Eudoxia and Tamás Varga


This is the testimony of a Hungarian sister in Christ, named Euodoxia Varga (known as Varga Tamásné Eudoxia in Hungarian), regarding her experience in heaven and hell. At the time of this experience, she and her husband Tamás (Hungarian for Thomas) attended the Faith Church (Hit Gyulekezet) in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. After this experience, her pastor Zoltán, accompanied by other elders of that church, interviewed her on video, which has been posted on Youtube. However, it is uncertain whether she and her husband still attend that church. The following article is based on that video interview with her pastor.




First Euodoxia’s husband Tamás testified that before his wife had the experience in heaven and hell, he had gone out to woods, seeking the Lord. Then they attended a Communion meeting at their church. There the pastor prayed for both of them and then they had a breakthrough afterward. Then the Lord told them separately that they had moved to another level. God’s power and presence came over him so lovingly and powerfully that it pushed him to the floor. The Lord took something out of him and he could see God more effectively. He began an intercessory prayer ministry. He changed his life in order to pray more. The Lord’s love was flowing down upon him so great like raindrops. It reshaped him. He became a God-dependent creature — a God-seeking creature. Since then he doesn’t find pleasure in anything but seeking God. He spends a minimum three to four hours a day with God and needs it in order to have a peaceful relationship with God.


The Lord spoke to Euxodia his wife as he was in the woods praising God and she was washing dishes praying. The Lord came to her and said, “Do you know your husband does a dangerous thing?” She asked, “What Lord?” The Lord replied, “He worships me in Spirit and Truth and lets Me do anything in his life.”


She saw that he was working two jobs and praying at night with very little sleep. They had been Christians a long time but had been hypocrites. However, now she saw that he had really changed. She wanted what he had. She saw the change, the love, the fire, and she became jealous. She asked him what it was. He said he wanted to see God’s face and be the lover of God and be at His feet.


Eudoxia said it all started on April 15th during the night. Her body was sleeping but her spirit was awake. She felt the Lord was taking away things and imparting things to her. She was like a car in a garage that the Lord was working on.


Then they attended a Communion meeting and a guy named Istvan (Hungarian for Steven) said when he saw them, “Here come the saints, the holy people.” She became sad. They had just had an argument with children. But it was the Lord speaking through him.


During communion, she said she was fed up with her previous life. She did not want to sit there in church anymore, and then go home in the same spiritual state. For seventeen years, she was crying before the Lord about this. But now she could not go on any longer. She had always watched when someone repented and she couldn’t understand it. She would weep. But now at that communion


service, she decided she would not live that way anymore. When she took the Body of Christ, the power of God flowed onto her. Since that moment she has become a new creature.


Next day a brother called her to say her mom died. She began to cry out for God to resurrect her so that she would have a chance to repent. At that time her husband was with the pastor working for him and the pastor called her. His words gave her comfort. She wiped her tears and forgave her mother for literally torturing her. She was never angry with her mother, but had forgiveness for her and loved her.


So as she was washing dishes and praying, she was fed up with life and wanted God. She wanted a relationship, to be as one with God, to die for Him. She went to prayer closet, shut door, laid on the floor, told God her whole life was a lie (which was partly true), and all that had been and would be she gave to Him. She died for him. She said, “If you like it, please take it.” The last of those words she said in a moan because she was weakening. And as she lay on the floor, her clavicle bones were not touching the floor. But when those bones collapsed (and touched the floor), she felt she literally died to self and the Lord accepted it. There was no selfishness. She saw the altar in a vision; many people were on it. But the Lord could not accept their lives because they wanted to serve Him for selfish reasons. He can take your life if you give one hundred percent. If there is one string where you say, “I want this or that from you, or this or that business, or this wife,” then He can’t take your life.


She says, “At this point, my whole life was changed.” Her relationship with her children improved. God had her praying for other Christians. Although her husband was working a lot and only sleeping a few hours sleep, he wasn’t even tired. The Lord made him and her His lovers. She says, “The spiritual realm is more real than this life. God is no respecter of persons. If you open up your heart, He will come in and have a feast with you. But you have to lose your ego and self-seeking.”


The Lord told her that people come into the Church and don’t want to seek Him. They only want to tell the Lord what they need from Him. The Lord will tear down all strongholds in our lives and rebuild us a holy temple.


Then the revelation of heaven began on July 12th. They went to a prayer meeting at someone’s house, where the Lord told them to cry out for His people. She felt a great sorrow within her. She did not know many things about that church, because she did not belong to it. Then her spiritual eyes became opened. There were beautiful angels in pure holiness and glory. They were flying straight down from heaven because straight away is God’s divine order. The angels fly straight. In everything, the straight way is God’s way. There are angels in highness praising God. She told her husband to bring her to the forest because she thought she was going crazy since she had seen such things.


The prayer group leader named Imre (Hungarian form of Henry, pronounced: EEM-re) had to pray for a sick man. She saw angels and demons. The man had a backache. She saw a great, green (snot-colored) evil creature. Then she learned it was a demon. She can now differentiate between a satan whore’s son (bastard) and a demon. It was about four feet tall. It was clawing at his back. The man said his back hurt so much. And this creature was cursing. When they start to curse humans or God, the dirt from their mouths is different from the curse itself. It was black. Imre started to use Jesus’ name and it was wonderful. She saw a light and it pulled this creature off this man’s back. The light was Jesus’ Blood. Something like a snake or snail came from the creature’s mouth, and a variety of other things came out, which were also demons. She was shocked and told Tamás that they should go to the forest. They went out and she told him everything. The Spirit filled them up. She did not fear these creatures.


If anyone walks in hell without Jesus, he would go crazy. He would not stay normal. Without Jesus’ blood, it is impossible to walk in hell. She was first prepared in heaven to have the strength for the journey to hell. She didn’t feel any torture, except at her earthly father’s cell in hell.


The next day, on July 13, all seven of the family (she, Tamás, and children) were all together, totally in one accord. It is only possible to have a vision when we’re in one accord and we have a loving spirit for one another. To give your life for others isn’t just to say “Hi,” but to be willing to give your life for them. It’s more than merely welcoming that person. This kind of love is not seen in the church.


On July 13th they sought the Lord for 5 hours as a family. None of the four dogs were barking during that time. One of her children, Krisztofer experienced a visit to hell, when she was in heaven, the Holy Spirit went through them all, loved them, and healed them. While she had this experience, her family also had a lot of experiences of their own.


There was not even a car passing by during that entire time. None of the chickens or other animals made any noise. They started to praise God as a family, and her eyes opened. She didn’t see as many angels as the day before, but still hosts of them flying down, praising and exalting the Lord; they were in unity and love for one another. One angel flew down for one another. One angel flew down to her because she was staring at him. That angel said, “Straight is the divine order.” Then she collapsed and something from her upper belly was torn out, which was her spirit. She felt that an angel who had very soft wings was behind her. She felt a great safety. It was very soft. He covered her with his wings, and when he opened them she was in heaven.


She used to think if she went to heaven, she would want to take a tour. But she found that when she met the King she only wanted to adore Him. She asked, “Where are you, Lord?” She heard His steps, which were true peace. He came near her and she felt like a dead body in front of Him. She heard Him coming, and the grace, the mercy, was flowing out of His wounds. Mercy, grace, and love are visible in heaven as light—it’s real. Things like holiness and glory are not just words. They are visible. He came to her and she saw Him. On his feet, there are holes from which grace and mercy are flowing out. She could not look at Him and felt the grace and mercy going through her body. He touched her and she woke up. Then she was standing up.


