The Lord came to me and said, “Sarah, come with Me.”


He took my hand and we flew to heaven. And once changed, the Lord told me He needed to show me something.


He led me to a huge TV and we sat down and the Lord has gone back to His godliness as God. And on the TV there was chaos. People were running everyone screaming. Some people were even trying to hide but it was impossible. You cannot hide because everywhere you try to hide, it was all open to the Lord.


I heard the Lord say to me, “This, daughter, is judgment day, the day I will return for My children. I’ll come like a thief. Nobody knows the date, day, minutes or seconds. Tell My children to repent and come back to Me so that they can enjoy the city that I built for them. For I the Lord am coming back soon. I am coming back very soon, sooner than you all think.”


When the Lord said this, He’s warning us. Our Father Himself is warning us, like you’ve read in the Bible. But He’s warning us like He’s telling us, “ I am coming soon.”


No one knows the day the Lord is coming back. No one knows the date, time, or even year He’s coming back. He said, “I’m coming back very soon, sooner than you all think.”


And when He said this, I kind of got frightened myself. Because I was like, this could mean He could come back tomorrow.


Take this as an urgent message to children of God out there.


Please, this moment, just take a minute, just pause, stop everything. Take a minute to just repent, because you don’t know the time of God’s coming, but He could come back any minute from now.


He could come back within the next five minutes. And if He catches you when you are without God, and that you haven’t been able to repent, you’re going to end up in hell for something so small, so tiny. Just take time to repent. Just please, please, please just remember to repent your heart. Please I’m begging you. Repent your heart so that you are able to end up in heaven on the last day.





Sid: You move in prophecy, has God told you things about what will be happening shortly in the United States, or Israel that you can share?


Loretta: Well I know that Israel, the Lord has been speaking to me, Israel is going to have one of the greatest moves of God they have ever had, because God is going to answer prayer, the Jew and Gentile are going to come together like you spoke about in your book, which by the way your book changed my life, “The Incomplete Church.” And you answered something in there about Ezekiel 47. I have been asking God for a long time, because God has given me revelation on that but I didn’t have the Jewish part like you did so I just suggest everybody make sure you get his book, it changed my life, I can tell you.


Sid; It is Ezekiel 47 talks about a double river and when the two come together there is life that goes wherever that double river goes, and the double river is the Jew and Gentile, one new man, one in Messiah.


Loretta: And Sid, it talks about in the Book of Ezekiel that every person will be healed. You know the Lord gave me Ezekiel 47, I didn’t understand all of it when He told me all would be healed, I read your book and I said now I understand this Lord, I have been doing it but I have always said, “Lord show me greater revelation on this.” And I got it when I read that book.


God is going to answer prayer, there is going to be a great move of God in Jerusalem, there is going to be a lot of disasters in a lot of cities and areas, like I mentioned to you the other day, California and different one, but at the same time it will be like when Azusa Street was poured out, California had the worst earthquake they had ever had up in San Francisco, so I wish it didn’t take a tragedy to bring people to the Lord, but this harvest has got to come in Sid, as well as you know, the Jew and the Gentile have got to meet together, all denominations have got to come together for this harvest to come in, and the Lord says it is going to come before He comes back, so the disaster will bring the greatest harvest we have ever had.


Loretta: Believe God and walk with God and remember there is a day that He is going to split those clouds and come back and God wants you to be ready.


Sid: Do you think, did He tell you whether it will be in your lifetime or you don’t know?


Loretta: Well, I don’t know but He just told me to work quickly. He walked into my room a few months back and said, “Work quickly Loretta, because I will come soon.”




Every day, I hear the audible voice of God in some manner. Every day, I get to see the angels of God. And I have seen Jesus on numerous occasions. In revival meetings, the angels are visible to me. The cloud of glory is visible to me.


The sickness and diseases in people’s bodies are visible to me. The demons that afflict them are visible to me. The glory that comes upon them when God heals them, is also visible to me.



God has truly poured out upon me a prophetic ministry of signs and wonders and miracles, that I am to tell the story that Jesus is coming soon.


He told me before He sent me back, that I would come back and when I did, I had to tell His people to get ready.


These are the words of the Lord.


He said, “Prepare yourselves and get ready because I’m coming back soon. At a time when people don’t think I’m coming back. I am coming back.”


He is coming after your sons and your daughters, and He is coming after your servants. He is coming after all of us that we might go with Him to that place called heaven. Are you ready? Are you really ready?







SID: On May 8, 2005, he’s minding his own business, sleeping. What happened?


CARLOS: And all of a sudden in the middle of the night, my spirit begins to rise up out of my body. And at first, I was just like hovering, hanging over the bed. I could see my physical body lying there. I could see my wife laying next to me. I thought to myself, what in the world is going on. I thought I passed away. That thought went through my mind.


