I will begin my testimony by speaking of my youth. Today I am an old woman of 78 years. I and my sister were single girls. We were looking for marriage. I prayed to God and He told me who my husband would be. Then I opened the Word to confirm the revelation and it worked. A pastor prayed for me asking God to confirm if this person was right. And God confirmed it by the shepherd’s mouth. Even so, I did not rush to see if he is a man of God.


I watched him if he gave a good testimony of life. I observed how he treats his parents. I even asked his parents if he was a good son. His parents said that before he met Jesus he was a difficult person, but now he is a very loving son. Time passed and I saw with my eyes that he is the husband prepared for me. The problem was that he was unemployed. My parents said that God would never give me an unemployed man to starve with him.


When I prayed to God, I asked for a husband to be holy and never to leave me. And he is the person who has the characteristics of what I asked of God. I did not pray to God for an entrepreneur.


My sister prayed to God for a man who had a lot of money so that she won’t suffer lack. God heard her prayer and gave her a man who has a company. This man is not a Christian and never wanted to go to church. He gave everything my sister needed, but he always gave her headaches and drank a lot.


My sister was not happy with everything she got from him. Money did not bring her the joy she needed to have in her home.


My fiance did not have a job, and I would not agree to marry him in this situation. But God approved of our union and gave him a job. God would never let me and my husband to get married to suffer from want and need.


We were happy and married. He was a great husband and we never lacked anything. His salary, even though it was little, supplied my need. But when I began to look at the life of abundance that my sister was living I was sad. She had better clothes than I did and traveled to other countries.


My husband could not give me the life of a princess, even though I did not lack anything.


I left him for this and went back to my parents’ house. My sister even told me that she was not happy despite living a queen life. She said my husband is very good.


I was interested in a pastor who has a very high salary and went to live with him. I thought I will not suffer like my sister who married a wicked man.


This is a pastor and will not give me work, but will help me. This man gave me everything, like the queen’s life I wanted so badly now. But this pastor began to be possessive about me. If I did not obey, I was humiliated. He would hurt me with words and still say that if I did not fulfill my role as a woman he would leave me and look for another. I suffered a lot and had depression. I speak to girls who are single, never choose a person for the money or for what he has to offer.


Do not sell your ticket any more than that. Choose a man of God, Jesus knows how to choose the best for you. I asked God for a man who serves me. He gave him to me, but I threw him away and chose another. Now because of that wrong choice, I was paying a high price. I discovered that this pastor was divorced twice. He did not want to marry me. I was not sure that the relationship would work and I was afraid he would divorce me like he did to his previous two wives. We did not marry and we lived together. Single women when God prepares a person from him, do not worry about the financial, God knows how to provide at the right time. He will not stay unemployed for God will provide employment and everything.


I was always a woman of prayer and in this situation, I cried to God and He heard me. My husband God prepared was at home alone waiting for me. I apologized to him with tears in my eyes. I was in a life of adultery and he had every right not to accept me as his wife anymore since I scandalized his ministry. He accepted me as his wife. Amos did the same thing and accepted his adulterous wife.


I asked God for a man who would never leave me and he is that person. Years passed and we had children. I discovered that I had cancer.


My hair started to fall. I was weak because of my illness. The treatment also brought suffering to me. I thought my husband would leave me because of the disease. I got bald and lost all my hair.


My husband stayed by my side until my cure. Until an angel appeared to me and touched my head.


And after I was healed of cancer, God gave a great blessing to my husband. He joined a multinational and started earning 5 times as much as his old salary.


We were faithful in the little and God put us in a lot. And my husband won a scholarship to do an English course for free. The company paid for their college and when my spouse finished the course and graduated, he got a better position and went on to earn 8 times more than he had earned before. And together we grew older going through the tests.


In the year 2009, I had a spiritual rapture. It was the only day I saw the face of Jesus.


I was praying for 15 days always at midnight.


My soul descended in endless darkness until it reached the place of darkness. I began to walk desperate and got lost in this place.




Walking I saw red fires coming off the floor.


I saw a place full of naked men and women. They were prostitutes, transsexuals, lesbians, and porn actresses.


I saw 3 actresses who recorded pornographic movies while they were alive on earth. I did not know these women because I never watched their movies. A voice said, “This is called Anastasia Blue.” She was being raped by the demons. The other one who was in the same situation is called Chloe Jones. And the last one I saw was Lolo Ferrari. I heard the voice of Jesus speaking to me and revealing everything. Jesus said, “Daughter, these women you saw in this place gave themselves to the pleasures thinking that they would be happy. They found a great void that was not filled by the prostitution of cinema. They were oppressed as sexual objects and pleasure goods.”


The demons of depression harassed them and they committed suicide. This is the result of all who seek pleasures in sex. Jesus made me feel what these women felt on the earth when they were still alive. They had sex for the money. They no longer felt love or pleasure, for it was so artificial and so common. They no longer knew how to differentiate the love between a man and a woman and unfulfilled sex. The sex they made for money had no feeling and was mechanical and commonplace. They wanted to feel love and be loved, but the cinema could not give it to them. They suffered great prejudice in society by doing what they do and showing their faces on the screen of the cinema. They wanted to live a normal life, but the people saw them as Hollywood prostitutes.


