wearing a white robe, and her hair had grown to shoulder length. She looked pretty grown up. At first, I saw her at her house in normal clothing. Then suddenly, she was wearing a white robe and flying through the air. I was dumbfounded by the vision. It certainly seemed to confirm that the Lord would be returning in the very near future.


Then I saw my daughter’s 10-month-old daughter. She does not have much hair right now. But in the vision, her hair was down to her shoulders. And like my other granddaughter, she was flying through the air.


I felt the Lord had a good reason for showing the children to me. First, I’m sure He wanted me to know that they will be with God in heaven to enjoy all eternity with Jesus. Second, I knew He wanted me to see how old they would be when He returns. It is sooner than most people think.


The joyous vision changed. I saw the people who did not ascend with others. Places on earth had been disrupted. Some had been turned upside down. It was noisy everywhere. And people were in an obvious state of panic. Terror was written on every face.


People were running wildly. Total pandemonium reigned. It seemed as if each person was searching for someone or something that they could not find. I began to cry like a little child as I watched people running down the streets. They were screaming and yelling. Some were trying to throw what few belongings they possessed into vehicles such as cars and boats. Thousands of boats were on the ocean. People were trying to escape.


Many men in uniforms were storming houses, ransacking them and taking the belongings they found. I noticed one family of four or five lying on the floor of a house. Most of them were on their stomach, and a pool of blood covered the floor.


Hundreds of people were fleeing on foot to the mountains. As they did the uniformed guards fired guns at them and several fell. Those nearest the guards were beaten with clubs and sticks.


I saw people destroying churches. A man threw a rock at a beautiful stained glass window that showed Jesus with His lambs. The window shattered and glass flew in all directions. I screamed more loudly.


One woman who appeared to be looking for a lost child was running through her house, shouting in panic and fear. She kept calling her child’s name as she jumped up and down in total frustration and desperation. I wanted to help her, but there was nothing I could do.


I cried and cried for her, and for all the others.


Then I saw a family I know personally. The father ran into his house, and rushed from room to room, calling the names of his wife and children. He found one member of his family and they sat huddled in a corner of a room. I know who they are. But I am not at liberty to mention their names in this book.


The vision eventually vanished and I continued to cry.


The Lord wiped my tears.


“Daughter,” He said, “I must show you these things so you can tell the whole world what is going to happen. I love all My children, and I want them to realize I am coming for them soon. But I cannot bring those who don’t live according to My Word, because they are not ready for Me.”


“Many Christians will be surprised when the End Times come. What you just saw is only a small part of what will happen very soon. It will be much worse than you can possibly imagine – for those


who do not know Me. That is why I want all My children to be able to come with Me to My kingdom.”


“Daughter I have shown you part of the kingdom and the things that are going to happen in this world because the time is short. I will return soon.”


“You have seen what is going to happen on earth in the very near future. I am ready for My children but so many of My children do not really believe and they are living for worldly things. I love all of them and want to bring all of them to heaven with Me. But I cannot take those who are not ready for Me. Those who come to My kingdom must be pure-hearted and obedient.”


“My coming for My people is so near. I try to save as many souls as I can, no matter what it takes. Satan knows this and he is trying to destroy as many souls as he can before they are saved. People should realize why so many people are dying now. Every Church must cast out the devil continually by prayer. My churches have been too comfortable. I am very dissatisfied with many of them.”


“I want the whole world to know that I am a fearsome God. I love My children, and that is why I died for them. I must be first in everyone’s life. Everyone needs to repent and be humble before Me. There will be a great distraction in this world continually until I come for My people. That day is sooner than they expect.”





SID: Now David was not a believer in the Messiah. David did not know the Bible. But one night when you were 17, you had a vision, and it’s so interesting to me. This was not just one vision. He then had a second one of the same thing after he became a believer in the Messiah. It’s as if God knew David’s purpose before David knew God. Tell me what happened


DAVID: Well, my sister asked me to babysit her children while she wanted to go skating. And I did, and I put the kids to bed. And I had a portable radio, and I was trying to turn it on to get a station.


All of a sudden, I heard a woman scream, and it was not like it was behind the house or in front of the house. It was just like in the air. So as I went to go towards the window I stopped and I said, “No, no, wait, wait, wait, if I go towards that window I’m going to see something that I don’t want to see.”


But Sid, I was compelled to go. And so I pulled back the curtains on the second story and I looked down, and I didn’t see anything, and I was like, there’s nothing wrong.


