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The shocking Christian testimony of an ex-witch. My mother learned rituals from her mother to … but this message is not to publicize the devil but to give glory and honor to the Most High who lives forever, Christ, amen, hallelujah.


Friends, I grew up in the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. I was not born there, because my mother and father are Latin Americans but foreigners in Mexico.


My parents are still alive, so I can’t reveal my nationality or theirs; since both my parents and I were well-known people in high circles of society.


We made ourselves known first in Mazatlán, then in the capital and other surrounding cities; and already in the last years of my career in the occult, we got to know people of rank, both from Mexico and from the United States, Colombia, and other South American countries. Even Spain, Europe and even from the Philippines came to see us because they said we were very good, powerful witches and good fortune-tellers. We delivered good results that attracted many clients. I think they considered us talented advisers.


It was not for less, since my mother learned from her mother rituals that the editors of this website prohibited me from describing and mentioning each of them by name. But I agree with them since this message is not to publicize the devil but to give glory and honor to the Most High who lives forever, Christ. Amen, Hallelujah!


However, I learned many things from my mother, who also empirically taught me the reading of tarot cards, spells, curses, blessings, affirmations, statements.


Just to get money, what would you not do?


But since I was able to study and I graduated from psychology, you would ask, “If you had graduated, why did you continue in that satanic deception of witchcraft?”


Well I’ll tell you why:


Because it gave me money and I earned better than in any job I could have gotten … Also, when I was a teenager my mother had me freaked out, scaring me and putting me in fears, “What about the Zutano spirit and the Mangano angel …” and other occurrences of my mother. I believed her. Sometimes I saw things in my house that cannot be explained scientifically.


It was no secret that my mother was a “healer,” as they called her there. Since I was little I saw thousands of people parade through the door of that little room that my father built for my mother to do consultations to people. Sometimes they brought her sick people with strange diseases. My mother was very good – or was it the herbs she gave them or the treatments – almost all of them ended up healed.


Regarding this, I have thousands of anecdotes, for example, one day a girl from the United States with a skin disease was brought to my mother. The little girl looked like a crocodile, the poor thing. My mother passed her eggs, smeared her with oils, and prayers were made. The mother returned 2 months later very grateful, the girl was completely cured and the doctors did not know how she was healed. They even told the hospital about my mother. The chief physician wanted to know what treatment she had been given and my mother explained what she had done.


I sincerely believe that it was this doctor who started sending my mother more seriously ill patients. First, they were poor, hopeless people, who sometimes didn’t even have anything to offer to the “saint” (a disfigured African statuette that my mother kept and that according to her had already been in the family for hundreds of years and was the source of “our power”).


However, shortly afterward, rich people began to arrive with all kinds of diseases and problems. I remember very well seeing some – not all – healed of blood flows, cancers, deformities, and even sexual problems.




It was the 80’s, the American Government arrested a well-known drug trafficker. The next day, this man’s wife went to my mother, asking her to help her. First, to get rid of the nervousness because they gave her very ugly nervous attacks and they said that she had even killed her two-year-old baby in a nervous breakdown. But well … as they were drug traffickers and had broken the law, the lady never went to jail for that.


She was a lady of about 32 years old. I was 12, so for me, she was an “old” woman. My mother told her that she would help take her nerves but that she couldn’t do a miracle to get her husband out of jail. On the first visit, the lady left nervous but satisfied. On the second visit, she was calmer. However, on the third visit, she had a nervous breakdown – right there in our house – in the “consulting room,” which said that the spirit of an “Aztec Queen” was getting into her; and she began to speak even in a strange language and yelled rude words. She began to take off her clothes and said that she wanted to have sex with men. The lady went crazy and my mother didn’t know what to do. My father and I were very scared (although I confess, it was not the first time this had happened. It had already happened to us with older people and even with children).


Finally, the lady was taken away and she never returned for consultation. Months later we read in a tabloid magazine from those times that the lady had murdered her sisters and her mother and had tried to murder her other remaining son.


Well, this example that I give you is one of those who did not heal, because I do not want to give glory to the devil. We do heal and help a lot of people but I’m not sure if we would take the problem away … or make it worse. For example, the son of a very wealthy lawyer, who became a millionaire defending people from drugs .. This is his story:


The lawyer’s son came to see us, without having faith but was forced by his relatives. He had gotten a horrible and stinking sexually transmitted disease, even when he was dressed, he stunk horrible, like he died!


He was a strange man.


I’m sure we left things worse …


This man really reeked of a rotting corpse. Of course, my mother never allowed me to see that but years later she told me about the man’s situation and it made me sick just hearing it. Doctors didn’t know what he had and the healer was his last option, he said. But if my mother didn’t cure him, he was going to kill himself.