He had a wide belt around His waist that said “King of kings and Lord of lords.” She said, “Yeshua, My King, I love you.” And as He was crying, and as she was crying, all the pain was gone from her heart. She never wept like that again afterward. With the tears, every pain was gone from her heart. He saw through her love. He was shining, glimmering, dressed in holiness. He is love. Life is flowing out from every part of Him — the grace, the mercy, the out-flowing love. He just wants to love me. He wants to care for me.


Jesus said, “Come, daughter because I have a lot of things to show you. Your job from God is to serve Him.” He was smiling at her and said He is near to the brokenhearted. Everything He says is with authority. He knew everything about her. He is the Word of God. He is the Truth.


He said, “There is salvation only in My Name—the Name of Jesus of Nazareth. They must confess I came and died and rose again and I am the Christ in flesh. Only believing in heaven and hoping to go there will not take you there.”


He brought her to a table that was already set. She didn’t really look around because she always looked at Him, admired Him and loved Him. She told Him, “I know a lot of people are gathering treasures in heaven, but I only want to see you.” Everyone will be near Jesus at the table. It was long. The tablecloth was ornamental. It was embroidered with ornaments. There were plates and


something like “cups.” She saw other creatures in heaven that are not on earth. It was so beautiful. He started to speak about the faults or blames in the Church. “The Church is late. It is building a self- Kingdom. It wants to make heaven on earth. The children of God are killing each other because they are gossiping about others and because of their sinful thoughts. If you go to give someone a blessing, make sure there is love in your heart.”


He said there would be two stumbling stones in the Church. 1) Brothers hate each other. They prevent each other from being successful by their words, thoughts, and actions. That’s what He meant by murder and that the Church was late and had not clothed itself with the dress of holiness and glory that He gave them. 2) Although they are brethren, they let their children instead of giving thanksgiving sacrifices to the Lord, they are lusting with Baal in my sanctuary.”


The Lord showed her how she and her husband must love each other. There must not even be one little gap of unforgiveness or they cannot be one or thinking of how he or she looks like, because that leaves an opening where the demons can get a spear into you.




The Lord said, “The women must be gentle and praying.” He was speaking with such truth for my personal life, too, and I could not be angry with him, because I know that this is the truth and the King of Truth said this. He said that we must recover the true praise of God, which is said in spirit and in truth, and not saying that only ten songs and then it’s over, because although they are crying out for the fire of the Holy Spirit, their hearts are fully, or just partly closed for the fire. And He said such truth. He decides how the meeting will go. He will decide it. They (pastors) make boundaries for it. They make orders, regarding the time elapsed (in the service). They say, “Twenty songs will be enough, but okay, I have to speak my teaching now, what the Lord wants to show you, what the Lord really knows what He wants to say.” And if He wants to come down through the praise and heal someone…but we don’t let Him do this. We don’t open our hearts, but we are going to church to receive a business, to receive healing, to receive a woman or man. “Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!” And they are running away. This is not praise of God. This is absolutely not. And I was ashamed. I knew it was correct for me, too. I was blinded. I was beaten with blindness, because the Lord said, “They are beaten with blindness.” And sometimes they are doing it in their own consciousness, and sometimes they are out of their consciousness. And it shocked me.




And He started to speak about women for the true praise of God. I have to say it because I’m not afraid. The women have no right to show themselves, to put on the makeup, unnatural hair color, tight dresses, because a lot of godly men’s attentions are drawn away by them. And they have no right to do this because the men should praise God. And they wouldn’t have come to a meeting to look at their makeup or something like that, or (to see) their dresses. Since then, I burnt all my clothes that were like that. And I am not willing to wear some of these clothes. And I had to say this, and the Lord Jesus told me how it has come about — I mean the dressing. We have to live with the good tree, good fruit (a parable). And we have to look at the roots of it.


For example, a joke is a very good thing. We are laughing at it, but the laugh, what comes from the laugh, sometimes they are using racism. They are using bad things to make fun of. But it is written that blessed is that man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. So this is a bad fruit. However, it looks great, it looks like a good tree.


Or for example, where the makeup comes from. I’m talking about—I hope I don’t judge anyone— but I am talking about these strong mascaras. It’s from Cleopatra, but even before that. When the women realized that they could hold a man with this mascara, it’s like a mask. They got governors with this. They get them through their own desires—I mean the men’s desires. And the women got power and authority through this. And through this authority, she could do anything she wanted. I’m talking about strong mascaras. Young ladies wear these mascaras, but she’s a weak soul behind it. She’s trying to cover something. It’s not good for them, but the Lord will — I pray that He will bless them and keep them. I used to wear makeup, but I don’t use them anymore, because these are sins. Even the shoes are (can be) sins. These high-heeled shoes had their own purpose back in time in China, to raise the (feminine) body parts to be more attractive. And prostitutes started it. So these are bad things. You can have beautiful shoes if you want to, but a lot of men said that it’s really tempting. I used to wear these kinds of shoes, and it was a problem for me, too. I felt that it was a sin and I still did it. This means I was beaten with blindness. That’s why it’s important to open up our hearts, and this is what the Lord can’t do for us — to open up our hearts.


I saw the empty cells. And the Lord led me there. And sometimes, names were appearing on them. Sometimes they disappeared. And He said that this is what happens if they won’t repent if they are not clinging to My Name. I saw horrible things, but I will tell it for everyone to be afraid. I don’t want to think about it, because I will cry, and then Jesus and everything that He said, even these rebukes, He said it with love. He wasn’t hitting my head with the Scriptures, but with love. He wasn’t legalistic, but He was telling this with love. And when we approach each other in this way, the other one will be put to shame, just as I was when Istvan came to me and said, “Here comes the holy family.” And I also said that “Please don’t say that we are holy, because we are not.” And I was ashamed. And when (pastor) Zoltán came and said a very good thing about us, I knew it was not true. And then I humiliated myself. And this is good because inside of us, we judge our truth, we judge the truth in ourselves. I humiliated myself.


It’s good that we judge ourselves that, “Yes, I’m a dirty, bad person.” And every small sin can separate you from God. I saw how He loved His people. He’s just longing to hug them. He burns with a jealous love. He loves His people so much, but this dirt—this is what separates you from God. He loves us, but our sins. He can only be praised in holiness. There’s no other way.




Then we were back at the table that was set. There was a pitcher full of wine. He was pouring it into a mug, and it was very thick. This wine was like a ruby. It’s like it was a fluid, but ruby. As he poured this wine into a mug, he illustrated that “I have set this table for My people.” He said, “It’s all ready, but My people are procrastinating. The Church is making an inner world.” This is what I can’t even explain. I don’t understand. An inner world.


And then later, there was a wonderful thing. Two angels arrived who had golden staffs on their shoulders. And they brought a very large cluster of grapes, which was golden. As I saw this cluster, it was 100 to 150 centimeters wide. The grapes themselves were as big as an apple. Everything is different from here, even the materials—everything. I think there is no oxygen because the Lord Himself is oxygen. This is what I experienced. The life is the air I breathe. This is what I experienced. Then these two angels brought the golden grapes with joy and smiles on their faces. Every angel I saw was just full of joy and smiling, and the Lord just loved His angels. He went to them and hugged them. And this was an example for us because we just walk by each other. He loved them. He hugged them. He was speaking to them and caring for them. And somehow, these two angels put this cluster of grapes on the table. And it was interesting when they set “this cluster of grapes of the table” because after they did so, nothing was broken. Then He said, “I know your


husband’s favorite fruit is the grape. So I planted grapes for him, and this is its first fruit.” I was just looking at it, and I was thinking, “It’s beautiful.” I was amazed, but I didn’t eat anything from it.