And then when my eyes caught the stars in the heavens all of a sudden it was just like a movie screen and blood on the moon appeared. And it’s like someone took an ice pick and poked the moon.


Then blood began to ooze out of the moon. And then all the stars in heaven began to fall all at once. And the sky itself began to roll up like a scroll. And it was happening simultaneously. The moon turned to blood. The stars fell from heaven.


The sky rolled up like a scroll and all of a sudden I see the woman with long black hair. She was beholding what was happening coming upon the earth. And she began to take her fingernails and dig on her face, and scream and holler.


Then I saw hundreds of people running, thousands of people running and the horror on their faces, and God allowed me to sense what they were feeling, total helplessness total terror.


And all of a sudden the vision disappeared and I fell to the ground, and I was trembling and shaking. I was like, oh my God, what did I see? Sid, I didn’t know anything about visions at the time. And I was like, what should I do. And I said, look at the Bible, get the Bible.


And I said, “Please Lord, don’t let me see nothing else, please, please don’t.” I thought something was going to come again. I said, “Please.” And I got the Bible and I just opened it up, and I went to Revelation, the 6th Chapter, beginning at the 12th Verse, and it began to tell about the Day of the Lord and the moon turning to blood.


And I said, “Oh God,” and I began to look at that, and I said, “Lord Jesus, look what’s happening. I’ve seen this with my eyes.” All of a sudden, I call my Uncle Ed, he was a preacher, and I said, I told him what happened and he said, “Son, God just showed you a vision.”


I said, “You mean to tell me I’m not going crazy?”


He said, “No, you’re not going crazy.” He said, “God gave you an open vision. When are you going to say yes to Jesus? When are you going to serve the Lord?”


He’s called to be a preacher of the Gospel.


And I said, “I don’t know if I can. I don’t know if I can do it.” And from that day I knew within myself, there’s something I must do for God.


SID: But I’m going to take you to February 2012. What happened to you?


DAVID: Well, I got up to go use the restroom. And as I was coming back and I was getting back in bed, it’s like someone grabbed me by the arm and shook me.


The next thing I know, I’m catapulted into an open vision and I’m hovering about 200 feet over the earth. And I can see all the beautiful skies and the sun, and all the happiness, people going to and fro, mothers with their children going into the grocery stores, people pumping gas, businessmen with their ties and briefcase going into the buildings.


And all of a sudden, thick darkness and clouds started appearing upon the earth. And then all of a sudden there was a sound from Heaven, a sound that I have never heard before in all my born days.



It was like seven claps of thunder uttered into one. The sound was so deafening, not only did it pierce the ears of all mankind, but it began to pierce them that when they heard it their bodies began to shake and quake.


This sound was so deafening, people began to scream. Then all of a sudden like someone took a razor blade and split the heavens, here come the Son of God with all His bands of angels and all of His glory.


Oh Sid, and the colors were glorious, splendid, magnificent, glorious, the blues, the golds, the greens. I had never seen such colors like this.


And He was coming speedily on the earth. Then people began to urinate on themselves and scream.


And then one man said, “No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. I thought I had time. I thought I had time.”


But too late. All the time had run out for all mankind.


Another man, he was like an Indian guy, real short, he began to say, “No, no, no, this is a dream, this is a dream. I’m going to wake up.”


But Sid, he couldn’t wake up because he was already awake.


Then I heard a voice from Heaven say, “This is the day of the Lord! It has come!”


And I came out of the vision, trembling on the floor, and I’m shaking and quaking within myself. And I began to pray for me. I didn’t pray for my mother, my wife, my children. I began to intercede for me because God allowed me to see such terror. Terror.


We know God is love and He’s mercy, and He’s long-suffering, and He’s gentle, and He’s kind.


But Sid, there’s another part of God that mankind has not been introduced to, and that’s the terror of the Lord. Such terror, such horror.


And I began to repent over my own life. Lord, save me. God, forgive me. Because He allowed me to sense what everyone was feeling. And I began to repent.


I said, “God, I want to be pleasing to You. Lord, if I have hurt You or come against You in any shape or form, please forgive me. Lord, Lord, please allow me to be counted worthy to go back with You. I have seen the Day of the Lord.”


Then the Lord spoke to me saying, “I charge you now to warn all mankind,” and said it like this, “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Whether they would believe you or not, give them a warning from you. Whether they receive you or not, give them a warning from you. For the day of the Lord is at hand.”


