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One day, the senior of the intercessory ministry came and spoke to the Church. He said, “The Lord wants every lady and sisters in the Church to be prepared spiritually and properly dressed.” People asked why the Lord gave such instruction. He said that during prayer the Lord said, “I will take a sister who is prepared among you and I want to transport her to the spirit world to explore the mystery of the invisible world.”


I did not know that the prophecy was meant for me. The next day we were in the Church during the service. When we were singing two songs of praise, suddenly I collapsed on the ground and I went into a state of unconsciousness. Immediately I saw angels of light dressed in shining white. I saw them descend from the sky. They landed precisely where I was collapsed and laid on the ground.


After that, I saw a ladder that went from the earth to the sky. After being dressed in bright shiny garments, we started to climb this ladder which reached the sky. The stairs connect the earth to heaven. As we approached the top of the ladder, I turned around to observe the earth. I could see that it was really very far. Once we reached the top of the stairs, I saw a big city which was surrounded by a golden wall. There was a big door with an inscription which said, “All is accomplished.”


The Jasper wall and the city in pure gold were like glass. The foundations of the city were adorned with all kinds of gemstones. I could hear the heavenly melody but I couldn’t see the people singing inside the city wall.


From afar I could see two bright angels stationed around the door guarding the door. These guardian angels of heaven’s doors had wings. I could see that they held flaming swords to guard the door.


While we were far away to approach the city gate, suddenly I saw these angels waving their flaming swords towards us and they were ready to use them against us. But when we got closer, they saw that we were not of the enemy and that we were on their side. Therefore, they sheathed their flaming swords.


When we arrived at the door, the two guardian angels asked the two angels who accompanied me, “Who is this lady that you brought?”


They answered them, “She is Sister Sabine.”


The guardian angels of the door responded, “You did not bring the person you were supposed to bring. You should have brought Sister Jeanine instead of Sister Sabine.”


In fact, Sister Jeanine was also a member of our Church. The angels who accompanied me insisted on the fact that they were supposed to take me rather than Sister Jeanine. They said that it was the instruction that was given to them.


But the guardian angels of the door answered them, “You brought Sister Sabine who is still a pagan an infidel. She is not even a Christian born again and she is not yet baptized. Consequently, she cannot enter the city. God wanted Sister Jeanine to visit the celestial city in order to announce to the world what she will see.”


I observed the angels in the process of discussing like there were a disagreement and debate between them.


Then an angel asked me, “Sister Sabine, are you baptized?”


I answered the angel of the Lord, “Of course, I am baptized but how can you say that I am an infidel? I am a Christian and I was baptized.”


Right away the angel asked me, “Sabine, you told me that you are not a pagan. Where were you baptized and what kind of baptism did you receive?”


I said to the angel of the Lord, “Of course I am Christian. I was baptized when I was a baby in our parish.”


Then the angels told me, “Sabine, it is not a baptism at all because you cannot baptize a baby. Baptism is a commitment that only an adult can take. Baptism is identification with Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection.”


Despite this explanation, I still insisted that when I was Catholic that I was baptized.


Finally the angel of the Lord answered me, “Sabine, once you return to earth, you will find a pastor to immerse you in water for baptism.”


I said to the angel of the Lord, “Well I understand what you have just told me but I would like to see the people who sing the melodies inside the city.”


The angels answered me, “We cannot have you nor can we allow you to enter the celestial kingdom. You are not born again Christian. The Bible says, “Jesus answered and said to him, Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”” [John 3:3,5]


While we were at the door of the kingdom of Eternal God light, one of the guardian angels of the door made a phone call inside the city. Following this, another angel in blazing fire came out of the city and carried a huge book on his hands, on which it was written “The Book of Baptisms.” I noticed that all these angels were bright and radiant. They all had wings but they are so similar that I could not distinguish them. It was thanks to their different styles of hair and their differences in clothes that I could differentiate them.


Then the angel that had just landed with the baptism book asked me, “Sabine, where do you come from?”


