On the 19th day of November 2019, The Lord showed me a dragon beast that was over a hundred feet long and over ten feet high. And I saw a multitude of people sitting on the dragon beast’s back encompassing it’s over hundred feet long and packed. I also saw another multitude of people standing on both sides of the dragon beast also encompassing the length of the dragon beast, because there was no space for them to sit and be carried on the back of the dragon beast due to a great number of people riding on the back of the dragon beast.

They all communed with the dragon beast and set off in a fierce, determined run with the dragon beast – those riding on the back of the dragon beast and those on foot on both sides encompassing the length of the beast, running adamantly and fiercely, with speed and great ambition in their determination to destroy and crush their chosen victim and well-meaning opponents. They ran back and forth many times.

Each time they ran fiercely and arrived at their intended destination to destroy their intended target, but they failed and ran back to their starting point with their goals unattained. They communed again and came up with another dubious plan and ran off again and failed as usual. They ran back and concocted another dubious plan of action, made up lies, and ran off again adamantly with the same speed, fierceness, determination, and great ambition, and failed to achieve their plans and objectives again and returned to concoct a new dubious plan.

They did this run back and forth so many times and each time they ended up with the same failure in achieving their goals which were evil, and never gave up or see the folly, the evil, and the wickedness in their plots, actions, and ambitions. They kept regrouping and hashing out new and evil plans, one evil plot after another to no avail. The dragon beast, those riding on the back of the dragon beast, and those running on foot on both sides of the length of the dragon beast, all kept running back and forth and experiencing failure of their evil plots repeatedly, but refused to give up despite repeated failures.

Each time they suffer defeat, they ran back and hashed a new evil plot and new evil ideas. And The Lord said, “These are the “Nimroders,” who build the tower of babel and are consumed by it. Behold the storm cometh and shall consume the builders and the evil works they wrought in a sore tempest and great billows of plagues in their private and public lives.

Every man and woman shall surely reap what they sow according to their works, both righteous and unrighteous, everyone according to their own works, even those who by their purposeful indifference and inaction have enabled evil works to prosper. Do they not all invite and usher the storm and plague of judgment into their lives? Behold the storm cometh with fierce winds from the north, the south, the east, and the west, and none shall escape or be spared except those who remorsefully repent and turn away from their evil works and make restitutions,” saith The Lord of Hosts.



And The Lord said “I Am The Lord God Most High. It is hard for an evil man or woman to kick against the pricks. It is hard for the sons and daughters of men to kick against The Rock. The affairs and the posterity of My faithful servants are ordered by Me and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it, neither shall the gates of hell prevail against any man or woman, young and old who remain faithful to Me and walk obediently in My ways, and live by My Word in holiness,” saith The Lord God Almighty.


On the 18th day of September 2019, the word of The Lord came to me speaking to all who believe in Him saying, “Do not entangle yourselves with the unrighteous rituals of the heathens and lukewarm believers and ministers who deceive My flock, for they commit the abomination of idolatry. When you partake in keeping and celebrating the ordinances of men and observe times and things that I have not commanded you to observe nor have shown you to keep by example, you


worship and you kiss the beast and the dragon. If you deem yourself My minister and My servant, you must live My Word and not defile yourself. If you deem yourself My minister and you turn around and lust and whore after the idolatry and the abomination of the heathens by observing pagan rituals and their celebrations which I have not set forth for you to observe nor commanded you to partake in, and you stand in My sanctuary and My holy place and pollute it, you are as evil as the heathen and will receive the same judgment as the heathens. Your previous and first good works shall be forgotten and shall be erased by your later works which are evil and abomination before Me. If you are My true and faithful servant, you must hear My voice in My Word and follow My examples of righteousness. If you are My faithful minister, you must heed My Word and live it. If you deem yourself My obedient child, you must abhor evil, lust, idolatry, and the abomination of the unrighteous which you commit by defiling yourself and changing the natural order of things I have created and purposed them. You defile yourself by embracing the unnatural and encouraging the congregation to do so directly and indirectly as they continue to live in sin. You impart a false sense of safety that makes the congregation think they can sin without judgment and consequences. You build a tower of babel in them that will crumble and fall, and crush them. You lead the congregation into the abyss of their destruction. Teach your congregation My Word as it is written. Live My Word and be a good example for the congregation to follow and turn from their unrighteous ways, and receive salvation. Though I will judge the unrepentant sinner in every congregation, I will also require the soul of the sinner at the hands of all the ministers who lead them astray by their false teaching and by making light of My Word and My judgment. Do not sugarcoat My Word by not preaching sound doctrine and by not condemning sin by its name that the sinner may remorsefully repent, and turn away from their evil works and from their unrighteous ways,” saith The Almighty God.