With that pressure on her shoulders, my mother did what she could. My mother asked him serious questions as if she had guessed the evils of that young man and he confessed to my mother that, indeed, he had committed very evil crimes. My mother told him that they had put a curse on him and told him who they were. According to my mother, she confessed that “the saint”, the African figure, had told my mother what the remedy was and she only gave the message to the young man. But you cannot imagine what happened next.


Weeks later, a very religious family from the city was found dead. After that, days later, the sick young man came to see my mother. He told her that the remedy had been done and, indeed, he was healthy. The curse was gone, those who had cursed him no longer existed. That’s how horrible some things I saw were, while others were worse.


However, months later the young man returned home. I remember him because he “used to dog me.” I was then like 17 years old. But months later when he returned, he was dressed as a woman …

and now he had another venereal problem, very similar to the previous one. So I don’t know if we helped people or made them worse.


I heard of others who left happy but within days they were committing suicide or attacking people or committing incredible crimes. A tabloid magazine of those times was in charge of rubbing the photos of our criminal patients on our faces: the photos and scenes of their crimes or their follies. It was horrible!




When I got out of school – without thinking twice – I opened my “spiritual help” center. It was my real calling, according to me.


My mother sent a letter (on paper, there was still almost no internet) to many of the people who consulted us and she recommended me saying that she already wanted to retire to her homeland.


The first day I opened I had everything very clean and scented … very nice! In a corner, my mother forced me to place the “saint” (you know who I mean), in a kind of little chapel; and she even sewed a shirt for the saint, Caribbean style, very pretty.


My mother stayed with me for a while to see who came to see me on my first day. She came out into the hall when she heard a noise and in seconds I heard a commotion. It was my first consultation in my own office! My eyes widened like saucers when I saw a tremendous woman enter the door … a true world celebrity …. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing….


I really had many famous clients: television and novel actors, very powerful politicians … Many people from high places, who like less educated and simple people, seek to solve their health, money, and love problems with sorcery. I think they believe that it is the easiest and fastest way of doing things: doing business with the devil himself, who gives them what they ask for but they ignore the high price they have to pay …




Some of the celebrities who came to my office did not show respect for the “little saint.” My mother told them that the saint listened to them and that later he could punish them if he did not like what they said.


My mother and I had a ritual to start our consultations but this woman with her laughter had scared our “spiritual” environment.


I asked her for silence and more respect and we went into the details of her problem. Well, there were really three problems: love, rivals and money. When rich people came, they almost always brought these three or four problems. The fourth problem was a serious illness or disease but this woman did not bring any serious illness, Thank God!


At the end of my first day, I felt like I had failed. This woman had downplayed all the seriousness that I had put into the matter. When she left, she betrayed the complicity of my mother, who on purpose and knowing that she was in town, sent her a message to ask her to come to see me on my first day and thus, with the visit of a celebrity, beautiful and rich, my luck was assured (according to my mother).


I lasted almost 20 years in this business. After that day, I changed offices for about five times – always to improve – and thousands of people came through my office looking for their health, their destiny, and their success. Many of them are people you watch on television. Most of them obviously Mexican but I am also proud to have done consultations to a famous movie director and to two or three American politicians; and of course, several legendary drug dealers; actresses, singers, movie stars; to businessmen’s wives and even to businessmen themselves … Thousands of anecdotes but I think the moral of my story is this:




When you have a problem, do not seek the help of any human who can deceive you with “spiritual” tricks, promising you a miracle or a cure, when the price you have to pay is with your health, sanity, your peace of mind and even sometimes you pay even with your life.


However, I know that there are sincere healers and I don’t want to cast them as charlatans. But one day I had an experience that left a mark on me forever, physically and spiritually. I had a real encounter with the same demon.


For several months, I had already felt an unease in my soul that something was wrong. “Am I doing something wrong?” I asked myself. So that was the first time – almost after a lifetime – of myself going to my mother to “consult” for me.


Friends, I am a very beautiful woman and I had plenty of offers, which I took advantage of for my benefit. Other “psychics” or healers prefer to “dress sheep” and take advantage of their beauty and charisma to deceive people from churches, posing as preachers, when both their sensuality and what they preach are against the word of God.


I didn’t have to deny who I was in order to benefit my clients. I gave them, they paid me. Everything looked good, my bank account was full of money. But that concern led me to consult my mother and she told me that the time had come to give my life “to the saint.” To that stone monkey, who … honestly, I had no faith.


Without knowing what I was doing, I gave my life to the same devil


Months ago a friend, who had also been a healer/spiritist, had become a Christian in a local church. My friend, in fact, was almost taken to the asylum when she said, “I gave up all this and gave my life to Christ.”


Ever since she spoke to me, I had this concern to “give my life” and now my mother, asking me to give my life “to that monkey” … I did it only out of commitment … My mother asked me to lie face down, with my arms first extended, in the shape of a cross and then lying on my hands in a symbol of prayer or worship. She made me recite a litany in who knows what language (the truth is, there are things that she never taught me who knows why and one of them was this “African” part of our practice).