These girls suffered greatly to commit suicide. They have become famous for their films and are no different from a common prostitute who does not show her face on the television screen. A nightclub prostitute makes her programs hidden. And when she wants to change her life, she travels to a place where no one knows her. An actress prostitute has her image released by the cinema to the four corners of the world making her known. No matter where she goes, she will always be known because of the television.


Many of these actresses could not stand the pressure of living an abnormal life and killed themselves.


I saw a prostitute in hell. She gave up marrying and living a normal life to be a prostitute. She fell into the pleasures of the flesh and became a prostitute with several men. She did not want to marry a man because she got used to sexual relations with several men. She was a destitute and insatiable person. When she died she went to hell.


The demons forced her to have sex with them and still tortured her private parts. I saw millions of prostitution demons in that place. These demons are the same ones that make women walk seductively in sexy clothes. They lead young girls to prostitution.


I saw the demons working in the lives of models, actresses, and prostitutes. Girls who dream of being models or a beauty queen are also influenced by these demons. All that has to do with beauty and sex.


These demons are involved. They lead women to be a media product and a lucrative commodity of the company. Women who were born beautiful become targets of beauty or sex companies.


The purpose of these diabolical companies is to sell God-given beauty. These same demons made women implant silicone and undergo plastic surgery to improve their appearances. Sex companies that sell women’s bodies including movies are Satanists and spread immorality, sodomy, and depravity.


The modeling company also uses the image of women to spread sensuality and beauty. These companies are not honest, I advise you not to work in such places. They are companies that are taking thousands of souls to hell. These companies are pitfalls for death and conviction. Money has led people to do absurd things.


Women who sell their bodies for money have legions of demons dwelling in their bodies. Any man who lies with one of these women becomes flesh only as a couple. Sex can only be performed between the couple. When two people who are not married to each other have a sexual act, they become one flesh and the demons pass from one body to the other. There is no blessing in this, everything is a curse in their lives.


If you are a Christian used by God and have sex with a prostitute, her demons will pass to you and the Holy Spirit will depart from your life because of your sin. After seeing these companies in hell my spirit returned to the body.


I have a message for the church. The body of Christ who is the church has to cultivate friendship, unity without contention. In the ministry where I congregate, my husband as the pastor has adopted this pattern. The problem with today’s churches is that they care about other people’s targets and attack other churches. If the ministries cared about their sheep and let the shepherds take care of their flock, things would be better. My husband as a shepherd cares about the flock that is in his hands as Jesus will hold him accountable for the flock entrusted to him on that great day.


We cannot worry about the people of other churches whether they live the Gospel or not. These souls are not our responsibilities. It is not easy to maintain unity and harmony within the church. The church has brothers of negative personalities who repel the other brothers and prevent unity and cooperation.


Love and learning do not reign where there are siblings of a difficult personality. I tell pastors to show their love, do not scandalize the work of God. Encourage people to repent without using words that will hurt and tarnish on purpose. Jesus revealed to me that most of the work begins well and ends badly. Churches at the beginning of their foundations the people walked straight with sincerity obeying the Word.


Over the years the flock ceases to follow the Gospel and is no longer serious in the way of Jesus.


The Lord Jesus revealed that the people should always walk in the truth and persist in the path so that even if spiritual failure comes, they can overcome them.


The church should not be careless, making mistakes in its characters and not ceasing to do what is to be done.


Many want God to do in their place what their responsibilities are to do. My husband’s church workers expect him to come and rebuke those who have made a mistake. My husband was complacent and did not argue with the workers who failed. He surprised everyone and still tolerated the lack of love of the accusatory workers who expected severe punishment.


My husband is an elderly man who has never left anything to be desired as a pastor. When it is to correct and apply the discipline he did, but he would never punish one member to massage the other’s ego or realize the evil desire that is in the heart of the avenger.


He seems to want to do good in full and to be beneficent to all. He teaches the person to be benevolent to have a willingness to help the work and to do good. He always seeks to make the flock obey the word of God out of love, not out of obligation to please him.


He always says that if one were forced to live a Christian life without love, it will not please God. It is better to leave the way of Jesus and return to the world since you feel more pleasure there than to serve Jesus.


Every Christian has to have the essence of good in his way of life. The substance of love agape has that is inside the heart. In our church, we ask members not to disregard the visitors and not to cause discourtesy.


There is a Christian who does not pay attention to what happens in the church and disregards the preacher by not paying attention to his message. Careless Christians do not even know if they have any visitors, they do not observe who is preaching. How will you know what is being preached?


How will you examine that Word if it is right or wrong because you are distracted? The church of Jesus has to be a strong set. You have to grow spiritually in grace, love, and humility. God’s servants must know how to distribute love and attention equally to all. Do not despise the humble by giving more attention to the great ministers. Cherish each sheep that God has placed beside you to help you.


Treat everyone equally, no matter what church they are.


Disunity hampers God’s work in every life. Many leave their churches and go to others because of the poor treatment and lack of shelter. The development of the church is in unity. When there is love within the spiritual family the inequalities disappear. The Christian who does not value his brother and wants to be better than he generates disunity in the Christian family. The devil destroys the ministry that acts like this.


Soldiers only fight when united to defeat the enemy. We are a celestial family we have to unite to overcome Satan.


I want to thank God for everything. May you bless every person who witnesses this testimony amen.

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