And as the angels came and Jesus welcomed them, He thanked them with humility for bringing the grapes. He was absolutely humble like He was the servant of all creatures. So He loved them very much. And we went on our way, and as we were walking on the street, a

screen went by.


And I saw that it was a picture of the world. I saw that it was a part of the world, and there was a riot there or something like that, or a war. And there were bombs blowing up. And the car was flipped upside-down and on fire and smoking. And I saw a little boy standing on the street corner who had lost his family. And he was dirty all over. And he was crying. I just knew that his mother had just died that day. I just knew when I looked at him. I was truly amazed. And then Jesus said— and He was weeping, too that “Today he will be with Me in heaven.” And I was looking at Him, and I just know. And there came a black car up to this small boy. And a man, who I saw in my spirit was evil, grabbed the boy and pulled him into the car. And I never saw him again, and the Lord said to me, “He will be with Me in heaven today.”


We don’t watch television or anything, so we don’t know anything about the outside world. But [after my revelation of heaven] I told my husband to watch the news that night. So when he watched the news, he found out that the day before, there was a riot in India in a town, and a lot of people were murdered. I was really amazed.




And then we went on, and the royal thrones and everyone will have a crown. It’s full of treasures, diamonds, etc. And each person’s name was engraved on a business card of his or her own — personally, for each and every one of us. And over the back of each throne, the Lord — not the angels — laid the robes of righteousness for each person. It was there, and I knew that He Himself did it with His own hands. He didn’t toss it there, but with love, He laid it on each throne. I knew that Jesus caressed the clothes with love when He put them there. And I knew it when I saw these clothes.




I saw a beautiful garden far away when I went there, but I didn’t go there. The Lord didn’t let me. There was a space in the middle, and Moses and Abraham were speaking to each other with gestures. And what amazed me was that Jesus didn’t say, “This is Abraham and Moses.” I just knew it was they. There’s no wasting of words. You know everything about each other. You know people’s names. And I saw that they are young, and I was shocked because it is written that they are elders. It’s true, but it’s in the wisdom that they are elders. And they are elders, they are wise and in authority. They are clothed in these things. It’s visible upon them, as on the lieutenant angels, because I saw upon them the lieutenant angels that there is a different authority on them. There it’s visible, and the authority is upon them and also power.


Abraham and Moses were laughing so hard, and I saw the joy on every face. Their faces are shining, and their hair is so shiny like it’s been washed in oil. Everyone is so beautiful there. It’s like everything is holy there. The material is different. The most beautiful person on earth cannot be as beautiful as anyone in heaven.




So it’s very interesting that we went on, and there was a gate ahead of us, and Jesus was waving His hand toward it, and the gate was opened from far away. So He opened it by authority. For Him, everything opens.


In that building, there were a lot of vessels, but they were not ornamental. They were just— beautiful. In that building — now I never saw a horror movie, except when I was a child; I only saw half of it — but in that building, there were body parts — legs, arms, inner organs, eyes.


Then we went on, and He grabbed a leg and an arm, and He started to cry. And I knew that it was mine. And He said, “Do you know why you couldn’t have these? Because of self-pity, because you love to feel sorry for yourself instead of coming to Me and grabbing these.” And I started to cry, too, and He put them back with great care, and He said, “Many people cannot get their healing because of self-pity, because they love to feel sorry for themselves more than…[and] they love to tell each other these things,” (how much it aches, etc). But now I can get healing because I have this arm and this leg. I saw them.




And this is one of my favorite parts because I’m the kind of person–and Zoltán knows it–which has suffered a lot. I went through torture, I was in great hunger, I was cold, I was begging. So I’ve been through a lot of bad things in my life. But the Lord saved me, and my great help was David’s psalms. When I was a child and I was kicked out of the home and I had to hide in forests to sleep, I had to wash off the blood off of me in a little river. Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night. You can’t be afraid of these things. It doesn’t say, “Don’t be afraid”. It says, “You can’t do that. You’re not allowed to do it.” And this was the only verse I had from the Bible throughout my young ages.


And Jesus told me, “I know how you love my servant David. I will show him to you.” And David was in a beautiful, white space—or square. It was white and holy, too — beautiful. And I was not allowed to speak to him. And he praised God with all of his praise. He was twisting and dancing, and from every part of him, the praise was just flying up to the Lord. He had a cloth, like a scarf, and it was this big, and it was white and holy, and it had written on it. Every part of him, every cell, was in praise to the Lord. I wanted to praise the Lord with him, but the Lord didn’t let me. And Jesus didn’t speak to me like, “Come with Me.” He spoke like, “Come with Me, My dear daughter. Please let me.” When I was crying and I said, “I won’t come. I won’t come with You,” He said, “Please, let me.” He was asking, not commanding. He never commanded, except when He spoke about the faults in the Church. He was very serious about that. He was sorrowful. He feels sorry for the brethren. This is what the Lord does.


I felt in my heart that He was in great sorrow and it was horrible to feel it. And it was so bad to feel it. The problem isn’t that the time hasn’t come. It’s that the Church is late. We ourselves are obstacles.




And then we moved along, and we went on, and we went on, and we went on. And there were standing the horses. And I have to admit, I’m not a theological expert, and I never asked Jesus to show these horses to me. And I don’t even know a lot of things from the Book of Revelation. However, the Lord commanded me to check everything according to the Bible, “Because My Word is Myself,” said the Lord. “And My Word is Truth, and I am the Word. I am the Truth.” And I saw as they were standing there that there was a black, yellow, and white horse. A black, a yellow, and a white horse. They’re not like horses from here. They are pumped up with muscles, and they have


authority in them—whatever was given to them. The yellow and the black one were tied up. They couldn’t move. They were rearing up on their hind legs and doing this with their front legs. And the chains that tied them were full of power, strength. And there were two angels—I don’t know if they were angels or cherubim cause the horses were so huge– but they kept them tied up. And they were rearing like that before. The white one was beautiful, and he was there next to them. They were beautiful, but the white one was shining.




There was an angel that came to me and said to open my mouth, and I did it. And he put a flaming ball into my mouth, which was flaming. At that time, I started to scream aloud, because it was flaming and it started to hurt me. He said, “You’re disingenuousness or your double-fadedness has left you.” And I found it in the Scriptures, too. There’s a Scripture in Isaiah about this. And this angel did it to me twice. It was a flaming ball, and after I came back, I felt this for a whole day. I was checking in the mirror to see if I could see anything, but it didn’t. Let me correct myself. It was actually a pain that I had for a week, and it was a spiritual pain. I had a very bad tongue, and when I became angry, I said things I didn’t want to say, but I said them, and after this experience, I didn’t do that anymore. And my husband and children are also witnesses of this miracle. Whenever they make me angry — but my children are not even the same anymore — I cannot say bad things; I can only bless. So I became very different.




