The devil is sitting on a black throne, decorated with red diamonds, red color of blood, the blood of the prophets, the blood of the anointed ones, the servants of God. On this throne, he is dressed in a black robe, carrying in his hand the scepter of the power of the kingdoms and the nations of the world which was given to him by the kings of the world themselves.


Under his feet is a river, the river of impurity which is manifested now and which will manifest itself more and more powerfully at the end of times. The city of Sodom and Gomorrah is the very fruit of this river of sin.


Satan is sin and defilement personified, just as the kingdom of God is filled with the smell of delicate fragrance and aroma of perfumes. The kingdom of the devil carries this smell of death, the smell of defilement and sin.


Beloved, the kingdom of the devil carries the odor of death, a smell of defilement as you have never felt.


Brother, the war in the spirit world and spiritual combat is not without danger or repercussions. The devil is afraid of the power within you. Nobody can enter the house of a strong man and plunder his goods without having previously bound this strong man. Then he will plunder his house.


Great attacks and assaults are on the horizon against the people of God in this end time and the only weapon is fervent prayer and the holy life. The Amen in the name of Jesus without fervent prayer and holy life will be without power.


Let everyone analyze and weigh the pros and the cons. You can refuse this fight but you will lose many blessings. Be simple as children. Soldiers of the Lord, get ready for this terrible fight. Arm yourself, says the Lord, for this fight.


I repeat again, are you ready to pay this price for the fight will be hard. You will sweat from your brow, you will get tired in this conflict. You will ask for rest, you will cry to Me to receive rest, but know that this rest you will receive it in My kingdom the place of rest. There is a price to pay when you engage in spiritual combat. The requirement is obedience and holiness.


There is one thing that Satan cannot set his eyes upon – a believer living a pure life and covered by the blood of the Lamb. He could not bear the presence of God in the believer.


The Church must oppose and battle the devil in fasting, in prayer, in weeping and spiritual warfare. We must neutralize the fortresses with the authority that Jesus Christ has given us, provided we are in good standing with God in this conflict.





The Holy Spirit showed me the work of unclean spirits within many congregations. I saw a great hole where several cells had been built. From high, it seemed to be a huge labyrinth. In each of these cells of this labyrinth, there was a demon.


The Holy Spirit told me that these cells represented the Christian churches, and that Satan had delegated different demons in different assemblies. These unclean spirits in local churches have received different missions, but they had a common point in their mission, which is causing divisions in the Church.


Thus an assembly will be attacked by a demon of pride, adultery, judgment, financial difficulties, incessant gossip, misunderstanding among the members, criticism of the assembly, and so forth.


These attacks have a single purpose, causing trouble and misunderstanding among the brothers to prevent fraternal and brotherly love, the fear of God and the testimony of the gospel for those losing their souls.


Christians, do not take these things lightly.


Each local Church has a power of darkness delegated against it with the mission of creating trouble and reporting to Satan of the various activities they’re in. The more dangerous the assembly is for the kingdom of darkness, the more these demons try to act by all means to destroy this Church. No assembly is spared.


Some of these powers are within churches, attending meetings with Christians. Other demons look at things from afar, especially those who have received the oversight of an assembly filled with the Holy Spirit and active in prayer.


I can only emphasize the responsibility of pastors, elders, each member in this spiritual struggle. The mere fact of you being a true Christian is an insult to Satan and puts you in the thick of the fight. You are being watched.


Be aware of this and watch over each other. Satan tries to sedate the Church, increase the chains of the Church and tarnish our image with the children of the world. I testify to these things.


Satan has real contempt for us because he knows what God is, what He has done for us, and envy the power we have in us. I support the term envy. This power terrifies him and he tries to annihilate it by betting on the lack of knowledge of the children of God.


He lies to the children of God while making himself to pass for what he is not by discouraging them, by making them believe that the enemy is their brother, by putting their attention on anything other than on spiritual combat and unconditional sanctification.