I replied, “I am from the Congo, from the province of Bas-Congo in the territory of Kikwit. Do you know this place?”


He answered me, “I know it perfectly.”


Immediately this radiant angel opened the baptism book and he went to the pages of the African continent and then they opened to the pages of the Democratic Republic of the Congo precisely in the pages of my province and my district.


Finally, he sought to verify my name among the people who were baptized in this territory of the Congo. However, he could not find my name on the list of the people who were baptized.


However, I was baptized when I was a baby by the Catholic priest in the local parish of my district, so the angel of the Eternal God told me, “Sabine, you are not in the list of people who are baptized in this territory.”


As soon as the angel of the Lord told me that I started to argue with him.


I told him, “How can you say that I am not baptized? How do you think that I got this name “Sabine”? It was the day of the baptism in the parish that I had received this name. I was baptized in the Catholic Church when I was a baby.”


I said to the angel of the Lord, “Please check again in the territory of Kikwit. I had the sacrament of confirmation in the parish too.”


The angel took his time to check in the territory of Kikwit. However, he could not find my name. Despite this, I asked him to check in the town of Bandundu where I left my baptism card. As soon as he checked in the pages of this province, he did not find my name.


Finally, the angel of the Lord said, “Sabine, baptism means that you must be immersed in water. However, sprinkling the water or jumping the fire is not biblical baptism.”


Then I saw an angel who stood not far from us made a phone call to the angel of the Eternal God who is the angel of my Church on the earth. Indeed every Church on the earth had an angel deployed by the Lord. It is written in the Book of Revelation, the Bible says in Revelation 1:19-20 AKJV Write the things which you have seen and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; 20 The mystery of the seven stars which you saw in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which you saw are the seven churches.


He told the angel of my Church, “Tell the people in the Church to stop singing praises. They must start to intercede because Sister Sabine will come back to life.”


Immediately, I saw the angel from my Church through the Holy Spirit deliver the message to the Church by prophecy. I understood that some of the prophecies are phone calls from heaven to the people of God. Later I came back to earth and I entered my body and woke up.




I was supposed to be baptized as I learned from my visit to heaven but I was obstinate. The Spirit of God insisted by the mouth of the men of God. I got angry and I left the Church. I decided not to go to Church anymore. Sometime later I dreamed of a woman preaching and evangelizing. In this dream, I heard the voice of the Lord tell me, “Sabine, the woman who preaches and evangelizes is you. It is your vocation. You must return to the Church.”


A few weeks later while I was cooking in my kitchen suddenly I saw an eye looking at me. I was scared and I started using the name of Jesus Christ and rebuking the eye. It was not a dream. I was


doing the prayer of authority against this eye. Immediately my son started to prophesy and said, “Sabine, so says the Lord, the eye is not a demon but the Lord Jesus Christ your God. I came to tell you to return to Church.”


Despite all that I ignored the Word of God. A few days later I heard the audible voice of God telling me, “Sabine, if the miracle that happened in your life happened in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, these people would have been saved. You must return to the Church.”


I said to God, “Since these pastors insist on baptism, I am not coming back. Please find another person.”


Beloved one, I was a rebel like Jonah who was fleeing the mission of God. As I continued to ignore the instructions of God, He changed the strategy. God allowed the devils to hit me with poverty, persecution, and disease. My husband abandoned me with the children. This was only the beginning of my suffering. I suffered a lot and it reached a point where I started to run out of food and clothes. My children went to school in miserable conditions without food and without shoes as we were afflicted by this calamity.


One night, I started to cry and my children who also suffered from malnutrition joined me and we all started to sleep. Every night we slept in sadness. I slept that night when I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in a vision.


He asked me, “Sabine, why are you crying?”


I said, “Lord, I can no longer bear this suffering I only have one more garment.”


Jesus asked me, “Sabine, you know why you suffer?”


I said, “Lord, I don’t know.”


