August 7, 2019




The judge of an Islamic court, who had sentenced a pastor to death for renouncing Islam, changed his position after several dreams, with Jesus Christ.



The pastor, married with two children aged 4 and 6, worked tirelessly to strengthen the underground church in a very restrictive Middle Eastern country.



The pastor was arrested in a raid by Islamic religious police who, after beating him, took him to an Islamic court, according to the Bibles for Mideast ministry.



According to the Muslim Sharia law, abandoning Islam is an act of blasphemy and deserves the death penalty



When the judge asked him why he left Islam to become a Christian pastor, he replied, “I was a sinner and had several problems. I also had a serious illness and was dying. But the Lord Jesus Christ saved my life.”



The court ordered the pastor to be jailed for 15 days. If he returned to Islam, he would be imprisoned for two years and would then be assigned to serve the religious authorities in their struggle against Christianity. If he did not renounce Christianity, he would be beheaded at the end of the 15 days.



The pastor rejected the offer and was sent to jail awaiting execution.




The court judge had lost his eldest son at age 21 to cancer. His second son had just received a similar diagnosis.

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A week after the pastor’s conviction, the judge was awakened in the middle of the night by a voice telling him, “Release the pastor from the prison and ask him to pray that your son will be healed.”



He didn’t like what he heard, and preferred to ignore this “voice.”




The next day, his son’s health deteriorated further. This second night, the judge dreamed this time, of a light that was directed towards him. The words seemed to flow from the light as he approached, “Free My servant from prison and ask him to pray for your son. With his prayers, your son can be healed.”



On the third night, he had a dream which made the experience clearer.




“I am Jesus, the Son of the Most High,” the Man in white proclaimed in the dream.




“I died on the cross and now I live forever. You pursue My servant in vain! Free him from prison and your son will be healed by his prayers.”



The judge stood up when he heard his son screaming in pain. Running to the bedroom, he saw his wife and other daughters standing and crying by the bed. He told them his dream and at the same time, his wife and daughters begged him to release the pastor and ask him to heal.



When prison officials received the judge’s unexpected order, they immediately released the pastor, who went to the magistrate’s home.

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He was taken to the young man’s room and began to explain the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.



After hearing the gospel, the sick young man gave his life to Christ and his family followed. The boy jumped out of bed and began to dance, thanking Jesus for his healing.



For the next three days, the pastor stayed in the magistrate’s house, praying, fasting, teaching the Bible, and preparing the new believers for baptism. On the fourth day, the whole family was baptized.




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