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Interview by Bruno Faria


Satanism is reality. There are people like you and me, flesh and blood, who suffer demonic influences even without knowing it. But worshipping the Prince of Darkness, agreeing with him, receiving powers from hell – this is reserved for a group. An organized, united, strong group. A group of thousands of people who through High Magic dominate, encompass and embrace society preparing it for the coming of their messiah: the Antichrist.


Eduardo Daniel Mastral was one of them. He was chosen from his birth by Satan. His entire childhood was accompanied by situations that led him to surrender body and soul to the Satanic World Brotherhood of the highest hierarchy, based in San Francisco, USA.


This Brotherhood represents Satan here on earth and has nuclei scattered everywhere. They are people chosen by demons, a true human army recruited by Lucifer himself, whose main objective is the spread of Satanism in all sectors of society. They are prepared people, who have access and are collaborators of the most powerful Infernal Princes; that through rites and sacrifices plunge into the very dominion of Hell.


In his book – “Son of Fire” – Daniel Mastral tells how Satan is at war against the Church of the Lord Jesus, investing against unprepared Christians by infiltrating his followers into the churches themselves. In the book, in addition to the surprising revelations that tell the traps of Satan to try to dominate the world and people, we also see the reality of demons that materialize and teach their followers to make extracorporeal journeys. Daniel Mastral, for example, had already reached the level of sorcerer. He could move from the body and get into cats. With his eyes, he could cast powerful spells that would kill people. Until he came across a pastor “filled with the Holy Spirit”…


Today Daniel is a missionary of Jesus on earth after he was rescued from the darkness. Despite the death threats (one of the reasons why we do not publish his photo next to this interview, as usual), the attacks he has already suffered, the persecutions on a physical and spiritual level, he is alive to witness the great power of Jesus who is above all, both on earth and throughout the Universe!


In this interview you will know a little more about the life of this man, who was called the Son of Fire in the Brotherhood but went on to become the Son of Light!


How did your involvement with Satanism begin and how long did it last? How far have you come?


Daniel Mastral: I was looking for something that would fill the emptiness I felt. It wasn’t conscious at all, but my soul had a hole inside. I’ve been in everything that’s been a sect… Buddhism, Spiritism, Mormons and even the Protestant Church. I didn’t feel welcome anywhere. Especially in


the Evangelical Church, the disappointment was very strong, I looked at people and did not see them practicing what they preached.


But it was a trait of mine to be also very curious about everything that concerned the Occult. I once read an article about the Church of Satan in a library, and I was curious to know what it was about. In an attempt to get more information, I began to exchange correspondence with one of the branches of this Church in the United States.


Today I know that none of that happened by chance. They were already watching me, influencing my life and the circumstances for me to really take that path. The correspondence lasted a few months, until I was approached by a member of the Brotherhood here in Brazil.


Another time passed, and I was gradually trained by them to be cauterized enough to accept that the devil was good, and God, very unjust. So I was actually invited to be part of the Satanic Organization. I stayed for six years in the Brotherhood and reached the level of sorcerer. It’s a high grade.


There would be no useless chatter during those six years, because Satanists live their “belief” in a very, very intense way. The core of their lives is their commitment to Lucifer. That is why you can understand that, in two words, this time has been lived strongly. I’ve learned what it’s like to be part of the family that worships the prince of darkness. It was something of great weight, but thank God I wasdelivered by Jesus!


In your view, what are the strategies they have to gain supporters?


Daniel Mastral: In fact, those recruited to effectively be part of the Brotherhood is the minority. The Brotherhood is a very close group of the high strategic summit of Satanism. I’ll try to explain it better using an example. Let us make an analogy with a family business: the father is the president (devil); and the highest positions of the board are given to their children (the children of fire, the true children of the devil). All other employees of this company, even if they serve the owner, do not have the privileges that their children have. Understand? This “board” made up of the sons of the devil, is what we call the Brotherhood. It’s the top of the pyramid. To recruit those Lucifer intends to call sons the methods are several, but there is always an indication of the demons themselves in this sense. That is, demons clearly signal those who interest them. So these people are approached and brought into the Brotherhood. However, as I have said before, these are the minority.