Jesus told me, “Sabine, you suffer because you were disobedient. You must return to the Church and be baptized then you will be well.”


Since I was afflicted by poverty and suffering, I decided to obey to end my suffering. A few days later I was baptized by immersion in water to obey the Lord. Accordingly a few days after, I received a package from my family. It was a great gift. This ended our calamity.


Several days later I was in the Church when a preacher told me, “You are going to remove this name Sabine. The person who gave you this name is a stubborn person. He transmitted his stubbornness to you by this name. There was a power in this name.”


Then the pastor gave me the name of Deborah. Despite the fact that I had just been born anew, I still had my behavior from the past. I was an extremely angry woman. Everyone in my neighborhood knew my anger and my battle habits. When I start a battle it will never end and I am the one who will finish it.


A few days later the Lord Jesus Christ asked me to fast for three days and three nights for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Immediately I started three days of fasting and praying. When I was in prayer, the Lord showed me the root of my bad character. In this vision, I saw a gorilla that appeared before me. It was the demon who manipulate me in the fight.


Jesus Christ told me, “Sabine, ask your mother what happened during your birth.”


Later when I talked to my mother, she told me, “When you were born I washed you with the monkey skull so that you will be stronger.”


I answered my mother, “If you really wanted me to be stronger why did you complain when I was fighting against everyone in the neighborhood?”


I was not happy about it. That explains why I took all kinds of martial arts disciplines in order to fight all the time. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and I started speaking in tongues. During those three days of fasting and prayer, the problem of my angry character was still not resolved. In fact, when I got angry to calm this anger I want to destroy and break things around me. I had a half gorilla in me because of my mother’s actions of washing me with a monkey’s skull when I was a baby.


The evil spirits that control the lives of the children of God may have entered them anytime from birth to youth.


When I was born, a woman had kidnapped me but the parish and the local priest managed to find me. There was a dispute between my mom and the lady who kidnapped me. During the arguments, this lady asked that I be split in two so that she takes half of my body. Since this incident during my childhood, I noticed when I grew up the left part of my body functioned differently from the right part. Every time I got sick the left part suffered but the right part was fine. Even today, my left hand is different from my right hand. There is an imbalance even in my way of walking because of the lack of compatibility between my two legs. My life was divided into two.


I also noticed I would have good dreams for one week and bad dreams the following week. I was wondering about this lack of harmony and uniformity in my life. It was during prayer that Jesus made me understand the words of this lady who had said to the priest in front of my mother, “W are going to decide which part of Sabine to take. If I want to take one part, my rival will take the other part.”


Jesus told me, “Negative words spoken over children affect them so much that they suffer because of those words. Many children are not even aware of this but they are still affected as time goes on if they do not destroy the invisible links and curses during the youth of their lives. They will suffer. They must seek My Face in prayer.”


The Bible says in Jeremiah 33:3 AKJV Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not and in Jeremiah 29:13-4 AKJV And you shall seek Me, and find Me, when you shall search for Me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, said the LORD: and I will turn away your captivity.


These Bible verses are in the context of the overthrow of strongholds, bondages and fortresses.


I remember one day during this program of fasting and prayers, Jesus spoke said, “Deborah, the time has come to destroy the satanic covenants, the ancestral curses and the traditions in your family. You are the Moses of your family. They will be free because of you but before evangelizing your family you will start with destroying the strengths of the powerful ancestral altars of your family. There is so much power of darkness operating in your family.”


The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:9-10 AKJV Then the LORD put forth his hand and touched my mouth. And the LORD said to me, Behold, I have put my words in your mouth. 10 See, I have this


day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.


The Lord transported me to the altar of my family where the charming family fetish was. In this vision, I was accompanied by angels of light and we headed for the altar of my family located at the family hotel.