Satan is alive. He has wrought havoc in the Church to the point where some people think they are worshipping God by criticizing one another and barricading themselves in their spiritual cells.


Church, wake up and recognize your true enemy. The Spirit then told me that Satan would seek to harm me and my two brothers because of this revelation. Beloved, Satan has delegated princes of demons against the assembly, with the missions to paralyze people, making them heavy and obese.


The second mission is to awaken death which gives birth to the inactivity and paralysis.




I saw a siren who was surrounded by little demons. I saw the name of this little demon who works in local churches. Among these demons, I saw the demon called fornication. Among the people of God were the demons called adultery, lies, theft, the demon gossip, false joy, false spirit, false blessing.


The Spirit of the Lord insisted on the latter false blessing. He has the body of a bear and the head of a deer. He has two long tasks and long claws at each of his paws. The Spirit said that he acted powerfully in the Assemblies of God children.


Thus, when a Christian turned to a brother with rancor, malice in his heart, and said to him, “God bless you,” this demon would present himself before the one who had received the word of blessing. He would take out his claws and try to tear him. He would succeed if this Christian was not filled with love and wisdom and kept in righteousness.


I learned that many of those who had been backslidden and returned to the world had been the victims of the demon false blessing and bore this wound in their bodies.


The work of this demon is terrifying because it does not stop at this simple wound. Indeed, I could see his action. We were in a room for worship. The meeting was over, I saw a man turn to another and bless him smiling. The Holy Spirit showed me a great grudge in his heart. When he said, “God bless you,” immediately I saw the demon of the false blessing coming as soon as this brother said, “God bless you.”


The demon false blessing raised his paw and with a sharp blow, tore the soul of the second man who was blessed. I could see distinctly five cuts on the chest of this man. At this moment I saw a multitude of little demons coming and rushing to the five gashes, laughing. Such is the work of this devil. He acts in the midst of the people of God in all freedom.


1 John 3:15 Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.


Because of this spiritual law which warns that the grudge, the lack of forgiveness puts a man out of the protection of God and in a situation of vulnerability before Satan. The devil knows his powers and spiritual laws. The existence of this demon is the proof.


The Holy Spirit then said to me, “That is why we must do good that we must love and forgive. That is why we must bless the work of demon in the life of the men.”


Romans 12:17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. 20 On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


In this vision, I have learned the human organism is a perfection, a marvel of God, it bears the blessed mark of God. That is why a body of human is holy in itself and must be respected.


The Spirit showed me the spiritual body of men. I saw at the level of our chest, a kind of channel. The Spirit explained to me that men were designed and destined to receive water from the source of the Spirit, that those who are children of God had this channel filled with the Holy Spirit.


But the men of the world were filled with the passion to which they indulge themselves. The demon who took the direction in the life of these men of the world poured out his stain, impurity and his defilement in their channel.


There is no neutrality. According to the camp chosen by a man, this channel in his belly will receive either purity from the Spirit of God or defilement from the demon dwelling in him for demons pour out stain defiling in the life of men that they indwell.


Every man is made for God. But the evil one comes, turns them away and fills them with his water, his defilement and impurity.


The Bible says, the one who believes rivers of living water flow from his belly. For a source to be beneficial to others must produce pure water at all times. Such must be the born again Christian. He must let the Holy Spirit flow from his soul.


And this channel that has been defiled by the powers that dominate us must be filled perpetually by the sweet water of the Spirit of the Lord. This is a part of the miracle of the new birth.


John 3:5, Jesus answered, Truly, truly, I say to you, Unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.


We have all been baptized with one Spirit to be one body, the source is gushing out through the same opening the water sweet and better water.


Beloved, the deliverance was simply a purification, a change of substance within the spiritual man, the foul spirit leaving room for the Spirit of God. The child of God is full of living water that flows directly from the source coming from the throne of God that is three times holy.


The new birth exchange the impure water found in the spiritual channel of men by another crystalline water coming from the throne of heavens.