The main objective of the Brotherhood is to prepare the world for the reception of the Antichrist. It is very complex how it operates in society, but, in a nutshell, Satanism has worked over the centuries to prepare people’s minds. They must weaken The Truth of God so that they can bring their truth to prevail. This is not achieved overnight. It is necessary to extend a true “invisible network” over the Society, at all its levels, so that the global influence is complete.


The intention is that all known sectors of our world be permeated and, with this, there is the power of influence. And when I say all the sectors of society, I mean everyone! Education, Politics, Health, Safety, Media, Entertainment, etc.. etc.. etc…!



I do not want to pass on a pessimistic view here, but the Bible itself states in 1 John 5:19 that ” the whole world is under the control of the evil one.”… You can be sure that there are thousands of people involved with the highest infernal powers – principalities and powers – toiling day and night to make it look like that.


What kind of practices within the Brotherhood could you describe as diabolical?


Daniel Mastral: Everything within the Brotherhood is diabolical! Everything, absolutely everything, because they are in fact able to offer the devil the worship that is pleasing to him. The revelation comes to them in the same way that biblical revelation comes to us.


To understand this better: we know how to worship God in a pleasant way because we have been given the revelation from on high. With the true children of the devil, the same happens: the fallen angels themselves brought the revelations of hell.


And of course, everything Lucifer likes… It’s terrible! I don’t really want to extend myself, even because all the details we were allowed to address are described in my book. But I dare to point out this: it is time to forget the common practices of Umbanda, Quimbanda and Candomblé and that are part of our Brazilian culture.


Blood pleasing to the devil is not the blood of animals. It’s human blood. This is the accepted “offering.” The spiritual currency. The price required for anything to happen is in there. Nothing that is not under this blood ring has value, nor buys anything from the devil!


With regard to money: the Bible also states that the devil “is the prince of this world.” Know that the prince of this world has a lot of money. The people who are part of the Brotherhood have very high purchasing power. Even if they had not before, once they are consecrated and made children of fire, money comes to them as surely as night comes after day.


An international organization like this knows how to pluck someone out of nowhere and make him become a great entrepreneur, for example. Everything is demon-driven: what kind of business to open, how to open, where to open… the Brotherhood itself brings their own lawyers, bankers, marketing… there is no possibility of not getting rich.


For example, let’s say someone has received guidance from the Entities for the opening of a brand. Understand that nothing is “just for being.” Lucifer wants his children to enjoy everything in this world and this life, without any restriction… at least that’s how we’re told, and money is a very important factor in making it happen, right? But the brand is not just for the person to be enriched only for himself – it must be a facilitator of satanic influence in the world.


How was your conversion to Christianity?


Daniel Mastral: Every time we attacked a Church, it “got cold,” and became dead. There is a whole strategy to infiltrate and destroy Churches. The enchantments made against the leaders always


worked. I’ve seen many dropping their ministries, others getting completely sick, others going completely mad, others even dying.


But one day… a man did not fall! The most powerful enchantments didn’t bring down that pastor. I started to oppress him more by increasing the demonic offensive against him. There seemed to be “something” very strong, very big, very tremendous protecting him. I went to check up on him up close. It was an amazing thing. I fell to the ground… I lost consciousness. That man just pronounced the name of Jesus and I felt my body burn. I almost died but his compassion prevented me from dying. Things were so far absolutely incomprehensible to me.


What power was in that name… Jesus??? The truth is that that man knew God not just to hear about it! Unlike the other ones, whose Christianity was flawed, weak, intellectual, of façade, that pastor had communion with the Creator! What difference does a person’s holiness make!… And that day my life changed. I met a God of strength, of Power and Glory that changed my existence completely.


What kind of struggles have you faced for “breaking” your commitment to the Brotherhood?


Daniel Mastral: No one can get out of there… From the beginning, we know it’s a “path of no return”. The price of disobedience is death! Time and space would not be enough to tell you what I’ve been through. But by the time I left, I lost everything I had, and that had been given to me by the devil. The only thing I had left was health. Yet the threat of death still hangs over my life and my wife’s life. We suffered many threats, our money was stolen (supernaturally), pets died, we lost our jobs, we suffered all kinds of retaliation. But God has been by our side and what happened, happened under His own permission. So that we may be trained in order to carry out well the plan He has for us. The Lord of The Armies has been very hard and protected our lives. It is thanks to this careful love of God that my wife and I are alive and walking according to His purposes. We have been blessed in coming into contact with God’s angels. We can really say that even in tribulations we are happy because through them we have learned to know our God!