SID: I can understand.


CARLOS: And then all of a sudden, I feel these two massive arms and I knew it was an angel. And I could see myself. He was cradling me, holding me between his two arms. And the moment I saw that we began to rise. And I remember looking at the roof and I ducked my head because I thought I was going to hit my head against the roof, and to my surprise, we go right through the roof of the house. And so that’s when I thought, oh, Lord, I passed away. And I began to pray for my wife, my kids. So for a brief moment, my mind and my thoughts, my emotions were on earthly matters. And then all of a sudden from one instant to another instant, a moment, my emotions were flooded with this incredible joy. Joy I had never felt before because I knew that I was about to go see Jesus, the Son of God. And so I remember just closing my eyes and thinking to myself, I’m ready. And then we shoot through the atmosphere going through the clouds. And then in an instant, I find myself in this big open expanse of a place of, for lack of a better word, a large opening, a room. I didn’t see any buildings. I didn’t see any angels. I didn’t see anybody. I just saw, in the natural, I’m color blind, so I saw these incredible colors, massive, beautiful colors. And the neat thing about that, Sid, was the colors were actually breathing. There was life, like if it was lungs. It was expanding and inhaling. I could see the colors actually breathe and full of life.


SID: You know, I had heard reports like this before. Everything is alive in Heaven. I have heard that the grass is even alive. It’s like we haven’t even experienced life on this dead earth until we have the life of God inside of us. But how would you like to be in a place where everything is alive, no death. I like it.


CARLOS: Yes. And so from that room, all of a sudden in an instant I was back into this other room. And in this room, I saw two figures and they were standing at an angle like this, maybe from here to the camera, maybe 10 feet. And then I heard a voice and the voice said: “To you, it’s been granted to stand here and listen.” Because I immediately recognized it was the Father and the Son. At first, I didn’t know who it was, but when I, as I got a little closer, then I heard the voice. I recognized it was Jesus and the Father, and they were having a conversation. And so when I heard the voice it told me, “You’ve been granted permission to stand here and listen,” I remember turning my ear this way to listen to their conversation, and to my surprise, they were talking about the End Times.


CARLOS: I remember hearing clearly that they talked about the difficult hour that lay ahead and how the church would, given the opportunity, to be purged and the opportunity to really experience the greatness of what still lays ahead, the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God. But clearly, the way the download I was receiving is, I heard all that, reminded me very much of the readings that, you know, you do on an annual basis as a regular Christian on the End Times Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel. So I remember listening to this conversation and I was brought to my memory was all the judgments that are coming based upon the Book of Revelation and also Joel, Book of Daniel. But I received and I felt like this is an hour, an opportunity for the church to be stronger and to understand the importance to be ready and alert. Because my sense is, for the most part, the body of Christ for the most part is not prepared for what is about to take place.


SID: Okay. Do you think you’ll be alive when all this happens?


CARLOS: I firmly believe that I will be alive. I believe that my eyes will physically see the coming of the Lord. And when you study church history, those who remain on fire for the Lord, even the Apostle Paul and Peter, they believed in their day, in their hour that they would see the coming of the Messiah, the coming of the Lord. And I feel like the church must understand once again End Time eschatology. We must be students, we must understand the signs, the seasons, the hour that we’re living in so that we can live an urgent life. And when we have that understanding, that sense of urgency our hearts, our lives, are completely given to the Lord. I feel that there’s a greater surrender as a result of understanding the hour that we’re living in.


SID: Okay. But then the most terrifying thing that ever happened to Carlos happened to him in Heaven. What happened?


CARLOS: What happened is they went from discussing the urgency of the hour, they went from discussing the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the greatest miracles, not all gloom and doom, there’s great hope. But then the hope culminates in this incredible manifestation that I believe the Spirit of God is doing right now, and that is this. I heard the Father say to Jesus, “It’s time, Son, go get your bride.”


SID: What did that mean to you?



CARLOS: At first, I was shocked and stunned. But I had this doubt and this understanding, and the revelation that I as part of the Church of Christ, At that moment, I was not prepared and I was not ready to really see Him come back. Even though we may have the right confession, we may have the right lingo, we may say the right words, but in reality for the most part, many of us in the church, including myself at that time, I was not ready, was not prepared. And so when those 4 words came out of the Father to the Son, I remember this, it was the most horrible fear. I call it the terror of the Lord, the most horrible fear and terror that I had ever felt. It was like those words rolled out of His mouth like a ball, a ball of fire. And I remember those words just rolling towards me, and I knew it was going to hit my midsection. And when it hit my body, I remember trembling violently and I couldn’t contain myself, and I felt that these words, something was going to come out my mouth. I tried to hold myself back and I couldn’t. I remember yelling out loud and feeling the condition of my heart when I cried out, “No! We’re not ready!” That’s what I did. I raised my fists.


