“Many do not believe in anything, but they fear everything.” (Friedrich Hebbel)


“To the LORD your God belongs the heavens and the heavens of the heavens, the earth and all that is in it.” (Deuteronomy 10:14)



I never imagined what was about to happen. That afternoon in the room of my home in the city of Ambato Ecuador, I was preparing to listen to my favorite songs of music, among them a Christian-themed cassette. When the song began to play, my heart is moved. This song speaks about the social drama that our world lives, the injustice, inequality, drugs, wars, famines, diseases, and its end death. This pain saddens my heart. I realize that only the true love of God in our lives is the only way to change our world.



Mark 13:7 And when you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, be you not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.



One by one the melodies spoke of the true God who comforts our whole being and is close to us.


This atmosphere made me feel a special freshness of inner healing, peace, and freedom.




Suddenly I heard a voice so clearly that says, “I love you.”




I am surprised and I wondered, “Is it real or is it a product of my imagination?”




I do not pay the necessary attention but the echo of His voice continues so clearly in my head.




Seconds later, I heard for the second time, “I love you.”




I shuddered inside. I ran to the living room and asked my mother if she had said that to me.





The answer is clear: NO.



She stares at me and understood that something is happening to me and adds, “If you hear the voice again say, “Here I am, Lord, speak, Your servant is listening.”



I returned to the place where the music continued playing and for the third time, I heard the indescribable but very sweet voice that inspires peace and tranquility. This time the voice was whispering my name and saying, “Fabricio, you don’t know the great love I feel for you.”



This time I gathered courage and responded in the way that emanated from within me, “Behold, Lord, speak, Your servant is listening.”



At that moment, my knees buckled. I fell exhausted to the ground. Heavenly peace and a noble love invaded me, something that I never felt before. It is not earthly, it is not equal to friendship, it is not close to romance, it does not resemble the family bond. This love covers everything.



I am crying like a child, the emotion invaded my soul. I do not feel worthy that someone like the Lord speaks to me. It is difficult to describe it in words. My feelings in those moments flowed from the depths of my interior.



At one point I begin to speak in strange languages that I did not understand, but they did not cause me any fear. Quite the contrary, it is as if it were the common thread that was missing for communication. My whole being is wrapped in its love. It filled me with tenderness. My thoughts, heart, soul and spirit delighted in Him. Tears wet my face. I felt safe as a small child who runs to the arms of his father. The experience was unique.



The Father speaks to me. His Son heals and restores me and His Spirit makes the perfect connection.



My mother prudently approached me and together we prayed to the Lord. She is happy because what she sowed in me is bearing fruit. She said, “The Lord has baptized you with His Spirit, love Him and follow Him.”



That night I slept so pleasantly that I felt relaxed. I lived lightly in a matchless harmony.




The next day I continued with this peace. While I listened to a few minutes of music, that atmosphere gradually increased more and more until I heard a thunderous and powerful voice that said, “My son, I will show you the vision. This is the purpose for which you have been called.”



I felt in those moments that something happened inside me. A sudden sensation of lightness invaded my body, and before I finish getting used to it, my eyes began to perceive the room in a different way. I was no longer on the floor as before, but very close to the ceiling.



As I looked down, a shocking vision arises: I meet a person whom one knows very well … too well. My surprise is to see myself kneeling, while the real me is floating in the room. After this, I know that there are no limits to what can happen.



Psalms 147:5 Great is our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite.




I began to ascend very quickly, in a direction that I did not know. I admired the distant views of the terrestrial landscape. Then I passed by the clouds, the stratosphere and I continued rising up. I looked while being captivated with the wonderful postcard view of the globe. I guess astronauts, transcending the atmosphere, will feel similarly, but unlike them, I don’t need a suit or oxygen.



I continued with this interplanetary trip, leaving behind the splendid image of our planet, with its bluish contour so precious and characteristic. I am shocked and moved to realize that everything I am seeing is a product of creation, directed and orchestrated by a Higher Mind. Now I leave behind galaxies and constellations as part of a fascinating and overwhelming journey. And from one moment to the next in a matter of seconds, I reached the most incredible place that my eyes can see. It is that place, to which all religions and beliefs want to reach, that place so perfect and precious that I felt unworthy to enter: Heaven where perfection is paid homage.



“To the Lord your God belongs the heavens and the heavens of the heavens, the earth and all that is in it.” (Deuteronomy 10:14)



The first thing that amazes me when I reached this surface is the impressive luminosity that is in this place. Everything transmits purity, freshness, and a relaxing aroma that makes everything feel lighter and more welcoming. In this place, there is no fear, only the breath of peace.