Brother, believe it. Satan is a personified defilement, his slaves are in his image. The stain is the food of Satan.


Keep yourself from defilement, keep your children from defilement.


Beloved, Satan is a stain personified. Just as the kingdom of God is filled with the smell of delicate perfumes, the kingdom of the devil carries this odor of death, a stench of defilement and odor of stain as you have never felt.


We are entering the kingdom of the devil now.




Satan is at the head of a well run, well coordinated, well organized structure, that he strives to act without terror to prevent souls from being saved by Jesus Christ


There is a throne upon which the devil, the old serpent sits. He dwelt with God in God’s wisdom.


He knew God, the knowledge of the Lord was revealed to him.


The Lord had placed on him all the greatness of His name, for the Lord had already knowledge of what he would do. Jehovah was already aware of what he would do. For nothing is hidden from God’s eyes.


The ancient serpent has decided to take the place of the eternal God and he has taken him myriads of the heavenly angels of God, angels of light, the spirits of holiness were rebellious to God.


Because of their rebellion, their faces were transformed. It is for this reason that today these angels are called foul spirits. Their faces have been transformed.


The devil himself who was clothed with the beauty of God, today, his face represents the head of the dead person clothed with the skin as thin as a hair. But this spirit of death, this spirit of rebellion, Satan takes the form that you give him. When the devil comes before you and if you are afraid of him, he feeds on your fear and he takes the form of a dragon.


But if you are not afraid of him, he takes the form of a frail old man who cannot stand on his feet. The old serpent takes his power from the ignorance of God’s people. The ancient serpent takes its power from the very ignorance of the people of God.


Jehovah does not even speak of those of outside because they are the property of the serpent.


Thus says the Lord, “People of God, see the devil as he is. Look at him as he is. Do not say, ‘We are too weak to fight,’ because I gave you everything. I will fight again only for the fights that are reserved for Me. But as for the fights, you can lead these fights. I will not fight them in your place.”



The Lord is tired of the ignorance of His people.


We enter the kingdom of the devil now. Several doors are opened. The kingdom is composed of several closed rooms. At the door of each of these halls, I saw princes or authorities who are armed. Around their hips, I saw a chain, a chain that no one could break.


Beloved, these spirits these authorities are the very spirits who were at the head of the rebellion in the kingdom of God. The Lord is keeping them imprisoned. No one will untie them. We bless God because if they were loosed and they were scattered on this earth, then this earth would be even darker than it is now.


The army of Lucifer on the globe in their headquarters on the surface of this earth receive their directives from these fallen angels and these authorities are chained, but these fallen powers bound beneath the Earth cannot come up to Earth.


Quickly we had entered the door of a hole at the foot. On the floor of this hole, there is a liquid that sticks to the feet, the same liquid of defilement of the devil. All the kingdom of darkness is covered on the ground with this liquid which hold the feet.


Brother, behind every sin, there is an authority. Behind every failure, there is authority. Nothing is done without the direction of an authority. Both of God and the devil, nothing is accomplished without the direction of an authority. Meditate these things.


John 8:34 Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave of sin.


1 John 3:8 KJV: He that committeth sin is of the devil.


The Lord showed me that the old serpent, the prince of this world is rising. The old serpent is rising to the noise and cries of distress of his servants on this earth that demands that the gates of the underworld prison be opened. For these fallen angels to ascend to the surface of the earth, servants of Satan are praying for angels and powers bound in prison to be liberated and released in our dimension on the earth. In time it will be fulfilled, it is being fulfilled.


This is the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord, “The devil will open the gate of prison, the authorities and the fallen angels will be let out – these fallen angels who have for generations directed and ruled the world in the chains, these powers that have been the cause for generations and generations of sins of your fathers and the sins of creation.”


The Bible says in Rev 9:1-3 then the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth. And it was given the key to the pit of the abyss. This star opened the pit of the abyss and smoke rose out of it like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the pit. And out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power like that of the scorpions of the earth.