SID: You weren’t even thinking this. It came out from your innermost, this man is not ready. What about us? I’ll tell you what. He was downloaded from Heaven on how to be ready. Now when he says “ready”, he doesn’t mean repenting of sins. He repented of his sins. He doesn’t mean having the Messiah live inside of him. The Messiah lives inside of him. When he said, “I’m not ready,” he meant, “I am not prepared to be involved in the next, in the greatest and perhaps the last move of the presence of God, of the mercy of God on Planet Earth.” And he was commissioned on what he had to do to be ready and what you have to do to be ready. By the way, I heard something about you. Someone has pain in their neck and their back, and I tell you, in the Messiah of Israel’s name, if you have a pain in your neck, move your head. You’ll see the pain is gone. Or stand up and bend over, you’ll see the pain is gone. And I’m going to be right back and tell you how you will not miss the moment of your visitation.


SID: The most terrifying words my guest Carlos heard in Heaven is that he was not ready. After thinking about this, pondering and taking time, why were you not ready?


CARLOS: So I come out of this encounter and I find myself back in my physical body. I’m on the floor weeping, totally distraught and disturbed by the encounter. And those words haunted me, Sid, for two hours. I lay there weeping, saying, haunted by those words, “No we’re not ready, no we’re not ready.” So I asked the Lord, “Well why am I not ready?” Was I talking about myself, the ministry, my family, the church in general? And after two hours I heard the Holy Spirit say this to me, He said, “Son, if I took you home right now, you are ready to meet Me for eternity.” And He said this: “But in the condition that your heart is in right now, you are not ready for the next great move of the Holy Spirit.”


SID: But wait a second now. Did you see miracles in your congregation?


CARLOS: Absolutely.


SID: Did you see people coming to know the Messiah?


CARLOS: Absolutely.


SID: Were you growing?


CARLOS: Absolutely.


SID: Did you have financial problems?


CARLOS: Not at all.


SID: And he wasn’t ready. And so here’s what the Lord began to reveal to my heart. He began to reveal to my heart that I had become a professional minister. In other words, I had become, grown so comfortable in my calling that the ministry was routine. I mean, you can get up behind a platform. And you know, my heart was still for the Lord. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the Lord. But in other words, my heart was no longer on the edge, a prophetic edge.


And the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me, He said, “Son, you’ve left your first love.” He reminded me of the Church of Ephesus. Remember Revelation 2, where the Spirit of the Lord rebuked the church for leaving her first love. Although they had a great ministry, they had a great doctrine, great miracles, but they left their first love.


And the Spirit of God began to reveal to me, “Son, because you left your first love, therefore, there’s a lack of humility.” And the lack of humility, which I believe is a major component that we have to have restored in the preachers of America, the preachers of the Western church, the preachers in the Body of Christ, so because the true spirit of humility is a pure dependence upon God where there is no glory for man.


SID: I like that.


CARLOS: There is no glory for the church, a specific local church. There is no glory for the ministry. But He gets all the glory. And the true spirit of humility is that what John the Baptist said: “I must decrease, but he must increase.” And so I really believe this is an area that the Spirit of God is honing in on so that the church can understand if we truly are humble, He will exalt this. And there’s many that are watching right now by television that the Holy Spirit, I saw earlier the Spirit of God almost like take His hand and turn a spigot and I saw the fresh release of affections. I saw a fresh release of love.


And those of you that are watching me now, just be sensitive and ask the Lord, say, “Lord, would you please open up the portal of my heart. Open up the portal of my soul,” because the Lord wants to download love and affection. He wants you to feel how much He feels about you.


And the reason why many of us are stuck, we’re not progressive, we don’t feel the presence of the Lord or we’re not happy, I mean some of the saddest Christians are Christians who are bored, and they’re bored because fully realize how God feels about them. And so for those of you that are watching right now, in Jesus’ name, receive that fresh turning of the affections of God for your life even right now in Jesus’ name. And so I just felt from the Lord that the Spirit of God was asking me to focus on two things: Son, become more dependent on Me, seek My face, and number two, turn to your first love.



We need to have every believer understand, wait a second, it’s not the pastor, it’s not just the evangelist. I’m called as an individual to return back to minister to the Lord. And that’s what I believe the Lord is saying. Return back to your first love. The greatest commandment is not a suggestion. It’s a commandment: Thou shalt the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul and strength. And when you look at the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, it’s about one thing, Sid. Ready? It’s about a wedding.


SID: A wedding.


CARLOS: It’s a wedding. In other words—


SID: To be candid with you, I know what he’s saying. But I have never really thought about it. Did you hear what he said, from Genesis to Revelation, it’s about a wedding. Explain.