I can see a beautiful garden, impossible to see on Earth. It is so arranged and perfect that I could not compare it to any other. Colors are combined in a unique and original way. The leafy trees emanate life, flowers of all kinds, shape, and color in perfect harmony. Nothing stands out or stands out more than the others. I can see bright beings, so light that they are suspended low to the ground. They walk freely. I tried to look at their faces, but I cannot distinguish them. They are resplendent, although I can see in detail their long clothes that resemble fine linen and Egyptian thread. They are encrusted with gold and precious stones so delicate that when moving they produce a fascinating shine.



In the distance, I see a light, which seemed to come from a bright orb. At that moment a unique Being approaches me. His presence is impressive and elegant at the same time. He looks so powerful and sublime that I feel unworthy to be here, but at the same time, He shows such humility that makes me feel safe. At this point, I am stunned without being able to pronounce a single word, but this Being opens His mouth with a divine breeze and says, “I am Jesus, My son.” At that moment, I realized that He is the son of God. He takes my arm right and says, “Come and see.”



At that time I did not know how to react, I did not know the magnitude of what I was living, the only thing I can do is obey, and let myself be guided. This place is huge, for me, it has no end, I can see everything with precise and exact details. First, He showed me an immense hall and in it, a large, brown book, next to it is a gleaming fine gold feather. It rests on a shiny glass altar, and a marble of a quality never seen on Earth. There is a very tall and vigorous angel, his job is to write down names. The Lord makes me understand that they are saved people, washed by the blood of the Lamb. I approached to look at the pages of this book, but I am not allowed to read what is written there. I can only distinguish that the list is endless, and written delicately and with much love.



In the distance, I see a crystallized sea, similar in size to the Earth, but very transparent, with a very characteristic brightness. The admirable thing is that I can walk and I start to run a little without fear of sinking. Beyond this wonder, I can see a fantastic rainbow, and although I wanted to get to it, I cannot. I moved a little and observed some great mansions, on two floors, side by side, all of the same color, size and shape. A sensational work of architecture. At that moment I understand that, unlike the Earth, here we will all be equal, where there is no inequality or differences. In addition, in this site there are no walls or gates, everything is surrounded by gardens full of flowers.



This vision makes me feel unworthy to be there, and I cried inconsolably. I felt immense gratitude to Jesus, for showing me the majesty of this place. After having witnessed paradise, I can say: If we put together everything, absolutely everything beautiful, precious, beautiful in the world, it would not compare, nor resemble what I have been allowed to see. But I understand that there is more to see. Jesus leads me by the right hand, walking again through the beautiful garden until I reached the entrance to Heaven.



“In Heaven, they say Hallelujah, because on Earth they have said Amen” (S. Augustine)




At that moment an angel approaches us, Jesus holds me by the right arm while the angel is in charge of holding my left arm and Jesus with His sweet but authoritative voice mentions these words, “”Now we are going to go the other way.”



That phrase shook my whole body and I am totally silent. Deep inside me, I know what it refers to the place that everyone fears, the place that they describe as, “Punishment and Eternal Fire.” I can’t


resist or refuse to go, I can only obey and let myself go. Then gigantic doors opened through which we quickly leave. We go back through the Milky Way which is very dense, dark, and with little visibility. Flying over it, I saw a black hole and as we went, I saw geometric figures, mathematical formulas, and signs that I barely distinguish and know.



As soon as we entered the hole we moved through a colossal, dark and gloomy tunnel. The fog is very dense and it distresses my being, not knowing where I am going. My senses sharpened because I begin to detect a putrid smell and chilling murmurs, everything is very unpleasant. I sensed that what I heard is not human. This makes me cling even more to the angel on my left, and in turn, I tighten the arm of Jesus on my right. The vision changes radically. I see silhouettes of entities that inhabit this place. I know they are demons. When they noticed that Jesus is flying over this tunnel with me, they fled in a resounding way and hide behind huge rocks, demonstrating the panic they feel when they see Him.



I am struck by their eyes. They are red, as if they were full of fire and blood. There are of all sizes and shapes. They are in charge of directing the people who come to this place, where they are chained and shackled. They are flogged and pushed to quickly reach the end of this tunnel. When the tour ended, we entered an immense void, where there are rugged ravines and huge precipices. I see gigantic peaks, the ground is stinking mud and filth. The atmosphere is truly creepy and decrepit, with no life at all, just the opposite of what I saw in Heaven.



Jesus and the angel descend with me a little more and there I begin to see a crowd of people. They are being tormented by these demons. Their job is to torture them day and night. Here there is no time measurement. I start crying in despair. I cry out dread to see all this. I wished I didn’t have to see more, but I understand that it is necessary.



Jesus says to me, “Come and see.”




Amidst the torments I hear the whispers of a woman crying bitterly. I see her lying on some boulders. She cannot stand up. Now her affliction begins: two demons take part of this woman’s hair and tear it off, play with her, pushing her from side to side while mocking her pain, but they only start their task. They moved her to a post made with two logs, turn her upside down, and tied her hands and feet in a very primitive and atrocious way. She tries to let go, but all she can do is scream. I looked at these two demons that stand in front of and behind her and begin to rape her. Her cry is heartbreaking and she asks for mercy because she can’t take it anymore, but the demons don’t stop. In this place, everything is torment and suffering.