What has been the reaction of believers in general to your testimony?


Daniel Mastral: In the collective, in the Churches where we do seminars, it is a blessing, God always surprises us. Many are healed in the soul; there are deliverances, conversions, etc. It is a holy feast, where Jesus Christ operates with freedom and glory! We bring the Church to know the enemy’s strategies, even though the greater focus is on God’s strategies for fighting the good combat – for the Church perishes for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).


But on the individual aspect of the day-to-day, it still happens that people feel afraid and move away from us… We have few friends. It is more or less as happened in the time of David and Goliath: the army stood on the edge of the valley, wielding its shields, its swords, boasting its strengths and titles. Only one went down into the valley to face the giant. But also from this, we have learned a lot. God doesn’t need quantity, He wants quality! God is recruiting and training an army like the Gideons do not have to count on thousands of thousands. A few can wage war because the battle belongs to the Lord!


In fact, there are few who are really by our side, descending into the valley and waging the fight with the great princes of hell.


Neuza Itioka, Pastor Jesher, Pastor Ubirajara Crespo, Pastor Sarah and some intercessors. They have been the valiant ones that God has placed beside us!


We praise God for these precious vessels of honor! It has been great to be able to walk side by side with these brave, sanctified people, full of God’s love, who know the Word and the meaning of true life of communion with the Lord!


Few have the courage of David not to look at the size of the giant, but to trust in the SIZE of God! We have been deeply touched to recruit warriors like David. As I said, our Father is forming a powerful army for the confrontation of the last days! Because the war is increasing as the devil’s time runs out and the moment when Christ will come for His Bride approaches. It’s time for fighting like never before in Church history. The Final Battle will be an unprecedented showdown!


Daniel, what’s your life like today?


Daniel Mastral: Today we give seminars on Spiritual Battle in churches, denounce the deception infiltrating the churches without promoting it. Above all, we emphasize the Power of God and share with the Church what we have learned in these years of struggles, where we experience the Father’s strategies and His sovereign power.


In addition to the lectures (which are supported by plenty of material – transparencies, handouts, videos, etc.), we are writing and have other projects of more books, such as perhaps a Spiritual Battle book for children, where we will focus on Biblical principles such as obedience to the country, not lying, praising God, etc. in an easy and fun way.


Of course, we are only in ministry today for receiving a clear calling from God. At first, we were afraid, but we took a step of faith. We dropped everything, employment, profession, etc. (Isabela is a doctor and today serves God full-time). We passed through a desert of almost two years, where our faith was tested and proved until we came to the release of the book “Sons of Fire.” The struggles, of course, continue.


The story of the book happened a few years ago, so what they said would happen from the end of the third cycle, 1998… You think what they predicted happened?


Daniel Mastral: Yes, so far they remain on the pre-established schedule, with people taking positions in strategic places, etc.


Even Marlom, who seemed to like you like a son, called you back? And after you released the book, did anyone from the Brotherhood threaten you again?


Daniel Mastral: Marlom repeatedly came to me trying to persuade me to come back, offering money (which I didn’t accept, of course!). He changed the strategy later, trying on the emotional side, and finally, with clear threats. With regard to the Brotherhood, not only do they threaten, but


we have already received several attacks, and if it were not for God’s hand to protect us, we would have perished by now…


How did the idea of releasing this book come about?


Daniel Mastral: It was not born in my heart, but in the heart of God. We just obeyed. I had a tremendous experience with God! I was visited by an angel! I asked for this for years, because I’d only seen demons. But, the idea I had of an angel was baroque in nature; chubby, curly hair, boy’s face, little ones… What I saw, there was none of that! He was strong, a warrior! He had no wings, and spoke to me, clearly giving the order to publish the book, and a special anointing to face what would come next. It was something unique, which we will narrate in more detail in our next book. I don’t want to ruin the story!


How was the public reception of the “Sons of Fire”?


Daniel Mastral: The results of the book are amazing. I received many emails, and the vast majority are unanimous in stating that they were transformed by God through reading, making a new commitment to the Word! Everyone has been richly blessed. I get many beautiful stories, many testimonies.