CARLOS: History began in Genesis, Chapter 1, 2 and 3 with Adam and Eve. What’s that about? Man and woman becoming one. That’s a wedding. First miracle of Jesus of his ministry, where? John, Chapter 2 at the wedding of Cana in Galilee. And then one of the greatest apostles, if not the greatest apostle, was Paul, and he has his revelation of the mystery. Do you know about the mystery, the Jew and gentile becoming one.


But he takes it further and the Lord reveals to him, this mystery he’s talking about is the heart of God, the plan of God having to pass for all of eternity, which is what? God and man becoming one. And he uses the picture of a husband and a wife. He says, “I speak to you a mystery when I’m speaking concerning Christ and the church.”


And then Revelation, Chapter 22 in Verse 17, one of the last statements the Spirit of God says about the End Times is this: “And the spirit and the bride, they come.”


I believe the greatest identity that’s about to be released to the Body of Christ, we know what it is to be a child of God, we know what it is to be a son of God and many of us know what it is to be a friend of God. But the greatest revelation and the greatest identity, the most intimate relationship on Earth is that between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife. And the Spirit of God is releasing this revelation that Christ is the bridegroom and the church is the bride.





Sid Roth: I’m sure this has happened many times, but you were caught up into Heaven. And you saw someone you knew.


Bruce: Yes, that was unusual. I was in a season of prayer and just worshiping God. And suddenly I was in Heaven, paradise. And there was great activity going on, like bustling. I don’t know how to describe that. Almost like Christmas in a mall.


Sid: And all of a sudden, almost like all the activity is going on because the holidays are the events that ready to happen. You have to get everything in place. So there’s a lot of activity going on.


Bruce: Yeah, and my aunt who had died about seven years previously walked up to me, and she was all excited. She said, “Bruce, it is so exciting.” And I said, “What’s so exciting?”


She said, “The preparation for the marriage supper of the Lamb is almost complete. And Heaven is abuzz with this news and excited because it’s the culmination that completion.”


And she said, “And not only that many individuals are visiting Heaven from Earth right now, to go back with a testimony that people should be prepared because He’s coming back soon.”


Sid: You know, that’s the message I’m hearing from many people that He’s coming back soon. But the thing that’s so unusual is even children are carrying this message back.


Bruce: There was a young girl in Singapore that had been in one of our meetings where we were teaching your birthright is to see and go as a Christian and she caught the revelation and began to be caught into paradise. And at that particular time, I was visiting my aunt at that time. I saw this young girl and she was eight years old, appeared off to my left. She looked at me smiled and waved grabbed the hand of Jesus and she skipped off with Him. A year later, Sid, back in Singapore, I happened to have dinner with the grandmother and she was there and she said, “I saw you in Heaven and you were talking to your aunt.”




The Lord has spoken with me about a very, very significant event that is about to take place on the Earth. In that conversation, I saw the visions of the Lord. And in that vision, I found myself looking up into the sky. I looked up into the sky and all of a sudden, Heaven opened in tremendous glory. And I saw the Lord coming in His powerful, shocking and tremendous glory, the unassailable glory, the unequal glory of the Lord. And I was able to see His crown as He came.


Then as He was coming, the Lord, from where He had lifted me made me also see the Church. I saw down the Church down there. And the Church that I saw, had glorious garments. Their countenance and appearance were very glorious. They were clean and glowing.


But again, the Lord was coming from Heaven in His glory. For where I was, He also made me see the Church. Then I saw Him come all the way and take the glorious Church.


Now, this is the most important message for all the time ever since the Bible was written. But one day, the Church that constitutes the righteous bride, the holy bride, from all nations will one day be taken up. The bride will be snatched up, to be taken up into the glorious eternal kingdom of Jehovah.


So I have seen the Messiah coming for His Church, coming across the clouds, with the clouds of the glory, and coming down to the Church to take the Church. So, these are the days in which we live, the times that the Bible spoke about for a very long time.



And I want to read from First Thessalonians 4:16 to 18.


16 For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. 18 Therefore comfort one another with these words.


Paul talks about those in Christ that are the righteous shall ascend in their glorious bodies. And then he says, we who are alive, who remain on the Earth will also then be translated and then to be caught up with them through the eternity and totality to be with the Lord forever.


Many Christians have died. But in this scripture the Lord is strictly referring to those at their time of death were wholly Christian. He says those who are dead in Christ who are sleeping in Christ, in Christ living, born again, holy, just like the Messiah is. Christians who died unholily will not enter.


When that event takes place, who will be eventually translated and taken up? The living holy Christians. The living sinful Christians will remain here.


The weight of sin will not allow them to be taken up. The weight of sin still obey gravity and that will pull them back.


But the holy, righteous Christians will have defeated the laws of nature, They will be transformed into another life.


I have seen the Messiah coming. There is now a need for the Church and all people of the Earth to turn away from sin. The signs are very clear.




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