From the age of 9, I was trained by my own grandparents. Christians and occultic people have different things in terms of eating. People in mysticism have many restrictions where eating is concerned, unlike the Christians where everything can be eaten. In the understanding of mysticism as well as the understanding of inner power, humans consist of a body, soul, and spirit. The subconscious is a basic level, logic is an intermediate level, and spirits are at a high level. When a person meditates there is a unification of the mind, that is, the union of the five senses that forms the inner force. But when people practice mysticism they are prohibited from eating 7 days and are prohibited from seeing the fire element.


So Christians and mystical people are different in terms of prayer. A mystical person has to recite a mantra in prayer while a Christian only speaks from the heart to God. So at that time, I was taught to be in harmony with nature, meaning to be one with nature and the Earth. In that state of the union at the climax there will be numbness, to the point that even if a mosquito were to bite him, he will not feel the bite. Before I was converted to Christ, I couldn’t even feel the cockroaches in my ears.



My body would overheat when I was meditating. A core of fire would be formed in my body, in my inner being and that power is called the aura power, but I tell you it is not the power of God. When this climax happens, my spirit would leave my body,. Why is this so? Because my life was surrendered to the devil.



My grandfather was fasting for 1000 days and only eat a banana a day at night. Christians do not fast a lot but if they don’t fast, they won’t be able to fight witchcraft. It is believed that in this universe there is positive and negative divine energy. When used for good it will be good but if it is used for evil it becomes evil. I say that all are from the power of Satan. An empty human mind is the devil’s workshop. When people meditate with an empty mind without consecrating the mind to Yahweh, Satan fills the void in their soul. At that time my spirit came out of the body and saw my own face. If indeed that person really did the science of transferring spirits or astral projection then his breath would stop but the blood circulation would continue,







If I were successful in transferring my spirit, then my spirit can penetrate the wall and also can go to my friends. I can talk to them. If they have sixth sense then my friends can hear my voice. When


my spirit returns to my body it will come back in from above my head. That is what is meant by the science of transferring spirits.



There are 2 types of people using spells. Can people do something with the knowledge of spiritual extraction? Yes, because I have tried it.



Once there was a friend of mine who was a shaman who had a shaman girlfriend too. So when my friend wanted to repent, his shaman girlfriend perverted his nature. She extracted his spirit and exchanged it with the spirit of a woman. So my friend who was a boy now becomes confused. My friend thought he was a woman.



When I converted to Christ and ministered to him and prayed for him, he was healed. He is now a pastor. I knew about spirit extraction and transfer because my grandmother taught me.



When I had to master the knowledge of extracting the spirit, I have to get rid of lust. Since childhood I was taught to control lust. For 1 year I meditated, during school and after school, to get rid of lust and desire,



I once practiced my knowledge when it came to cock-fighting. When my chicken was defeated, I read a mantra for my spirit to move into the chicken. Before moving, I recited the mantra to make a fence around me so that people could not touch me. Then my spirit in the cock would win in the cock fight.



If a person has knowledge of spirit extraction, he also has the knowledge of resurrecting spirits, but remember that it is not the spirit of a dead person that comes but a demon disguised as that dead person. If we are believers we are guarded by our angels from the fallen angel from afar, Satan. The Bible says that the devil walks like a roaring lion. But remember Satan has no power over our lives because the Holy Spirit is in our lives, a light that shines through the darkness, therefore Satan cannot enter but he sees us from a distance.



If the shaman uses the knowledge of awakening the spirit of a dead person, then a spirit comes but it is not the spirit of the dead person but the demon spirit that used to guard him if that person is not in God. The demon spirit will know how he speaks and his daily life.



People who often use such knowledge of awakening the dead are subject to a curse, namely the curse of Hell. My younger brother was just born when I learned this shamanic knowledge. He subsequently died as a result of this curse on my family.


People who are under this curse of death will find it very difficult to die when they are seriously injured in accidents, even if they wanted to die. My grandparents have difficulty dying, and their children and grandchildren are often sick due to the curse. My grandmother wanted to die because her body was very weak, so my grandmother asked me to pray. I told my grandmother that if she accepts the Lord Jesus, she will be free. So my grandmother accepted the Lord Jesus, then my grandmother could die.