SID: God is telling many people even that are not believers in the Messiah the same thing. For instance, orthodox Jews in Israel are being told that we are in the footsteps of the coming of the Messiah. In other words, they know something is up in the air.


About the same time that David had that dream, I had a dream. And in my dream, you know, I wasn’t even, David, I wasn’t even thinking about this. It didn’t cross my radar. If someone had said to me, the Lord is coming back soon, I would have said, yes, I believe that.


But you know, I’m 73. In my heart of hearts, I’m not sure I really believe that. You’re supposed to say He’s coming back soon. You’re supposed to live like He’s coming back soon. But there just seems to be so much that has to be done. But it’s not up to my peanut brain. It’s up to God.


And this is what God showed me in the dream. He said to me three times, “I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon”


David, between you and me, what did you believe in your heart about the Lord’s return? I mean, between the two of us.


DAVID: Well, I didn’t think it was close. I mean, according to all the scriptures and the Revelation teachers and the scholars, I knew it was gonna come and I wasn’t sure. But now I’m absolutely sure that He’s coming at an hour and at a time when man least expects it.


SID: What should someone do that’s just heard this message and believes it’s from God?


DAVID: Set their house in order. Whatever they need to do for God they must do quickly. If they need to ask for forgiveness, they better do it quickly. If they need to go to their mother, father, sister, brother, ask for forgiveness, they need to go get things straight before it’s everlasting too late, because the terror of the Lord is like something I never saw in my entire life.


SID: Okay. Let me take you. I know you’re living a holy life. I know that you love God. Right after that open vision, what did you do?


DAVID: I began to repent and cry out to God.


SID: But you repented. I know you. You repented way before a vision like that.


DAVID: Not like this one. Not like this one. Because He made it so real to me. It was so real and it was so overpowering and overtaking that men and women could not even think straight when it happened. And He came so suddenly just like He said He would.


SID: Why is there so much urgency in giving this message? I mean, I’ve never seen someone with such a compulsion like it, an urgency in your voice. Why?


DAVID: Because there’s an unction within, inside of me that I don’t have much time. You don’t much time. We don’t have much time. And I must preach it and I must proclaim it just as Noah did


for 120 years it was going to rain. But they turned a deaf ear to Noah. They didn’t believe that man of God.


But the Bible said, God said unto Noah, “Come you and your family into the ark. For He opened up the windows of Heaven. And the windows of Heaven poured out a water upon the land. And everything that breathed through nostrils died just like God said it would.





She saw a vision of the rapture, many Christians were left behind. Jesus told her many times that He is coming for the holy people. It is time to repent our sins daily. Turn away from sin. Love Jesus with all your heart.


We walked to a place with a giant screen, and I saw people in it. I could observe the whole world. Then suddenly I saw thousands of people disappearing. Pregnant women had their pregnancy disappear, and they looked like they had gone crazy screaming.


Children had disappeared from all over. Many people were running from here to there, screaming, “This can’t be, this can’t be! What’s happening?”


I saw those who had known the Lord, but were left behind. (Matt 24:40-41) They were saying that Christ had come, the Rapture happened. They screamed and wanted to kill themselves, but they couldn’t. The Lord told me, “Daughter, in those days, death will flee; Daughter, in those days the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth.” (Revelations 9:6) There were accidents but I didn’t see a single dead person: all of them were alive, although injured.


After the rapture I observed enormous traffic with thousands of people.


He told me, “Daughter, look, this is how everything will happen.”


I then saw people running from one place to another, shouting, “Christ came, Christ came!” They would plead, “Lord, forgive me, forgive me, take me with You!”


But sadly the Lord said, “It will be too late. The time to repent is now…Daughter, go tell humanity to seek Me, for during that time there will no longer be opportunity. (Isaiah 55:6) Daughter, it will be too late for all those that stay behind.”


When Jesus observed how people were left behind, He began to weep and said, “Daughter, I will go to Earth as it says in 1 Thes. 4: 16-17 : “For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”


But not everyone will go with the Lord, only those who are doing His will (Matthew 7:21) and living a holy life. For the Lord told me, “Only those that are holy will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, (Hebrews 12:14), No one knows, neither the day nor the hour in which I will go for My holy people, not even the angels know it.” (Matthew 24:36)


On the screen I saw people running around. Magazines and TV news said that “CHRIST HAD COME.” The screen closed, and Jesus finished by saying, “I will go for a holy people.” This was all He showed me.