The rebellious angels will present themselves before you. The time you are given to live now is a time of Revelation, or spiritual time. Do not be surprised if tomorrow you hear that the things God has announced have been fulfilled, for surely they will be fulfilled. Do not be surprised tomorrow to know that appearances have happened. Women have seen before their eyes, even angels who will tell them to do and to perform works which do not conform to the Word of God. These angels are not the angels of God. They are angels of evil. The Lord will still have things to reveal, but you are not yet ready to receive them.




We were in the world of Satan. When I turned my eyes I saw a goddess. Her name was Linda. The spirit revealed to me her field of activity.


She acted as publicity agent of Satan. She praised the character of our master by spreading words of seduction in the hearts of the children of God and the children of the world. She glorified Satan every time a man or woman was possessed, whenever a child of God was attached to her bonds and refuse to detach herself from it.


She was kept informed of the activity of the Christians in every detail, not by any omniscience that she did not have, but by her various agents reporting to her a secret or public actions of the children of God. In fact, God’s people are under strict surveillance.


Thus, when a Christian was corrupted in secret, when a Christian took pleasure in sinning, the news was passed on to this diva who used it as a justification to utter words of blasphemy and hurls insults against the Lord.


As soon as a Christian committed a sin, at that moment, the siren did not hesitate to insult the Lord.


She blaspheme the name of Jesus because of our actions.


At that moment she would address the angels of God saying to them, “See the work of my master, transmitted to your God, transmit these things to your God for Satan is powerful.”


Romans 2:24 For, as it is written, “The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”


Revelation 13:6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, that is, those who dwell in heaven.


It is a tragic truth but real. This should make us reflect on our responsibility as holy servants to men and spirits. The testimony of our belonging to Jesus is not only before men but also before angels and demons, which implies that this testimony must be perpetual. Let’s not allow Satan to blaspheme the name of Jesus by our actions.


Brother, behind all sins, there is an authority of darkness that accounts to a greater authority and so on until Satan, nothing is secret. Satan has a real network of intelligence around men. Christians are


not exempt. He is the accuser of our brothers, the one who accused them in front of our God day and night. Put on the Blood of the Lamb and dwell in holiness, so he is defeated.


Jesus gives us the three weapons against Satan, the Blood of the Lamb, the word of testimony and total abnegation for the kingdom. A simple question, do you have these three weapons? Answer with sincerity and truth. Let us not allow the devil to throw mud on the robe of our Lord because of our lack of rigor and our lightness.


Our responsibility begins as soon as we are known by God and we respond to His call. It is up to us to counter the devil, in fasting, in prayer, in tears, and in spiritual warfare. Whoever feels inclined to go down into the streets and to bear My gospel do so I will accompany him.




When we entered the kingdom of Satan, we entered this hole. I saw a naked man and a demonic creature that was half human and half demon who committed fornication together with this naked man.


The Holy Spirit told me, “Every man and every woman on Earth who commit fornication spiritually penetrated into this room as fornication and adultery was written on the front of this room.”


This man who I saw committing fornication with the demon was chained in his two feet and by his two hands. He was a captive and a slave to this demonic creature who mated with him.


The sex of this man is nauseating and has a magnitude 10 times greater than that of a normal being, for he has placed in this member all his focus but the pleasure he took in committing this fornication here in this room has become for him eternal slavery in the invisible world.


For every time this man who lived on earth committed fornication, he made it with this creature that was hybrid, and this creature was voracious for the more you give him sexual pleasure, the more he demands.


The lower part of this creature is the body of a woman but the upper part of this creature is the body of a beast. This demon had two sexes, the sex of a man and the sex of a woman. Those who commit fornication on Earth mated with him. It is to this demon that you give yourself and it is with him that he would meet you and mate you.


This man was tired of mating with this demon – tired but he was obliged. He is obliged to continue his fornication in this room, where there were several objects on the wall. There were whips, belts, objects of torture, objects of sexuality worthy of Sodom and Gomorrah. This Prince is the master of this room bearing the name of fornication.