That is, if our grandparents are involved in occultism, then it is very dangerous because the curse will occur for up to 7 generations. How do we get rid of that curse?



1 John 3:8 He that commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sins from the beginning. For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.



If a shaman cast out demonic spirits from a demon-possessed person, those demonic spirits will enter the spirit of that shaman. Then the spirit guides of that shaman will decide where the curses of those demonic spirits will go to, either to other relatives or to other generations. However, if the Christian casts out the demons in the name of the Lord Jesus, all curses related to those demons are ended as the Lord Jesus died on the cross to destroy every curse.







A person highly knowledgeable in Radiation Science is able to influence the community where he lives. However, such people with this knowledge will have somebody in every generation who is mentally retarded or lunatic. It’s a curse. The mental capacity of the unfortunate one has been sacrificed and given to the one with this Radiation Science so that he can be an influential community leader.







How do we break the hereditary curse?




First, accept Jesus as Lord and Savior with an open heart. Both words must be embedded in his heart because it is the word that liberates.


Secondly, say, “All curses on my offspring, all curses up to the 7 generations, all curses on my relationship be broken in the Name of the Lord Jesus.”



Every curses are broken but remember that curses are broken only on the person concerned who accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior. If they are five siblings but only one person accepts Jesus and repented, the curse on his children and generation has been broken. Salvation in the Lord Jesus is a personal decision. But these four brothers who did not accept the Lord Jesus, until their children and grandchildren, this curse still applies.











My life was not calm and as I was approaching 18 years old, suddenly my brother invited me to go to church. When I arrived at church I was invited to eat satay. Satay is a Southeast Asian dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce. After I finished eating satay I was invited to take a walk. I walked apart from my brother and while looking for him, I got lost in a room. It turned out that the room had already been arranged by my father’s sister. She is a Christian and she told the pastors there. When I entered the room, suddenly I grabbed her head. Then the pastor commanded the demons to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus.







Then I asked the pastor who the devil was. I was evangelized there. They told me that I must repent.




I asked the pastor, “What should I repent of? I have never killed anyone. I only use the power of my eyes to defeat my enemies. And I never talk dirty words.”



Suddenly the pastor said, “Yes, you have.”




I said to the pastor, “I have never been converted.”




The pastor said, “In the name of Jesus, devil, came out.”




I was given a bottle of oil and water from the baptism of my head. In my heart, I said this pastor is crazy. I was evangelized but I didn’t convert. Why? Because so many Christians in my village often


come to me asking for lottery numbers. So it was hard for me to repent, even Christians were screwed. At that time I thought I was better than religious people.







In Indonesia, praise and worship events are locally known as ‘KKR’ (Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani, literally ‘Service of Spiritual Growth’). They are the equivalent of Revival Meetings.



Finally, I came home. A few days later I was invited by my brother, “Let’s go to church, there is a Revival Meeting of Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong.”



I said, “No. “ Imagine me being given a bucket of oil and water by crazy pastors.




My brother said, “You have already eaten my Kabingku satay, you have to come.”




It was because of this satay that I joined Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong’s Revival Meeting. At that time I sat at the very back. Pastor Gilbert preached that Christians cannot indulge in witchcraft; they cannot be used and trained in witchcraft.



From behind I said, “This pastor is challenging me.”




Finally, I recited the incantation of the devil’s flames in order to cause the preacher to vomit blood on the pulpit and disperse the congregation.







I read the incantation of the raging demon. Suddenly Pastor Gilbert said, “Hallelujah, God Bless!” and the spell came back to me. It happened twice. I finally got curious. Then the Pastor Gilbert said, “Those who are shamans who have amulets, come to the front of the altar.”



From behind, I was confused because I didn’t know English. I thought the altar was a place for occultic battles. So anyone can go forward.



So I came forward because I was challenged. When I came forward, Pastor Gilbert suddenly came to me and said, “Tony.”



I was surprised that this pastor was so powerful that he knew my name. I thought in my heart that this pastor also has a magic spell. I thought that if I lose to Pastor Gilbert, I would like to study with him about his magic spells.