Then there I saw children in heaven. They were all wearing white clothes. They were from three years old to ten, maybe. They were sitting on chairs, and for every one of them, there was an angel assigned. Like the angels would teach them or I’m not sure of it. But this is my idea because they were explaining something to them. And these angels were loving them and caring for them. And Jesus went to a little girl who had shoulder-length hair, and it was also shiny as if it had been oiled. There at that place, the love was more concentrated and focused. In this way, He cared for the children, and it was so beautiful I didn’t want to go from that place. And I said, “I won’t go away from this place,” because they were giggling and smiling. And then Jesus went there and He whispered something into this little girl’s ear. And she started to laugh from her heart. And He loved them and kissed them and cared for them, not as we love our children, but He loved them more.


When I saw the angels and how they loved our children—they were fantastic. They’re not just standing there next to us. They’re loving us, caring for us, and hugging us. It’s the same with the Holy Spirit when we’re frustrated and we ask Him to come. He doesn’t just come and stand next to us and say, “Everything’s okay. You don’t have to worry.” He loves us and hugs us and cares for us.




The Lord said, “I don’t show partiality.” But if each person has a stronghold in himself, what’s it going to look like, what’s it going to feel like. Then he won’t be able to see it. I didn’t have any imagination about God, because I never knew what it really meant. I was only a spectator at church to– it’s because how I was growing up. Because I knew that if I have said that, I would have been forsaken. But the Lord was good for me because He always sent one to help me. And we asked a woman, who has been happy toward me, whether she knew that what had been happening in my life, and she said that she knew. And everyone knows what happened in my life before and they haven’t even helped me. They didn’t want to realize the injuries on my body. They didn’t want to realize I went out with bloody hands and injuries outside the door. Everyone closed his eyes. They didn’t want to realize when I was begging. We must realize the poor people and help them.


If we see someone in a great pain, we must help them and love them. We must love each other with a true love. If we won’t love each other in this way, the Lord will never come back. The Lord won’t come back until we love each other this way. We can pray for fire, etc., but He won’t come until we open up our hearts to each other—because we are afraid to reveal our hearts to each other, what’s really in them.




I mean the worst that can happen if people see what’s in our heart is we need to repent for that. I even go in front of the church and repent, not only for myself but [also] for my family. And Jesus said it’s important not just to repent at church, but at home also. And even to get down on your face before God when you repent and bow before Him. I mean, not bow, but lay prostrate before Him, because the Lord told me this the only acceptable way in front of the Lord to repent. We are not just bowing our heads before the Great God. We have to lay down before Him. It’s important that when we repent, we don’t just, like at church, sit in our seats just bow our head. But we go up front and take the most humble position and lay before the Lord to repent. We have to lay our lives down before Him and say, “I don’t care if anyone kills me or what happens to me. I don’t care about anything else—what will happen to me.” And the Holy Spirit gave me prayer topics to pray for because when I was in heaven, I didn’t care for anything that was on earth. This love is what the Lord Jesus was teaching about. Every word of His is true. We have to learn how to love as the apostle Paul did.




Then we went on from the children. Jesus had been begging to me, “Please, come, My daughter.” Every time He started begging, I could move on. Then He begged for me, “Come, little child. Come. Let Me. Please come.” And then whenever He begged, I could move on. And then He led me on to see Michael and Gabriel, lieutenant angels, who were clothed in authority and power. These are lieutenant angels. This is how Jesus said it to me, “They are lieutenant angels.” I don’t know if it was that I was not allowed to, but I could not hear them. And Jesus didn’t just hug them. He went right in the middle of the two of them and put His arms around both of them. So this is the way Jesus loved them, and He spoke with them, and as He did, they made expressions with their faces that showed wonder and amazement that something big is going to happen. Something has started, and they were very happy because of it.


Jesus was serving them, and they were serving the Lord. So it was in the reverse as well, and this is what I saw in heaven is that everyone was serving each other. It’s wonderful. It’s different. I cannot explain it. I want you to be there, too, to see it. But you can see it, because Jesus said, “I’m not partial.” Everyone can see it. Of course, heaven is not a tourist destination, because seeing heaven has its purpose.




I wasn’t taken back there after this, because it had its purpose. It was to say to me, “I have made you, I have formed you in your mother’s womb, and I have brought you out of your mother’s womb.” Just looking at Him that, “Lord, how could I serve you when I had only a low grade in my class? How could I?” But He said that He’s near to the brokenhearted. It’s very wonderful. And here comes the best part. It’s possible that you’re going to be offended, but I am not afraid. The Lord is with me, and His Blood is over me.




And then He led me to a beautiful place, a wonderful place where the love was more concentrated and the holiness was more focused, even more than in other places in heaven. I cannot explain it, but this is how I can say it because, like Jesus was Himself Who is really Himself, is Jesus was in His own environment. So where we stood, there were white steps. There was a stairway, and it was the Holy of holies, the Father Himself. It was the Father’s House.


Then He said, “Come.” And I could go beside Jesus. And it was very important that I didn’t understand it. But you can only go to the Holy of holiness with Jesus. And it is also written in the Scripture. Then I went in. And above the sanctuary, there were holy clouds, which were, like, crocheted. And it was like a living furnace. So the clouds were like crocheted, so it was alive and it was permanent. But when we entered, there were holy bowls. And as we walked in, there was writing on the walls in golden letters. And I knew it was Jewish, because once when I was a child, I saw in the book how Jewish people write downwards. And as I walked, there were, like, pulpits, not like pulpits, because there bigger ones, there were smaller ones, and there were holy ones. It was pure gold, and there were no jewels on it. And on these pulpits, there were golden scrolls. These papers were white and they were holy. Its color was holiness. It was full of writings on it, and I couldn’t look into it, because if I did, I would die. But He allowed me to know it. But I didn’t count how many scrolls were there. And we moved on.


But then the fear of the Lord just came upon me. I thought I would die immediately. But Jesus was with me, and I grabbed His hand so strong, I was amazed that I didn’t break His arm. If it were a man’s hand, I would have broken it.


And then I met the Father, who does not kill you. I knew He was on top of that stairway in the cloud, in the fire, in the thunder—that, there is the Father. And I knew that there was the Creator. And I felt that I was not going to Him, but it was His love that was drawing me to Him.


I cannot explain it that when I looked to the left side, there was a fountain from which the Blood was always flowing. And I never read this before, but it was the saints’ blood. It always shouts out, “When will you avenge us?” This was crying, crying out. This is thick blood. I know this is not new for you, because you read it before. But I found a lot of things after this experience that is in the Bible. And it was crying out. And when I was looking at the right side, there was the Blood of Jesus. And I knew that the Father looks at us through this Blood. There it was because He died for us. And when I looked into the Blood, I could see Him for a moment, as He was when He was hanging on the cross. And He was not like in the films, in the movies. He was totally beaten. There were parts of His body that were torn out. What really stuck with me was how on His face, where His beard would be, the flesh was ripped out. And the Blood over His face was dried up and it was black. His lips were parched. Both His eyes were swollen, which I never saw in the movies that they were swollen. And I knew that as He was crying out, He was crying out for the Father.


It was so horrible and I was constantly just crying out, “I’m sorry! It was because of me!” And I said, “Sorry. Sorry.” And He didn’t say anything. What I only felt was that He loves me and the Father loves me, too. And He doesn’t condemn me. And this love changed me so much that I can’t explain. And the Father didn’t say, “See, this is My Son.” But His love. He loves me so that I can change and be near Him. It was so wonderful. It was fantastic.