Suddenly an elephant appeared before us. In fact, it was a demon operating in my family for several generations. As soon as he appeared the angels of the Lord encouraged me to rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ without delay. I took authority in the name of Jesus Christ and I chased this spirit. I remember during adolescence my parents told us that our family was protected by an elephant spirit, As a child, I could not understand what he was talking about but that day I saw this spirit of the elephant of which my father spoke to me and I cast it out in the name of Jesus Christ. Then we continued with the angels of the Eternal God towards the family hotel.


Suddenly another spirit which dominated my family arose in front of us. I could see that this demon had the shape of a lion. I chase it out in the name of Jesus Christ. He was one of the demons operating in my family for many generations.


Then a big snake appeared before us. This snake was another demon who controlled and dominated in my family. I remember when we were growing up, my father told us that when we die we would become snakes. Immediately I used the name of Jesus Christ against this snake and it disappeared.


Christians must engage in fighting and defeating the powers that dominate in their families otherwise, there will be limits and barriers on many levels. When I arrived at my family’s hotel, I burned the fetishes and charms in the presence of the Lord’s angels.




Jesus Christ told me to fast for ten days. This fast and prayer was really hard for me but I still obeyed the voice of the Lord and all His instructions. Consequently, my spiritual level was catapulted. God ordered me to describe everything to my leaders that would happen to me during these ten days of fasting and prayers. At this time I saw visions and dreams and I was revealed hidden mysteries.


While I was in ten days of fasting and prayers from the 1st to the 7th day the Lord taught me brokenness. Jesus taught me how to go from childhood to spiritual maturity, how to get rid of the old man and how to crucify the flesh because I was an angry woman.


I remember one day when I prayed, Jesus said to me, “Deborah you will have to beat your house.”


The Lord told me that when I was in the Church. Immediately I went to my house. I was on the point to destroy my house. As soon as my neighbors saw me they thought I had lost my mind. Immediately they hurried to stop me.


Immediately I heard Jesus tell me, “Deborah, I’m talking about your flesh which must be crucified not your physical house but rather your behavior.”


The Bible says, “Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it.”” (John 3:19)


After this incident, Jesus told me, “Deborah, you must brush your teeth to feel good in front of God.”


As soon as I heard that, I took my toothbrush to brush my teeth.


That’s when I heard Jesus telling me, “Deborah, I am talking more about purification and sanctification. If you want to serve Me, you must have a pure white heart and regularly brush your spiritual teeth white so that it won’t stink.”


Jesus told me, “Deborah, when someone whose mouth stinks, as soon as he speaks to you, you move your face away to avoid the bad breath. Is it not the same when you present yourself before My Throne with a malicious and evil heart? When you come before My face, I will hide My face. Holiness will ensure that you have the scent and smell of a good aroma. When you come to the Throne of God in a hurry without purification and sanctification, this will make you smell bad. Those who approach the Throne of God must purify themselves so that they will be a fragrant aroma before God. Those who live in sin emit a bad smell in front of God.”


Then Jesus said to me, “Deborah, I want to come to visit you to live with you but however, you have to put your house in order. For this reason, you will clean your house.”


The Lord said, “You will start by removing the spider webs that are in your house. Then you will clean your own clothes so that it is clean. Then you will tidy up your room and put up the curtains. Once this is done, you will have to light a lamp in your house which should never be put out.”


Without delay I got to work. I removed all the spider web which was on the roof of my house as instructed by Jesus Christ. Then I cleaned the house. I did the laundry. Finally, I turned on the lamp. Then I rested to wait for the arrival of the Lord who was to come to visit me.


While I was waiting for the Lord, suddenly I heard His voice. He told me, “Deborah, when I asked you to clean your home, I did not mean to clean it physically. I was talking about your heart. Every day you have to learn to cleanse your heart by confessing your sins and giving up your bad habits.


Each day you must crucify the flesh in order to restore order in your house. The Bible says in James 4:8-9 AKJV Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. 9 Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.


The Lord told me, “To clean your clothes means you must purify and sanctify yourself. Clean clothes mean good works of righteousness.” Rev 19:8 it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure”— for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints.