Then Pastor Gilbert said, “Tomorrow morning I will wait for you here, at 8 am.”




Finally, I came home. That night I could not sleep for I kept hearing only one word, “Hallelujah.”




In the morning I went to meet Pastor Gilbert. He asked me, “Are you ready?”




I replied, “I was ready a long time ago.”




The pastors formed a circle and I was in the middle. I was face to face with Pastor Gilbert at a one-meter distance. There I fought from 8 am to 12 pm in close combat.



I used all my magic power. Strangely there was something protecting Pastor Gilbert. When I hit a spell on him, it couldn’t hit his body. There was something strong so that the blow hit my own body and I ended up vomiting blood. I would have died if I got another blow. I was stabbed by the crushed brass copper from the inside out of my body and out came yellow copper powder out of my mouth.



Immediately I said, “Stop. We will continue tomorrow.”




I was still okay, but I have deep wounds. Then I came home.








On the second day, many people were present. The pastors surrounded me when I showed my magic power. There were some pastors, saying, “In the name of the Lord Jesus, devil, come out.” Then they ran to hide behind the door as they were afraid too.


Those who dared to face me were Pastor Gilbert and workers. At that time I released all the black magic and white magic powers but not a single spell could hit Pastor Gilbert.



Finally, I told Pastor Gilbert exactly at 12 noon, “I have one last incantation to make. If this spell fails, then you will be my teacher. But if I win you all will die.”



In the history of this last spell, no one can beat it. If my teacher’s grandfather used this knowledge then he would be invincible.



And I said, “If I lost I would roar with you.”




Then Pastor Gilbert said, “I am ready.”




Then I took a few steps back and then I recited the fire mantra (hali lintar – the last mantra my teacher taught me.)



When the dimension was pronounced in the mantra, many people present heard and saw a radius of 50 meters. In the midst of that there was a sound of wind, due to the power of the last mantra, the peak of black magic and white magic. I hit Pastor Gilbert and I opened my eyes to prepare the punch. The power of the spell could be felt 50 km away. A rock could be crushed and the person who was hit could die vomiting blood and his body crushed inside.







When I wanted to hit suddenly from the body of Pastor Gilbert and from all the pastors’ bodies, a bright light came out. The bright rays were as white as the light of the rainbow, but the power of the spell was in my hand. I stopped for a moment and remembered my teacher’s message, my grandfather’s prediction that my destiny will be determined at the age of 18. And that time of day I was exactly 18 years old.



I took several steps back, then I made the decision that if I died, I was not ashamed, what do I have to lose? I better try it. When I hit Pastor Gilbert there was a bright light so that I bounced back about 10 or 12 meters, and I lost my mind and went crazy. I was prayed over by the pastors but didn’t recover.







And exactly 1 year later when I was 19 years old, suddenly there was a bright light that came, and I heard a Voice saying, “I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. I am the Great King of the East.” [Meaning the Lord Jesus was born in the Middle East, and when my grandfather before dying he pointed out the east. The wise men also saw the star from the east.]



Suddenly the bright light turned into Jesus Christ. His face was brighter than the sunshine, I couldn’t see His face, I could only see His robe shining. And He asked, “Would you believe in Me?” Suddenly there was a power in my heart that made me say, “I believe.”







As soon as I spoke “I believe,” my sixth sense was annihilated and my supernatural powers vanished instantly. And He said, “You will be a fire evangelist. You will also be a book writer and a songwriter but in due time, remember that you will be My servant.”



The light disappeared and I was healed until now and it was 1993.








After I recovered from my memory loss, Pastor Gilbert said to me, “Your baptism name is Daud (equivalent to David in English) and you are to go to Bible school. You can’t testify first until I know that you have truly repented. Don’t get sick again.”



I was sent to a Bible School. I graduated in rank four because there were only 4 students left. Although I graduated from a Bible School, I didn’t serve as a preacher. My duty was to pass the collection bags until the congregation where I serve is only myself but I am still faithful.







What caused me to be called by God to serve and how early I made songs. In 1996, after I graduated from the Bible School, I was involved in the plastic business. I became an agent. I took plastic from the factories, then I distributed them to grocery stores.