After that, I felt a “strange” peace within me. My mother told me that now that the spirit of the monkey that finally lived in me …


But that night after having dinner and being with one of my clients, a local hotelier, I went to sleep in the bedroom of a luxurious hotel, which he had rented just for me. That night I fell fast asleep and had a horrible nightmare: a fight with a monstrous being, I don’t want to tell you all that, because I don’t want someone to be offended, since in my dream I saw, felt and that monstrous being told me very ugly things.


I had a horrible dream, the worst thing that ever happened to me. I don’t think that any dirty or criminal mind could ever have those visions or images that I saw that night. Apart from many horrible and rotten things, I saw some of my friends who (at that time and still today, August 2013) are still practicing witchcraft, sorcery, tie-ups, posing as society women and infiltrating as wives of “Pastors,” as “Christian singers” or as religious women of society. (Note that there are in many churches, I am not naming any in particular) but in my dream, I saw them fornicating with “men and women of God,” doing horrible and diabolical things, ugly things! and while I was seeing that in my dream, that monstrous being would tell me names and places; and told me dates.


Suddenly, I opened my eyes and I felt that two people were holding me …


“Easy, easy lady!” – they were saying…


That night that devilish spirit had come to take possession of what belonged to him


Through the mirror of the room, I could see that they were women dressed as police or guard … At the door of the room, there were many people searching with their gaze inward. My bed was covered in blood.


A foul, putrid odor filled the room. I could see my face in the mirror and it was beaten, swollen, bloody.


I looked out the window and noticed that it was daytime. In fact, it already felt like noon.


“What’s going on?” I asked, my voice barely came out, my throat felt sore …


“Well … nothing, Miss. Since midnight, we heard a lot of noise in your room: screams, music like drums, laughter, and screams. We thought they were having a party or something … “


“But … well … in this hotel, we take care of the privacy of the client and we did not want to disturb or get in but … it is already midday, Miss and the room rent was over and the noise continued and


we had to knock on the door but nobody opened and smelled “Retefeo”. So we thought they had left the “stereo” on … and that’s why we went in …,” said another woman dressed like a hotel employee.


Other people come into it. Some dressed as Red Cross paramedics.


“You kept screaming, “Babaluya, Babaluya … I’m Babaluya …,” who knows what you meant?”


While they were talking, they handed me a towel to dry my blood and the stains …


At that moment I began to cry … like crazy … Yes, I knew what had happened … My friend, who is a true Christian, had told me to give my life to Christ … but I offered my life to a pagan god. That night that devilish spirit had come to take possession of what belonged to him.


I was terrified. I had had horrible nightmares before but not like this one. This was not a nightmare, it was a visit to hell. Parts of my body were hurt and swollen. I had to see a doctor, I couldn’t walk. I was very swollen and sore. I had to do something…


I couldn’t go on like this


What I did, I asked for the hotel phone number and called my friend who had told me about Christ. I fought with her because I did not want anything with religion, without thinking that I myself convinced people to believe in the religion of witchcraft but my friend told me that speaking of Christ is not about “religion” or “Church” … is about getting to know Someone, in a real and personal way. Ah! And boy, I had just had a real and personal encounter but with a diabolical being who wanted to kill me.


My friend and her mother picked me up from the hotel lobby and took me to their house. After a while, some ladies arrived who joined the case. I told them about my experience and now they asked me to give my life to Jesus and renounce witchcraft, Santeria, the occult.


Look friends, I’m not saying that those who practice these things are bad people. No, in fact, I thought I was a good person. But what I mean is that they – unknowingly – enslave people to a power that is beyond their reach. It is the satanic power that makes you sick, maddened, enslaved.


In the living room of my friend’s house, there was also a struggle with that power that did not want to let me go but Christ freed me. Right there, inside me I heard a sweet voice that told me, “I have come so that you have life and life in abundance …”


Personally, I have decided to dedicate myself to other things; and obviously, I abandoned that “profession” because satanic things are so ugly that I don’t think I do anybody any good talking and explaining “rituals” and experiences of those in churches. Not even selling books or recordings of my “testimony.” I don’t want to talk about the devil or his works, I want to talk about Jesus. I hope they understand me. And there I leave you with this and you are going to remember me.


Look, the real women who were seriously dedicated to witchcraft and who have given themselves to Christ, do not go around selling books, or charging to tell their stories in churches. Quite the opposite. There are many of us who have found Christ but we have encountered VERY MANY OPPOSITIONS, of those that have infiltrated the body of Christ in order to lead many to perdition. I could not preach about Christ, surrounded by luxury and showing off the sensuality that I used to show and even less within a church. Beware of false teachers, of false converts.


God bless you.


[Source: beliefnet com]


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