In the end, they untied her. The woman could not stand up. She cries and I feel her breathing slow down. I feel her panic, then she is thrown towards some boulders, I can hear the crunch of her bones, which shattered when she hits her body against the rocks. The logical thing would have been


that she was dead and it would be the best thing that could happen to her, but she kept breathing. The demons do not rest and want more. They keep breaking her hair and tear part of her tongue. It is mutilated in front of my eyes. She screams again or try to do it, because she no longer has a voice. She knows that they will repeat this infernal act. She tries to pronounce mercy and mercy, but they will do it again. The torment has no end and the pain is permanent.



We passed this horrifying scene and I can visualize a swampy swamp where there are multitudes of people of every race, every language. Thousands who scream in pain, are living the greatest torment that they did not believe existed. Some of them when they see Jesus shout His name and ask for mercy, and others deliberately curse Him with obscene words, claiming reasons why they are there.



I cried inconsolably when I see this sad picture and I say, “Lord they ask for mercy.” He answers me with a sad countenance, although I cannot see His face, I can feel it and then He says to me, “Fabricio, they had the opportunity to know Me and accept Me as their Lord and Savior and they did not. They preferred their delights and desires, making themselves gods.” In this place, there is no mercy.



I continue with this passage of terror and in the distance, I see a table full of bottles. I could not distinguish its content. A label written in a sign language that I do not know stands out. There I see a man sitting on this site looking down at the ground. He tries to stand up, but it is impossible for him at that precise moment two demons arrived with a defiant attitude. One of them from the highest point makes him drink this liquid. The individual tries to scream while drowning.



I notice that it burns inside, it burns his interior and when the containers are finished, quickly another demon comes with more bottles. This person emits screams of pain, asks please stop, he can not take it anymore, but all he gets is teasing and more teasing. All the bottles must be finished, the ordeal persists.



When they moved me to another place, I looked up, and my gaze stops to see a circular structure in rotary motion, of a rocky material on top of a pointed rock. There I see people who jump up and down on this surface. Some managed to escape but the effort is in vain because the demons constantly throw them from the top of a very close mountain. When they descend precipitously, they fractured their bones. I see broken legs and arms, tears without stopping. In addition, these demons use long and pointed spears, prick them and they cross abruptly and without contemplation so that people keep jumping. I can see many people arriving at this place, their torment has no end.



In the distance I see a very frightening small and round window, I do not know what it is and I do not want to find out either. My fear is such that Jesus watches me and takes me away from this place, takes me out of this dungeon of torment. As we ascend upwards again I see multitudes of


people asking for help, help, mercy. The suffering is such that they prefer death, but here it is absent, everything is eternal and in this place, the punishments and torments have NO END.



“Hell is waiting without hope.” (André Giro)




We returned to the tunnel and left it. Our journey is ending. We returned to the galaxy. We go so fast that in the blink of an eye we find ourselves at the door of Heaven. The angel on my left and Jesus on my right left without a word. I began to descend considerably to the Earth. In a few seconds, I saw my home. I am even more astonished and my gaze stops when I saw my body praying on its knees. I rejoined my human body. I opened my eyes and I saw my Mother and my sisters. I quickly told them I need to tell them what my eyes have just seen and experienced. I could feel and see the most extraordinary thing in Heaven and at the same time the most creepy of Hell. They surprised me by saying, “Easy, Fabrizio, while we were with you, you were recounting your vision in detail. We cannot imagine how you endured such an experience, we could not.”



Of this I can only say that the terror and fear that happens is ineffable, seeing so many torments, sufferings that human beings go through in this place, seeing paranormal entities of different sizes and models, but without a doubt, it was worth living it, contemplating what most wonderful and majestic that man can see, “Heaven” and meet the most important Person who has been on our planet, who taught and revolutionized history, leaving a lifestyle based on Love and Forgiveness. Jesus, without a doubt, is an undeserved gift.



Thank you for your valuable time in reading my story. The purpose of the vision is to let you know that there is something beyond life. Some say, “Maybe there is something. I’ll see when I’m there. Why worry today?” But if our eternity depended on this life that we are leading, are we taking advantage of it? Without a doubt, all of us feel repulsion when thinking about death, since we are made for life. My goal is not to introduce fear or talk to you about religion. My desire is to introduce you to Jesus, an example of life based on love and forgiveness, the exclusive way to enjoy a pure and incomparable splendor, full of happiness and peace for all eternity .



Lord Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I recognize that You are the only way to God. Enter the depths of my heart, heal my ailments, and heal my wounds, write my name in the Book of Life, Amen. Thank you, Lord Jesus.



“I can cross dangerous places and not be afraid of anything, because You are my shepherd and You are always by my side, You guide me on the right path and fill me with confidence.” (King David


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