In fact, the book has been an instrument to alert the Church and awaken it to a greater commitment to God! I published my e-mail in the book precisely in order to measure the results of God’s seed in the heart of the Church. And surprisingly, today I get over 100 emails a day, and the answers have exceeded my expectations. This is very good because it makes me see that in fact, this was God’s purpose and the right way forward!


Do you still practice some sports like wrestling, as you mentioned in the book?


Daniel Mastral: No. For me, God gave a rhema, a word: Stop fighting sports. Whoever lives by the sword dies by the sword. Today God is in union with me, my strength comes from above! Not from my fists! He is my Fortress, and my General!


Having such a strong personality, who were the people used by God – pastors, singers, leaders in general – in your life?


Daniel Mastral: The most important person in my life, in the process of restoration and healing, was my wife, at the time, my fiancée. Isabela was always by my side, trusted, gave me all the support and help I needed. She was, and is, a great friend and help of Christians. She cried when I cried, and rejoiced in my happiness! She was brave enough not to give in to any threat, even when we suffered violent attacks against our family and pets.


Nor can I fail to quote Neuza Itioka, a great friend and a tremendous instrument in God’s hands to address the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. It was with much love and authority that she was used to free me from so many bad things that were still in my heart, especially the painful memories.


There was also another woman, Mary of Lourdes, who is a deaconess of the church that I was part of. She remained by our side in the most difficult moments, supplying needs as a pastor. She was a special and faithful intercessor.


What’s your biggest dream about God?


Daniel Mastral: Maranata! [Our Lord cometh! 1 Corinthians 16:22]


And how do you see the conversion of artists, such as Baby do Brasil, for example?


[Bernadette Dinorah de Carvalho City ( Niterói, 18 of July of 1952 ), better known as Baby of Brazil and also as Baby Consuelo, is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brazilian. In the late 1990s, Baby was baptized, becoming an evangelical, maintaining her singing career while becoming a pastor of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit of God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, founded by her in 5 April of 2000. Wikipedia. ]


Daniel Mastral: I see in her the manifestation of the power of God! I saw Baby’s interview on Jô’s show, I loved it! I can’t quantify her commitment to God, but from what I could see, she was very sincere. She spoke openly of her convictions, without worrying about what they might be thinking of her new faith. She showed much joy and authentic conversion. Better than many Pharisees of our time, who choose the best words, the most impactful gestures, the best intonation of voice… but they have no life with God.


What is your opinion about the evangelical media?


Daniel Mastral: I don’t want to judge anyone. But the word is clear at this point. For every man who calls glory upon himself, there is no way to manifest the Power of Godin him. Spiritual authority comes from submission and obedience, from humility.


The devil does not care about people whose Christianity is more supported by himself than by the Kingdom of God, for pride has already brought them down. Hell fears and trembles at the pure in heart and the humble, those who prefer to say that Jesus should increase and I should decrease.”


What is your greatest experience with God besides your conversion?


Daniel Mastral: Many… many even! In provision, protection, in experiences with angels, in discernment. They are reported in the new book – “Warriors of Light”.


Could you leave us a message to end the interview?


Daniel Mastral: Faced with the present situation, that is, the end times and the advent of the Antichrist; in the face of the revelation of the brotherhood, there is no other solution for the Church but to review some concepts.


First, to be aware that we are at war; second: prepare for war. And third: only then go to war. That’s how you do it to fight the good fight! I think it’s indispensable to say we’re at war.



With regard to the preparation of the Church, I would like to emphasize only one of so many aspects: the need for sanctification! The Church has suffered from being contaminated by the world, by the carnality of those who are embedded in power, and so often divided by temporal and transitory things.


Before we are ready to face the Final Battle, there is a need for repentance, confession of sins, and a real change of attitude. Most Christians look forward to Jesus’ return, but I would like to bring to remembrance the fact: Jesus returns when the scenario of Revelation is at its completion!


So my final word is this: Matthew 24:36-42. Because we don’t know what time our Lord will come.


And without sanctification and life with God, we run the risk of seeing the Antichrist face to face.


Matthew 24:36-42 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. 37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, 39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.


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