My focus time was on business and my service in the church has decreased. Why? It is because service in church is full of sacrifice and dedication, but a profitable business is certain. I think the


important thing is I donated a lot to the church from my business proceeds to help the church. After I was busy in business, I was far from serving in church but I helped out in the collection in church.







The Lord Jesus who healed me came to me. He talked to me, “It’s time for you to go home.”




I was shocked to hear of my impending death. Then I said, “God, I am not ready to die.”




Then I thought to myself that I’m not ready. Why was I not ready? Because I haven’t given my best for God.



I said to God, “If You allow my life to be extended then I will serve You sincerely. I will give my life seriously. After that, You can call me and I will die peacefully.”



But God says, “No, today you go home.”




That day I returned to my house. I said goodbye to my mother and father. Then my mother said, “Daud, are you already crazy? You’re not dead yet. Don’t be weird.”



I said, “Whatever.”








At that time I was riding a motorcycle with a friend at a speed of 60 km/h. There was an accident. I hit the track, without brakes. At that instant, my spirit left my body. I saw my own body, and my spirit was going up somewhere. I saw an angel about 3 meters tall, he lifted me up. At the top, I saw a ladder, made of pure gold. Every ladder had an angel, and I heard a voice of worship of praise, like the sound of the waters of the ocean. The angel said to me, “The worship songs, before they were sung on Earth, had been sung in Heaven.”







Then the angel said to me, “Before you met the Almighty, you entered into a room, namely the Most Holy Room, because you were brought into that place.”



The angel spoke in a language that was not a human language and my spirit also spoke a language that was not a human language, but I understood. Suddenly what happened I was put in a place. The floor was made of gold, and there was a curtain that was torn, torn from top to bottom, and I was shown the Ark of the Covenant. When I saw the Ark of the Covenant, there was a light that knocked my spirit down.



The angel said, “What Moses saw about the Tabernacle, was a picture of this place.”




From there I knew that what Moses saw about the tabernacle was a picture of Heaven.




Hebrews 8:5 The place where they serve is a copy and shadow of what is in Heaven. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”







I was invited to go for a walk and return to the original ladder. At the top of the ladder, there was the Lord Jesus Christ. Above it, there were no sun, moon, and stars, because of the Lord shining on the place. And there is no hot sun, there is all peace. At that time, the Lord said to me, “In fact, it is time for you to be in this place but because you want to return to your parents to Earth, then I will return you to Earth and your age will be extended, and as long as your life is extended, make the best use of it.”







“And before you return to the face of the Earth, I will show you something that will happen in your whole life and to your people.”



The Lord came down to me, but I can’t see His face, I just saw His robe, and I know it is the Lord Jesus. Suddenly His hand lifted up and I saw a TV screen, a time to come. There I was shown Timur Leste declaring Independence. There was bloodshed. I saw bombs exploding in Indonesia and several other disasters and crises.




When I saw that I said, “God, I don’t want to go back to Earth, because there will be bombings.’


But God said, “No, you must return to Earth. Your life will be extended. You have many places to live on Earth, and you must know that you cannot die before the time comes. As long as your life is extended on Earth, no one will kill you. When the time comes, you will return to this place.”



In Indonesia, I was shot but I didn’t die. I was surrounded by enemies but I didn’t die. Why is it? It is because I know it’s not the time yet. If it’s the time, you don’t have to shoot. I would be dead first. But I can’t die prematurely.



I was invited to a place where the floor was gold and the wall was made of gems and various kinds of precious stones. We actually buy diamonds on Earth but they are just Heaven’s trash and it’s very beautiful there.



Suddenly the Lord Jesus said, “This is Father’s house. I am going to prepare a house for My people.”



At that time the Lord Jesus asked me, “What do you want to ask Me? I will answer it.”




Then I asked, “When are You coming back, Lord?”




“You need to know that, in My coming, no one knows, whether angels or those on Earth, but I will be with My people until the end of time.”







Then the Lord Jesus said to me, “I will show you what is happening in your life.”




Suddenly I saw a small book, written Daud Tony.




God said, “You will become a book author and you will come to three continents.”




Then I asked the second question to God, “Who is my wife?”