Finally, we came out of this room and we took a corridor and in this hallway, the Principality of adultery, the diva, another room in front of the fornication room was called adultery. There was an authority chained to the door of this room. There was the same viscous liquid at the foot and on the floor. On the walls of this room, there was a tapestry bearing the term “lust.”



As soon as we entered I saw a woman dressed in a transparent dress as thin as the air. So much so that one would think that this woman is naked. The color of the skin of this diva was green. Her hair was the color of gold. Her eyes bear the name of seduction. Her mouth was red and on her tongue was written the word “lust.”


This woman stretched her arms so that I would come to her. She moved her arm so that I would approach her and she gave me words of seduction.


She said to me, “We’ll do it just for once; your wife will not know. You do it only once. Everyone has the right to weakness, a moment of pleasure that you have never known. I will make you know the pleasures and things that you have never known with your own wife.”


This siren bore the name of adultery. Under her transparent dress, I could see her organ that bears the very smell of the devil’s realm that is nauseous. This woman had a lot in her sex, a lot of green color as nauseous and as sticky as this stain and impurity on the pavement of the kingdom of the devil.


The one who will fornicate with her will not be able to withdraw his member because this liquid is sticky and this liquid holds back powerfully. The one who will fall once with her will have difficulty to free himself.


This woman whose name is adultery, the siren of adultery, the one that will be attached to the spirit of adultery is not going free easily.




We came out of this room, we went to another room. This Prince is called LIES. It is a demon that is humanoid who was sitting behind the table, wearing a jacket and a suit. This demon had two tongues in his mouth. This demon is the personification of lie, the one who listens to his words and who pays attention to what he says, and whoever does not take care to watch that one lets himself be carried away by his words of lies.


Politicians, the great kings of this earth have corrupted themselves with this demon, because this being is powerful. The one who is corrupted with him, he gives riches and honors in this kingdom.


On his table, there were papers strewn. On each of these papers, there were signatures. It was possible to read these signatures, because I saw the names of statesmen, kings and queens that had signed on this paper.




Then we came out of this room and we continued down the hall. The prince of the false religion and idolatry, that authority came before us. This authority, unlike the others was welcoming. We penetrated into this room. In the middle of this room was a kneeling man wearing a long dress. This man was also welcoming.



The room, unlike other rooms is not coated with this viscous liquid. This man who was in idol worship on the earth invited me to kneel with him and pray, but the prayers that are mounted from his mouth and the words he utters do not correspond to holy prayers of the people of God.


This man has before him idols, the Virgin Mary, saints, idols of the East. He also has in front of him, his staff, this very stick which is carried by the leader of the Church, the prostitute, and this man prays.


His prayer is addressed to foreign saints, to Mary, to Buddha, to Krishna, to other saints and other gods. The authority that controls this is called false religion and idolatry.


The personification of the false religion was welcoming. Meditate on these things.


God’s people, the man who was idolatrous had the appearance of a Christian, but he has nothing in him of a Christian. He has the aspect of sons of God, but he has nothing in him of Son of God.


This man submits and devotes himself to demons because he himself is a demon. This demon and the image of man has come down and has already manifested himself within several temples and several assemblies.


The word is given to you. Many servants were not vigilant and they let these unclean spirits enter into these rooms. They let these unclean spirits enter. This spirit is powerful because it is he who will teach the False Prophet.


You must know if you are not holy, do not go into this fight. How many asked God to fight for them.


“And yet I gave you these weapons. For the sake of each one of you, I made these weapons available, but you did not take them because you wanted Me to take them. Should I also be able to go down and fight for you?”


Then we got out in this corridor, and the Lord showed me other places, but it would be too long to describe them all. The day would not be enough to talk about these fallen angels ruling the world in chains.


There were some of these places God has given us to see. Just as God has shown us the kingdom of Canaan, He now gives us to see the kingdom of Egypt tonight. You have a choice in front of you.


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