I didn’t think about it, but an angel came to me. One angel, from the top of my head to the toes of my feet clothed me in holy clothing that had been laid over the thrones of the righteous. The other angel went to the Blood of Jesus and dipped his hand into the Blood. Then he sprinkled this Blood over me. Not just a light sprinkling on one area, but all over my body. And when I realized that, I thought that I would stay there.




Then, we arrived at the pit of hell. It was horrible. I started to shout, “Lord, no! No!” I also said at the set table that, “No, I don’t want this to be my job to tell about this,” because I knew they would kick me out from the church and out of all relationships. It’s possible I would even be stoned to death. And I also started to shout, “Lord, I don’t want to go down!” But the Lord told me, “It must be done, and I will be with you throughout the whole process.” And I even know that the Lord, a lot of times, He was invisible to the demons there. And I knew that sometimes, they were only watching me, and other times, they were only watching Jesus, because one time, there was a demon that cried out, “Lord, why did you come? To destroy us before the time? To wipe us out?”


At the council chamber, He also made Himself invisible to them—into a holy fire, I saw. And the Lord was flaming violently. He was very furious. Then we started to go down through the hole, and this hole was enormous. And the Lord said that there was a stairway leading down, but they don’t use it anymore because so many souls are going down that it became this wide. All around this tunnel, there were jagged rocks protruding. Everything is absolutely the reverse of the heavenly. Where there is grace in heaven, there is mercilessness in hell. I saw so much mercilessness in hell. I haven’t seen any horror movies here before, but there were monsters. And even on the jagged rocks, they were standing. Even the grime was constantly coming out of their mouths. There were small ones, little bigger ones, tall ones. They were a mixture of animal bodies, they had fur. I saw dinosaurs down there, which were terrifying. My children had dinosaur toys, but we tossed them all out.


In demons and monsters, there is no symmetry, meaning in their bodies. In every way, they are totally deformed. These are constantly cursing. And those curses I could never speak on earth, only down there. This was horrible.


We were descending. At first, Jesus showed me Abraham’s Bosom, which was (she points to the left and says, “That way.”) Then I saw that place which was totally dried up but it was not brownish. Like here when the leaves come down, they turn brownish. It was not brown, but it was gray. It was gray, and between Abraham’s Bosom and hell, there was a bottomless pit. And when we descended, we went into hell. And there I saw something that I have no spiritual commentary about this. And I didn’t want to tell you this, but the Lord told me to say this, that on the rock, there was an old lady sitting there. Her hair was white. She was mumbling—I don’t know what she said and I don’t even care. But on her forehead there was “666,” and she was waiting for something. She was waiting for something, and I don’t know what it is.


The pit is horrible. There’s no oxygen, no water. There’s no sign of any life. Every rock is black. The cells aren’t even just cells. But in the cells, there are rocks jutting up from them. There’s no room for sitting in the cell. So there’s no place for resting or relaxing there in hell. So from this point on, I asked those who are strong to listen, because these are horrible things. Because there were parts where Jesus showed me these porn movies are made. So this is horrible. And how they speak about the people of the Lord. And there was — and I don’t want to offend anyone — but there was a pastor He showed me, who stole the church’s money and he went for vacations with this money. There was another pastor. And they were constantly crying and screaming, and they tried to remind Jesus of their good works from their earthly life. But when we passed on, they started to curse Jesus, which truly terrified me.


Everyone was crying out for mercy. And there was such a thick noise. I think everyone is gone crazy there. They’re gone crazy there! You can’t bear it in your right mind. This is why Jesus told me three days ago, “If you had gone through on your own, you would have become crazy.” And it’s


very interesting that I don’t have nightmares or anything. But when I had to write it down, it was very hard.


There was another pastor who had two other lovers besides his wife. And from these women, he had children. And it was so shocking that they knew the Word of God, and they still committed sin. And I cannot understand is that how is it possible?


And there was a drunkard in another cell, who was tortured in such a way. But before that, I will tell you what is the minimum torture in hell. The fire is burning all over, but as we descended further, the flames were higher. And there was sulfur. And there was a harlot where a demon grabbed some burning sulfur and went to her and rubbed it on her upper arm. She was screaming. There are other places where there are no rocks standing in the cells.


There are cells where there are really a lot of rocks. It depends on how many sins the person committed — the demons are torturing them more. And they remind them even of the secret thoughts of their mind. And it was horrible. And the drunkard was always beating his family. And the demon brought a black screen. And this guy had to see how his family and his children were afraid of him—how they hid in the kitchen, and how his children had to watch him beat his wife. And he had to re-live it himself. They’re not just torturing them, but reminding them and creating the same hurts in them that they created in others on earth. Those had the greatest punishment who were adulterers, who made themselves gods, and those who adored others as gods. These have, and those who knew the truth and led other people into sin. Or even know the truth, but they take no care about it. Like that pastor before. They didn’t repent from their hearts.


There was a harlot, and I think she was Hungarian. This is my opinion, but I can’t say for sure. She was very young and the Lord Jesus said that her own mother made her a prostitute. She was on the streets, and someone told her the Gospel twice. But she ignored it. This is how Jesus said they ignored it. She ignored that the truth was, she was living in filth.


And there was a guy whose tongue was constantly cut off. I couldn’t even understand it. The minimum is that down there in the snot, these big worms this big are squirming (she holds her fingers out in front of her to indicate about twelve inches long). And what I realized was actually this big (she indicates about three feet long). It was a worm, but it was black. It was black and green and like a snot. And from it, the snot was always coming out. And its fangs were like a saw. They were sharp. And with its tongue, it ravaged the person. And its eyes are even devilish.


I haven’t seen anything more like a dinosaur here on earth as I did in hell. You can’t even exaggerate it.


There was a man totally polluted with lust. He was completely under this snot. There were so many different kinds of bugs on him, he was screaming horribly. The minimum is that the demons were constantly stabbing them with spears. So this is the minimum.


Some people had worms all over their faces, and I can’t explain it. They were not white down there (she indicates that they’re about four inches long). There’s no white there. I know that it was white, but there’s no white there. And the fire is, like, it burns, but it doesn’t consume the people.


So this is eternal suffering there. It’s unspeakable. And they even know your thoughts. And I once saw the two spiritual ways. The Lord even said that he who is not with the Lord looks like (in a spiritual way) he’s going to hell. And it seems they are tied up with chains. And they were hunched over, and on their back, they’re carrying this big bag—or load—of sin which is steaming with black steam from the sin. And they went along and they didn’t even see anything. They didn’t see


anything; they only felt the burden of the sin. And they didn’t see where they are going. They were beaten with blindness. They didn’t see. It was horrible. It was horrible.


Jesus was crying a lot. It was very interesting as He was looking at the soul which was in torment. He knew the point at which the person’s life had ended. (By that, she means the point when the person made the last decision). Jesus knew. And He didn’t say, “Okay, they deserved it.” He was crying, and He was groaning also. And it was horrible. And there were some that He said, “I never knew you.” Some were begging, but the Lord said to them, “I never knew you.” It was horrible to see.


After this, Jesus turned away from them. And while we were there, Jesus fed me three times with a golden grain. It was pulled out like this (and she indicates that He’s pulling it out from, like, under His robe—under His arm. And it’s long. And I had to eat it with its stem.


My family said to me that my collapsed body at that time (she turns to her husband and he states that her face was radiating. “It was shining. She became different as she got stronger.”). That was the only way I could go on. Sometimes I collapsed in hell. I cried. It is unspeakable when you see that everywhere there are cells. There is torment everywhere. There are demons, filth, snot all over the place. The fire is burning, there’s no air to breathe. There is no sign of life there. You can become crazed if you’re not with the Lord. The fear of the Lord just came upon me so powerfully that even one little lie, one little thought must not separate me from the Lord.