Then He showed me a woman whose hair is straight. I wanted to see her face but it is covered. Then I said to God, “Lord, millions of women have straight hair.” But God says, “Later when the time comes you will meet your wife.”



I traveled the world, in China, Hong Kong, various islands in Indonesia, and I met her in Jogja. It turns out that Solo and Jogja are close and are about 180 km apart on the island of Java, Indonesia.



Suddenly I saw a preacher, ugly old fat and short.




I asked the Lord, “Who is that man?”




“It is you. And later you will become a songwriter.”




I said to God, “Lord, I don’t know musical instruments.”




God says, “I’ll transfer songs from Heaven to you. And later you will hear singing in your ears the songs of Heaven until you return to your home and to your Father. But there is one condition that you must fulfill – you do not sell songs.”



So every song I hear and then make can’t be sold. I finished seeing everything that was shown by God and then I returned to Earth.






I started back in ministry again. One of my services was in the city of Surabaya. In this city, I held a KKR, and a friend from the KKR, a former witch doctor, a magician, was going to reveal the secrets of witchcraft. Because of that many people came. On the first floor, there are many shamans, while on the second floor the Convention was held.



As the theme is “Revealing the Secrets of Witchcraft,” so many showed up and there were around 2700 people, half support and patients and half Christians. There, many carried chrysanthemums, spears, and other amulets.







I was supposed to be preaching on the second day, but the pastor told me, “Because you are a young pastor so you preach on the first day.”



Finally, I came forward. I saw shamans from Banyuwani, Kediri, Tulung Agung and various places, gathered there. They came to see me, knowing that I was the sole heir of knowledge from my family, namely shamanic knowledge from my grandparents, a magician and a powerful expert in magic.



I began to step into the pulpit. At that time God told me to tell them to test their shamanic knowledge. When I heard this voice I asked God whether it was His voice or not. If this was not His command, I could die. But God said, “This is from Me.” Then I said, “Good, I will convey what You told me.”



I began to say, “Who has the talismans, bring out your shamanic knowledge.”




They know that I am a former witch doctor and have conquered several shaman traditions.








What happened was that I closed my eyes. Why did I close my eyes? Because I was afraid too. In the past I had a one-on-one battle with shamans but now I was attacked by many shamans at the same time because God told me to do it. I was taught spiritual warfare. When I spoke to shamans to test my powers, suddenly I heard the wind. I began to open my eyes. What I saw was a pillar of clouds and a pillar of fire in front of me.



And what happened, I saw the shamans fall in front of me. Two days of the Convention, there were 400 shamans and their patients who repented. From there I learned to share the news of salvation to everyone. I started serving in rural areas that have strong magic.







I held a Convention in Kalimantan, an area where there have been conflicts between Dayak and Madurese tribes. After peace, they lived in that area. When I was invited to the Convention, usually the committee’s remarks come first, followed by words of commendation for the preacher, and the closing committee chairman. At that time the people in this area did not know my face. They just heard my name, a person who was converted from a shaman, and anyone could come to the Convention. The attendance came to over 2000.







After the speech of the commendation leader, he did not hand the mic over to me but directly to the chairman of the committee. The attendees thought the committee chairman was Daud Tony. The committee chairman fell in front of many people. His heart was hit but it was not a heart disease but witchcraft. The KKR was chaotic because the committee chairman was hit by witchcraft, but was not yet dead.







At that time I started to pray and I said, “The Blood of Jesus fortifies my body, soul and spirit.”




I only believe that it is the blood of Jesus that fortifies us. I stepped into the pulpit and I said, “I am Daud Tony. Now brothers who have shaman knowledge can test me.”



During my preaching, I was under attack from witchcraft for an hour. From various directions magic was sent at me. Then I started talking, “Those of you who have been experimenting with shaman knowledge, now it’s my turn. I invite you to come forward.”



About 10 people came forward, some were very old shamans, some were middle-aged. There was also the new order of the young and reformed. And many of them were healed and released from witchery.







Only one thing I remember at that time, if we are with God, so God is our defender. And I have faith I cannot die prematurely. Because He promised to pick me up when the time came. There I knew that the spiritual warfare in Indonesia was great, but the Lord Jesus was even greater. The question in our lives is whether the Lord Jesus in our lives.

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