After speaking, then the Lord Jesus showed me a vision like a big-screen movie. I saw a beautiful box-shaped building, but I had no idea what that building was.



The LORD said, “When this building is finished being built, it will be the sign that My second coming is imminent.”



I did not understand and immediately asked, “What building is that, Lord Jesus?”




“It is the Holy Temple in Israel. Watch Israel carefully. If this Temple in Israel is built, it means My coming is imminent. But before the Temple is built, many people who did not believe in Me will come to repent and believe in Me. Those who believed in Me, but who have long been far from Me will return to belong to Me. After the Temple is built, see what happens. The Chosen People of God will be removed and protected during the Antichrist era.”



Then I saw many people who were suddenly lifted up. They were gathered in one place, wearing clean white robes, whereas those who remain in the world were shocked, crying and screaming. After the rapture occurred, there was tremendous confusion and chaos on earth.



“This will happen and I will protect My children with whom my heart is pleased. I will protect them from a time of terrible turmoil, the time of the Antichrist, during which the world and those who are not raptured will be under the power of Satan and his followers.”



I also saw many people on the pulpit of churches who were not lifted up. Likewise, in a group of people praying, some were not lifted up.



“LORD, how can we be lifted up? Why not everyone?”




He replied, “Not only those who are not serious about Me, but many who claim to be My servants are not lifted up either. Only those who please Me are protected from the time of the Antichrist. Those who are left behind must pay the price with their lives. They must continue to believe in Me until the end of their lives to be part of the Kingdom of Heaven.”



The Left Behind and The Raptured




I saw people who denied the Lord Jesus having a mark on their foreheads and on their hands to carry out daily activities to survive. In the stores, people who wanted to buy must show the mark. Those who did not have the mark could not carry out their activities and could not buy in any store.



Many people who did not have the mark died being tortured and killed because they did not want to deny their faith in the Lord Jesus.



I saw people who were protected by the Lord Jesus all ascending to the clouds with their white robes glowing. From above I saw the Lord Jesus shining brightly descending from heaven. I was stunned, as I observed everything with full attention.



The Lord Jesus said to me, “What you see will all happen, tell My people to watch and pray, to guard their lives so that they will be pleasing to Me. Today is the last day you experience this process. You will return to your normal life activities until I come back to take you.”



The Lord Jesus smiled at me. His hand stroked my hair. After that, I felt my spirit return to my room, the place where I prayed. I waited anxiously for tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to get back to talking and doing my usual activities without being considered strange by my friends and the people I meet.



Excerpt from THE TESTIMONY OF ELISABETH WIDYAWATI HERMAN 40 DAYS WITH JESUS IN HEAVEN AND HELL. To read the full testimony, download this pdf translated to English from the Indonesian language.

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