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And The Lord said, “Look at yourselves through the mirror of My Word and see if all your works reflect obedience to My Word Oh ye ministers of the gospel. Do you walk in My footsteps in righteousness and in holiness, or do you walk in the footsteps of the beast and in the dictates of your own hearts according to your lusts? In all your works and ways, pause and consider the judgment of Eli the ancient priest and his house. His sons were polluting My sanctuary and he restrained them not, neither did he remove them from performing the function in which they continued to sin against Me and continued to pollute My sanctuary. So are all ministers who sugarcoat My Word and have elected to dilute My Word and not preach My true doctrine, and call sin by name and condemn it, so that the congregation may hear and be convicted of sin and judgment, and of repentance and salvation. That men and women, young and old may hear and remorsefully repent, and turn from their evil and unrighteous ways and receive My salvation,” saith The Lord God.


On the 21st day of September 2019, the word of The Lord came to me again addressing the ministers of the gospel. And The Lord said, “I judged the house of Eli, so will I judge the ministers that deceive their congregations and are complacent and indifferent in the sins of their household. As it was with Eli and his house, so it shall be with all ministers who deceive the congregation by not preaching My true and uncompromised Word and make the congregation think that they can come into My sanctuary and continue to live in sin. You lead them to think that their offerings and donations will atone for their sins and buy them salvation. You give them a false sense of hope when by your actions and inactions you make them think that by sitting in the pew and giving money to you and your church will buy them salvation. It is not so! You that call yourself a minister of the gospel and you worship idols and false gods in secret, you bow to, and kiss the beast, you practice the unnatural act of homosexuality and lesbianism which I forbid, you change My natural creation into unnatural acts, you stand on the pulpit and preach and make a mockery of My Word by your actions and by your lifestyle; You Are an Abomination Standing in My Holy Place, and My Judgment must begin in My Sanctuary. My judgment shall pursue and overtake all who pollute My Holy Place and My Sanctuary except they remorsefully repent and turn from their abomination and their evil lifestyles, and from misleading the congregation,” saith The Most High God.


On the 22nd day of September 2019, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “Behold the plague cometh upon man as has never been seen before in this time and age. Plague that shall multiply upon the sons and daughters of men which they shall bring upon themselves, borne from, and by their unnatural acts and evil relationships which are an abomination before Me,” saith The Lord.



On the 11th day of October 2019, in a vision, The Lord showed me a very tangled bunch of fibers that stuck together as though it was sewn and glued together. He showed me that these fibers are demonic in nature and represented the liberals and the war they wage against moral values and righteousness. And The Lord said, “I will untangle, dismantle, and destroy the works of evildoers, the perpetrators, and the enablers thereof in judgment upon all who rebel against My Word and those who work evil against My faithful servants. I will surely scatter them and bring them and their evil works to naught. As I have said, when evil abounds and the people defile themselves and pollute the land, disease, plague, pestilence, mishap, and disasters multiply. And the perpetrators of evil and those who encourage and enable them, shall not have peace nor find rest for the sole of their feet in the land which they have polluted by reason of the judgment for their actions and inactions in their evil deeds, and their encouragement of it thereof,” saith The Lord God.


On the 16th day of October 2019, The voice of The Lord said to me, “There will be a big announcement concerning a prominent known person in the government.” The next day, October 17, 2019, it was announced that Elijah Cummings had died.


On the 29th day of November 2019, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “Write and speak to all that will listen: All through the ages from the ancient times to the present, people have worked mischievously against other people, even kings and princes against kingdoms and nations, against My prophets and My ministers. Knowing the truth they pervert justice and blind themselves with their ambitions and perpetrate and perpetuate lies and work against the innocent, and persecute people and nations. Did they not do so even to their eventual detriment and destruction? Did they not reap the reward of their evil zeal? Whatever seed every man or woman sows, the same they shall reap in full and in multiple folds except they repent and forsake their unrighteous ways,” saith The Lord God.


As you read and hear these revelations of The Lord God Almighty, do not harden your heart, but search yourself and repent, and turn from unrighteous works, and seek The Lord God Most High with all your heart and soul, and follow His ways and live His Word in holiness. If you so do, The Lord will have mercy on you, and on all that truly repents and follow Him in righteousness in your household. You will have nothing to lose but everything to gain. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36 (KJV).


Hear and obey the Word of The Most High God. Holy! Holy! Holy! Is The Lord God Almighty. Serve Him faithfully!



Dr. Deborah Flint


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