The Bible says in Rev 22:14 ESV Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates. Revelation 22:14 AKJV Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.


The Bible says in Revelation 19:7 AKJV Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife has made herself ready.


Then the Lord said to me, “Deborah, when I asked you to remove the cobwebs in your house, I meant you have to get out of the customs and traditional rites of the house of your father and your mother.You have to get out of the idolatry of fetishism and superstition from your tribe.”


The Lord Jesus said, “The lamp that I asked you to light and that should never die is the intercessory prayer which you must attack all day. Remember I told you never to turn off this lamp. In other words, you must pray day and night. You must pray non stop. You must always pray. The flame of prayer must never die.”


Jesus said, “I asked you to put the curtain in your house means that I wanted to say that since you are My servant, you must be careful in this world. Here I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves so be careful like snakes and simple like doves. Caution and prudence must characterize you. You must know what to say and what not to say. I wasn’t speaking of the cleaning that you had just done in your house.”


Brother and sister, during the 5th day of this fast and prayer, the Lord said to me, “Deborah, today this December 25 this Christmas, you are going to prepare chicken and you are going to eat.”


So I prepared the chicken as instructed by the Lord. When the food was ready, I was about to eat the food that was prepared when suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord who said to me, “Deborah, eat the bones but not the flesh.”


So while everyone is eating the chicken, they gave me the bones and while I was eating the bones, suddenly the Lord told me, “Deborah, how can you eat while you are in fast and prayer?”


Jesus said to me, “When I spoke of the bones, I spoke of solid food. You must grow spiritually and eat solid food but you are still in the milk.”


Then the Lord Jesus said, “Deborah, when I asked you to clean the house, I meant you must also serve Me in order to be well-pleasing to Me.”


On the fifth day of this fasting and prayer, Jesus said to me, “Deborah, today you will wash with the boiling soap and you will use a lotion having 1 star. You are also going to wash the children with this soap and these lotions, Anyone who visits you, you will give him this soap so that they can wash their hands.”


I went to the market and I bought the boiling soap. Then I looked for the lotion having 1 star but as soon as I spoke to my pastors about the instructions of the Lord, they told me that I was losing my mind.


Then I went to wash with the soap and lotions recommended by the Lord and while I was washing suddenly I saw an intense light in the bathroom. I could not understand the meaning of this light. Sometime after I washed my children with this soap and I rubbed them with lotion recommended by the Lord. I started to give this soap and lotion to the people who visited me.


Finally one day the Lord told me, “Deborah, why don’t you still understand these things? When you wash yourself with the water and with the soap, you must know that the water with the soap which you wash yourselves is the Word of God. Each time you read the Bible and listen to the Word of God which is the water of life, you wash and clean yourself.”


“The soap I told you about is the purifying and cleansing agent that comes when you read the Bible and listen to My Word. So, therefore, every time you listen to the Word of God, you are washed by the Word and your sins, your carnal and Adamic nature is washed and purified by My Word. It is then that I fill you with the power and the anointing of My Spirit which is here symbolized by the lotion that I had recommended to you.”


“Deborah, the more you read the Bible and the more you listen to My Word, you will be purified by My blood which acts like a soap. The more you are purified by water and blood, it is then that My power and My action will fill you. You will receive the power the Holy Spirit falling on you and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria until the ends of the earth.”


Then the Lord Jesus said to me, “Deborah, when I said your children must also be washed, I wanted to say that you are a child. You too must know Me. You must teach them My Word. When I told you that visitors must be washes with this soap, I meant that everyone who visits you, you must speak to them about the Good News of the Gospel so that they can know Me and be also purified. Go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teach them to observe all that that I prescribed you.”


Jesus told me, “The mission that I give you is this if you must know Me, your children must know Me, your family must know Me and friends must know Me.”


While I was talking to Jesus, my family transported me to the hospital because I had lost weight.

When I spoke to Jesus, they thought that I was talking to myself and that I had lost my mind.


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