I don’t know when He led me to my father’s cell. I went nearer and nearer to the Lord Jesus because I knew if I want to live, I have to be nearest to Him. The only Rock is Jesus, and I can only cling to His Name. He’s the only one Who can help me. There cannot be any false stronghold in your life. The greatest deception of the devil is hypocrisy, saying, “Oh, that doesn’t really matter.”


Jesus also told me about the demonic pollution, what the signs of it are. And I wrote down what are the signs of the fire of the Holy Spirit.


I saw a lot of adulterers there. There was a blonde woman there whose ankle was constantly being cut. They tortured her in this way, too, because she grabbed men with her ankle. This is the way she was enchanting them. So this is very important for women that they have no right to wear tight dresses, so much makeup, walking seductively, giggling. Jesus said that this word actually means more than giggling (the word they used in Hungarian for that). It means basically laughing loudly to try to get men’s attention. So it is not true to say that if you giggle that you’re going to hell for it. But it is sound to say that giggle way more extremely for (the purpose of enticing) men is bad. Because the smiling is different. There is a difference between smiling and wanting others to be focused on her. They have no right to draw attention from the God-worshipping men. Pay attention. I wrote everything He said, but I will re-type it. They were screaming. Oh, yeah, about that father.


Then the Lord spoke to Tamás.


Tamás: The Lord told me to start to pray because she’s going to see something very horrible. And as I told you (he is speaking to the pastor conducting the interview), I knew the difference when she was speaking and when the Lord was speaking through her. She was in a trance state, and I realized when Eudoxia was speaking and when Jesus was speaking through her. In the spirit, I just felt it, and I started to pray for her. I started to pray for her, and I saw that the pain, which was on her face, started to grow stronger and stronger. If I could say it, she saw the most horrible thing at this point.


Eudoxia continues: So the Lord told me it must be done. He must cleanse me from every false stronghold in my life because I really love my father. I put him up on a pedestal like the Lord Himself. I barely met him, but in that short period of time, he was really good to me. So that’s why I really loved him. And he died at a very young age. So that’s why my mom could do a lot of horrible things to me.


And then He led me to a prison cell. And then I knew and I felt who it was. And he (my father) also knew it. And I asked, “Father, is that you?” He said, “Eudoxia, please tell it to everyone, because it’s horrible.” And there was my father, and they were stabbing him. “The fire is burning. I’m afraid,” he said.


She says, “And I was clinging to the Lord. In that one moment, the Lord allowed me to live what they were experiencing there. However, I didn’t feel it in the physical realm because I was in the Spirit. But for that moment, it’s impossible to explain. Hopelessness, unending pain, despair, vulnerability. There’s no place for hope there. You can easily go crazy.


Then Jesus showed my father to me. And I’m saying this to you, because that which is drawn to the light is the truth, and you cannot… The Lord told me about my father, that as I would grow older, or teenager, I would’ve become one of his victims. The Lord showed me that he had more lovers. He had more lovers next to my mom. And I was interested that whenever we went to a city, we went to a church. And he brought a lot of money there. And I never understood it.


And I said, “Lord, how is it possible that there were generations when they didn’t hear about You?” Do you know what He said? It was always a question because there was no Faith Church (Hit Gyulekezet) at that time who helped you. And He said, “Whoever opened his heart and was seeking Me, he found Me.” And I never knew that before, because it was a question to me. It’s possible that for you, it was not a question, but for me it was. I don’t know how, but through this experience of seeing my father there, it drew me closer to the Lord. Because I understood that it’s only Jesus that I can cling to.




Then he brought me to another relative of mine, and her name was Édes (Hungarian name that means “Sweet”). Then she said once that she repented on the TV when they were watching Happy Sunday, which is a TV program of the Faith Church. And then I saw that there were no rocks in her cell. And there were no demons at all. But there was absolute loneliness there. She was hunched forward and crying. But when she was alive, Tamás and I went to visit her because she was the only good in my life. I said to Tamás, “I’ve never met such a good person as she is.” She was from a little town, and she was watching the Happy Sunday program. And as she said, she came to the Lord. But she was there. And I didn’t understand, but I asked Jesus, “Why is she there?” And He said that she was not complete in faith. “She was not complete in faith.” Now, how can we go to heaven? He said, “Not you. That’s the problem. You try to solve it on your own strength. However, you must open your heart and let the Holy Spirit come in. And He will work in you and prepare you for heaven. Not through your own strength, not human strength. Not by legalism and judging.” And there Sweet was. And this one cell — I could’ve torn it apart — because she nearly made it. It was horrible. I loved her the best in my life. And I don’t know how, but it drew me closer to Jesus.




After this, He led me to a totally lonely place where there were empty cells. There were no souls in them. Then inside the cells, there were nameplates. Sometimes there was a name on it, and it disappeared. I know it now that in time, the time was going on. Then the Lord said that if someone


repents in his heart, then this nameplate will disappear from hell and appear on the set table in heaven. But if he walks on the dark way—or the evil way—then his name will appear in hell. And there were names for our people, too. And I don’t remember the names and I don’t want to remember them. And that’s what I was so amazed by. And the Lord said that there are a lot of hypocrites among us. And I started to weep before Him out loud.


After this experience, we cleansed our house fully. We repented more. We’ve done such a great cleansing process in our family, in our children, because the Lord has always started with His people. The Lord said that while the Church is not ready because in the Church, how we must care for superiors. The Church will only shine if we love each other. Then there’s no need for so much talk. Everyone just opens their heart, the Holy Spirit just flows through, and He flows out. The Holy Spirit flows into the houses, and people will come by their own will. We should not speak to those people to come to the church. Great numbers of people will come to church in this way. Not as through human strength, we go and beat their heads with the Word.


I did that to my daughter. I was like this to Leila [my daughter] when I was bringing her for fifteen years. And others said I should bring her to the mental hospital because she’s not normal. The doctor also said to throw her away and that “You should not care for her.” That, “If you push her away, you won’t have so many problems.” And I didn’t do it; I got her on my back. And that was one of the happiest moments in my life—when the Lord set her free. She said she collapsed before the Lord, and then she came to me, “Mom, thanks, for you were bringing me for years, and you didn’t give up on me.” And I said to her, “Leila, this is love. Could I do otherwise? I’m bound to lay down my life for you. My life isn’t a great privilege. I give it to you because I love you. I must love you more than myself because Jesus also loved us in this way. If we don’t love each other with this love, then we are hypocrites.”


I was looking for Scriptures for every part. I confirmed everything with a Scripture, for the Lord said to confirm everything with a Scripture because His Word is the truth, which is Himself. And the Lord said that you (she’s speaking to the pastor and others listening to her) will judge me, but in a good way. And I ask for you with a humble heart to discern it. And He said it’s because He was also discerned. And the disciple is never above his master. And they did the same to Jesus, although He was the Son of God. But they didn’t realize it.




And I would like to tell you about what I saw concerning children in hell. I saw it. Jesus said, “Let it be cleansed from My people.” He didn’t say, “Just cleanse it,” meaning, “Just throw it out.” This is what I saw in complete darkness and complete hate down there. For these figures (satan uses them) for the parents sit their children in front of the television, and satan rules them into a false dimension. And after this when the child realizes he doesn’t live in a world like that, then comes the rebellion, then dishonoring their parents, and etcetera. So this is how the children are going astray.