“Many will not believe you, many will believe you, but I am your faithful witness. I am with you. I will never leave you.”


The Lord told me, “Daughter, in those days the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth. In those days, He will no longer be on Earth.” (2 Thes. 2:7)


And I saw enormous traffic, with accidents. Many people wanted to kill themselves, but Jesus said, “They shall seek death, but death shall flee from humanity. Death will no longer be during that time.”(Revelations 9:6)


I saw people watching TV and magazines that read, “Thousands and Thousands have Disappeared.” Many already knew that Christ had come for His holy people. Those who knew the Lord, but were left behind, went crying through the streets, wanting to kill themselves, but they could not do anything.


While in Heaven, Jesus said, “I will come for a holy people and I will come soon for My church.”


But two weeks ago the Lord told me, “Daughter, I take pleasure in what you are doing, that you are fulfilling what I have given you, but do not tell My people that I am coming soon. Tell My people that I am coming right away.”


Again the Lord said, “Tell My people that I am coming right away and that I am coming for a holy people. Tell My people that only the holy ones, only the holy ones will see Me!… And do not be silent: Keep on declaring what I have told you.”




Angelica will now testify her third experience: this is when angels took her to a heavenly viewpoint and showed her the current condition of the church.


From a heavenly viewpoint an angel said, “Look, you are seeing the earth. Look at the churches and congregations of the earth. This church has 20,000 members. There is another church with 10,000 members. This other church has 1,000. But, there are very few people in these churches that are actually the true church. Are you seeing?”


“Yes,” I answered.


The angel said, “I must tell you what my Father wants me to tell you.” The archangel Michael was the one speaking to me.


Michael said, “Look at the earth. The churches are filled with sin. There is very much sin in the churches. Many of the people are spiritually dead.”


I was shown that 80% of the evangelical Christian church on earth will be left behind.


My God! They will be left behind because they are cold. Because they don’t seek God’s presence. Because of their sin. Because they are discouraged. Only 20% will be caught up to be with Jesus, this is only for true Christians.


This why His Word says, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matt 22:14) We are all called, but we not only must be called; we must also be chosen.


Let me explain what takes place inside many of the churches. There is very much religiosity. There is no loyalty to the Word of God. Inside the church, brothers and sisters happily praise the Lord. They rejoice, they dance, and they speak in tongues.


But when they get home they are completely different. They act like the devil himself. This is what takes place. People go home and speak things that hurt God’s heart. At home you don’t pray, read God’s Word or seek His presence.


God does not want any of us to be left behind. It hurts me that 80% of church congregants are not ready for the Lord’s return. Do you know why? Because few of the churches truly demonstrate the true love of Jesus.


There were angels around when Jesus spoke to me. The angels were silent.


The Lord said, “Daughter, My heart breaks to see how many people are discouraged, to see how many people have backslid. Tell My people to return to ancient paths, to the first love”.


All of us have been seeking God diligently during this 21 day fast. After this we can’t look back at the past. We must press forward. The Lord promised us in His Word, He will be with us. Don’t worry about the trials to come in the future. You can’t imagine the trials I have endured. Actually, all of us endured together.


Although I don’t know your trial, it doesn’t really matter. We must press forward because only the courageous will enter His presence.


Church, when you return to your congregations you must encourage the brethren. We are one family in Christ. You must encourage them to seek God. Tell them to seek God. Reject hypocrisy.


Listen to what the Lord told me. He said. “Do you know which commandment My church has forgotten? Some think it is love. Others think it is faith. The forgotten commandment within the church is holiness. My Word says, be holy for I am holy.”



This is what the Lord said. We have to be holy inside and outside. We must have a pure heart, a clean heart that is filled with His presence. A heart filled with His love. A heart filled with God.


“What I have revealed to you, you must speak. It’s necessary! It’s necessary, so the pastors will return to me. So the pastors won’t condemn their congregations, because the churches will be in the condition of their pastors.”


“This is why I allowed this. I will do great things,” says the Lord.


“Daughter of mine, don’t fail Me. Everything I have revealed to you, you must speak. You must tell the world of everything I have shown you, the whole world; because you will go to nations. You will go to nations preaching what I have shown you.


“It’s necessary, it is necessary,” says the Lord!


“It is I who speaks, believe My servant.”


“She is the daughter of My eyes. With the humility she has, I will use her. I took her so she could see the message I have for the churches.”


This message is for pastors. Churches will follow their pastors’ example. There are many churches, but few are chosen.



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