The Barbie, the Winnie the Pooh, the Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty, the Batman, and every kind of “mans” — these are the symbols of poor salvation. That’s what the Lord said. Pokeman, Spider Man, Digimon, elves, and every cartoon which has magic in it. It must be thrown out. This is what we also did. We burned a lot of DVD’s and everything. And we also brought their ashes out into the forest, because satan uses it for what I never even thought — for the children to be deceived, to bring them to a world which is a fantasy.


I don’t know if you’ve seen Tinker Bell. I’ve seen it once, and I watched it with my children. Then my children said, “Oh, there’s only butter with bread, but Ching-a-Ling could have better stuff for breakfast.” So this is where it all starts. They start longing for; they don’t see the world in a real


way. They are caught into a web. Jesus showed it to me. It’s not just like the demons just go in. Each demon has its own territory. The Lord told me to write it down about every territory, how the devil works. It is very structured. Satan is a very intelligent creature—very intelligent. He knows it very well, and the Lord told me that our children must be taught about victorious, Biblical stories. We have to be more focused on the Word itself. We have to be more focused, more focused.


Whatever people see in these cartoons, “Oh, it’s nothing special. Oh, there’s nothing in it.” And then I see my children, and once Tamás said very correctly to my daughter, “Listen, Leila. You only just depart from the right path a little, and see how big the difference is between the two different places you end up.” Every time, it’s just a little, and satan is very intelligent, and he knows.


The Lord put a lot of emphasis — or focus — on obedience. He taught me how to care for children. He said it’s very good if we go for a walk in the forest with our children. And we talk to them during the trip. These children are such wonderful creatures. They just open up before us. It is very important to spend time with them — not on the streets which are full of dirt. I’m always walking with my children in the forest. And I tell them correctly that we will do this, we will do that. We are talking, bringing out the Bible. There are times when we couldn’t come to church, but I made a church with them. And we were talking, “How do you see this scripture?” And I didn’t just run over them, saying, “It’s not like that.” I told them, and we have to use the words so they realize for themselves to judge the sin in themselves. So I can recommend it to everyone to spend more time with our children; for our children are our future. And what we build in them.


Of course, studying is very important. I’ll tell you an example. Now here is Christopher, my son. We were learning of false thoughts at school, and then Christopher stopped and said, “I won’t read it, Mrs. Teacher.” “Then you will get an ‘F’,” she said. And he replied, “I don’t care.” And he didn’t read it. He came home and I complimented him and said, “You must honor your teacher, but you did right. You must not be willing to do wrong, because I saw what’s down there (meaning hell). Just a little will take you away — just a little. And this is how he gets you in his web. satan is a complete hater of men. He hates us completely. I know. I saw what he did down there. It was horrible what I saw, but I’m not afraid of him, because whoever has the Lord in himself will not be afraid. Because when someone sees the Lord Jesus and the authority and power He’s clothed in, how glorious He is — in only His little pinky finger, there is everything, then you won’t be afraid anymore.”


I can tell you, I had spiritual battles, too. For after these came even death and a satanic child of a whore, because satan doesn’t have children, but whores’ sons. And they came to me to make me afraid. The Lord’s word came through my mouth, and I don’t even know how. The battle was five minutes long, not thirty minutes or… But when you stand in faith and you see that he cannot claim you, this is what the Lord was talking about. This is our armor. And if there’s no single gap, he cannot touch you. And if the Church would love each other like this (she indicates a circle), with the pastor in the middle, and everyone loves him, then the wolf cannot come in. Only those with gaps can be attacked by the wolves. And it must be like this, in this way, with the pastor in the middle. The Lord also said, “If they pass judgment on you and say what is not good, you should not rebel,” because He has the Word of God and He is right. And I even repented, which I never should have, and the Lord remembered it and said it was blessed. But when you start to rebel against your leaders and the pastor, you must understand this: that the Lord will never stand between two brothers, between two leaders. He loves both of them. He will never say, “Yes, you are right,” because then He wouldn’t be God. Because He’s not partial; He’s the God of Truth.


So He taught me many things about humility. Leila collapsed before the Lord. It was one of the most beautiful gifts from the Lord I was ever given.




So now I’ll start to speak about Babylon, which is down there—literally. Then Jesus hid Himself. It was very interesting that we went to a dark tunnel. However, the Lord told me to look up. It must have some importance in it. I don’t know. Dark tunnel, and look up.


And then I saw the council chamber. And there sat satan, the satanic whores’ sons, death—which is literally as his own name. For example, I saw death, and he’s not moving. There’s no movement in him like he was gliding. He’s like…death. There is not even a sign of life in him. It’s horrible. There were the witches, false gods and goddesses. They were around the table at the council chamber. They didn’t stop kissing satan. They were doing filthy acts. I’m just saying in this way: filthy acts. It was horrible. They were drinking the blood of the saints. They drank the blood of those whom they had already deceived. And it is written that this is correct. What you read in the Bible, it’s literally down there. That’s true in hell, like in heaven, there are mercy and grace. These things are visible. Everything just becomes flesh.


And there they committed adultery. They were drinking…everything was horrible. And they drank, and it was important that was after Faith Church won a victory, and satan said that two different attacks come from down there in hell. One, to separate married couples for the whores’ sons. Then the second one is, there comes the attack of mammon, or love of money and what I mentioned, the cheating in marriage. He will send a rich man to church. I know that it will be a young man. He will be a young man, and if the pastor will accept his money, he will never be free. He will be owned by that man. And I don’t know who this is about, which pastor. He didn’t mention. He didn’t say it’s the Nyíregyháza one. So I can’t say this.


Then there comes the cheating—marital infidelity, and he explained that marriage is one body, because if there’s one gap, and you don’t accept him or her completely, or you don’t see her like you did before anymore, then there’s a gap, and he can come to you with a spear. But one body, we must love each other with full acceptance in love. Now, this is very important: to love each other.


Then Jesus was blazing, and they laughed and drank the blood. I found everything in the scriptures; the false goddesses, who have something, like a frog coming out of their mouths. I found everything in the Scripture. The Lord showed me everything.




Then there was a goddess, which you have to be very careful with, especially the young children, ladies. She was casting a spell into a mirror. And then there was this false goddess in front of the mirror, and there, somehow she saw into it. Who’s been looking in the mirror saying that, “Oh, I’m so beautiful. Oh, there’s no one like me.” And with this one false thought, she grabbed her with just this one — not more — just this one. She was staring and casting spells.




There was another room. We went on. And there was a very big bed in it. And I found it strange because there was a very beautiful woman lying on that bed. And I was even looking at her that, oh, how beautiful she is! But it really, it wasn’t normal what she looked like, how beautiful she was. Then I saw that she started to do things with herself. Well, I don’t want to use that word. And, she did it—that sin. You understand it. Then she woke up and went to the council chamber and started to say whom she deceived. And that was horrible, that even children were in it. And she said, “And even Christians.” And she started to laugh with an evil laugh. And she praised and kissed the lips of Satan. And as she was laughing, there came snakes from her mouth. And as she was laughing, the


lust and dirt just came out of her mouth. Literally, the lust and dirt just flowed out of her mouth.

And she immediately went to report to satan.


And the Lord said and warned that women and stars, who are so beautiful that you cannot make them more beautiful, they’re not always humans, especially, you can know it when they die at a very young age. The Lord said to me, “Because she goes down, takes up a new body, and goes up again.” If it’s possible, even from our people they deceive—from the youth, with this music.


And the porn—the Lord showed me that the porn is made in hell. The Lord showed it to me. I didn’t see the action, but when I looked at it, I knew they were doing it. They gave it through dreams to those who are already in bondage. He gave it through dreams. This was horrible.


And as this woman was pleasing herself in the bed, she was casting spells as she did it. “There are people,” the Lord said, who don’t want to do it, but they do it because they’re in bondage.” This is when she’s casting spells upon them. And if he doesn’t want to do it, he still does it, because he’s in bondage. This is horrible.




In spirit, it is visible—which way you’re going on. And be careful, because satan also sees it, because he’s spiritual, too. So he sees it, and he knows who have gaps in their life. And when a man does not repent from his heart, there comes a greater bondage in his life. And here comes the hypocrisy.


I don’t know what to do with myself. I was like this with my mouth. I could not do anything to stop it. If my child made me angry, I said it. And it hurt me so much. I always went to the Lord. I remember. I cried to Tamás and I said everything to him, to fast for me. But I couldn’t do anything against it. It was horrible. It was horrible.




The horror movies are also set in hell. They gave it through dreams. It’s important that the stars are not always humans, but the satanic whores’ sons—not demons. It’s important. But satanic whores’ sons.


Those who take up this flesh, they take up flesh and they cast spells on people and deceive as many as they can. And then they die. Then it goes down to hell, takes up another body, and goes back up. These are those who die in a very tragic way.




As we were going out from hell with Jesus, through the tunnel, and those souls are constantly falling down, and these soul-like rocks were constantly cutting into the people. Judgment is happening immediately. And a star fell in—a rock star. Jesus said it’s a world-famous rock guitar player. We saw stars down there, but we don’t really watch TV, so I don’t know who they were. So I can’t really say. And as he fell down, there was a big huge rock, and he fell right upon it on his face. And there came a snot-like creature, and he grabbed the rock star with one hand, and he threw it to his own cell. And he started to scream out, “It’s a misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding! I am God. This is not what I meant to be!” And then two filthy monsters went in. “This is your kingdom. Kiss us. This is your place.” And they are constantly on them, scratching them, cutting them, biting them, clawing them. They’re jumping on them and casting filth upon them. I’m not sure what comes out from them. It’s glue-ish material, but it’s flowing out of them as they’re cursing. In this


glue-ish material, there are worms traveling in it. And it’s not like the worms, but in this snot, the worms are traveling. So it was horrible.




And this is very important. I saw an alien UFO down there. It was a great, bright thing. It was beautiful. And I saw three. I had never seen them before, just on the news. But these aliens were like them, like in the news. However, the aliens didn’t have lips. They had jagged teeth, and they were so evil. And they were made of snot-ish material. And then the Lord said to me that it is nothing more than a deception, to make you believe in false things. And these are spirits.


I wanted to talk about UFOs and the deception and false spirits, that they are deceiving people with a different power. What really shocked me is that NASA knows about it and the American National Security Agency (NSA) knows about it. They know about it, but they don’t believe it. So they explain it away. They know about their existence, but they explain it away that it’s not them. And I was absolutely shocked about it that they know and they don’t speak about it. They explain it away. They know, but they don’t believe it. Although they know about them, they don’t believe in them one hundred percent. I was really shocked by it.




And then the Lord said how we can go to heaven: to lay down in the palm of the Father’s hand, to lay down our hands. And this makes it difficult, to give yourself up to the Lord without the strength of men. This is the point: without the strength of men. You have to just open your heart and let the Lord do whatever He wants to do. It cannot be done by force. But the only one to open up our hearts is us. Someone has his heart partly opened or fully shut, and still asks, asks, asks; prayer, prayer, prayer, and struggling, and there’s no fruit from it. Of course, because you didn’t open up your heart. You wanted to do it by yourself. We think we are gods, we think we can hold ourselves, then it’s heresy.


Then Jesus taught very simply. He always taught so simply that I always asked, “Is it this simple?”

And one teaching of Jesus wasn’t more than twenty minutes. He went through from point to point.

He had His reasons. It was perfect. I was just looking that, it’s this simple?




That strong makeup, strong perfume, which I think I already mentioned to you where it leads. Jesus said that these perfumes are also enchanted.


And what I saw was a woman walking on the street, and she used perfume. And the man was walking next to her, and he smelled this scent. He really loved his wife, but there was some kind of gap between the two of them. They were not one body. The gap is always unseen. He smelled this scent, went home. There wasn’t any action outwardly, but he still couldn’t forgive something his wife had done. And he couldn’t love her like he did before. From a little argument, there came a bigger argument. And there was unforgiveness lately, then divorce at the end—from only one enchanted scent. The Lord said this is why we need to always have our armor on.


We have to be very careful with the gaps in our lives. Only a little sin, only one little sin. However, the angels said to me to repent immediately after sinning. However, I’ve always been like this. You cannot wait a day or even a minute. You must repent immediately. One of the greatest traps of the devil is “later, later,” because there would be a gap in your life, and it would widen up. But if we immediately close it and ask for Jesus Christ’s saving Blood, this gap will recover and the Holy


Spirit will come and make it all solid. It’s wonderful. Then we can move on. We are not weak because we go to the Lord every time we sin. It is better than to live in hypocrisy.


It was approximately a five-hour experience, and during that time, my body was collapsed, according to my family members.




As we were coming out of hell, it was wonderful. However, I wept and held the hands of Jesus. I was gripping His hands and He told me, “I will take you on a journey to another place.” As soon as He said that, we were at the Garden of Eden, where there were huge cherubim before it. That was interesting, and there was a force field fence around it, which was sparkling with something like blue sparks going through the force field. It’s a force field, not a wooden fence because I thought there would be a fence, like something material. But, no, there was a force field around it. And I knew it because there was something sparkling going back and forth. And when that enormous cherub approached Jesus, he was not taller than Jesus. And it was very interesting because I saw that he was enormous, but yet when he reached Jesus, he was not taller than Him. And Jesus loved him also. He hugged him around his neck. He loved him. I think it was very important.


And then He said to me, “This is the place where you will play.” And I said to the Lord that, “Oh, we are now adults. We won’t play anymore here.” And He said, “Yes you will, because you’re the children of God, and the children love to play.”




It was so wonderful, and I so loved Him. Then, there He said, “The angel will take your clothes off.” Then I started to cry and say, “Oh, no! No, Lord! Then I won’t see you any more if I do this.” And He said, “Let me do this, My daughter because you have to tell it to others. And please understand this, that they believe in heaven and they hope for heaven. But the existence of hell they deny. And they don’t understand that only in His Name, only in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, only in the Lord Jesus’ Name, and there is no church, no community that can save you. Only this Name.”


When He said to me, “Let Me, My daughter,” then my clothes immediately just came off. And then He returned me to my body. It’s unspeakable. It was horrible. When I looked at my own body, it was horrible—this junk body. This injury that I had, which really hurt me, was in my body, but it hurt me more the day I after I got back (she’s referring to this spiritual pain that she had after she got back, like a burning coal.) I didn’t want to go to the terrace. I asked Jesus to heal me, and He immediately healed me. I knew that He had torn me out of my body, and I felt like I had been beaten. It was a big pain. And when I came back to my flesh, I saw my children again. It was so wonderful to see them, how they were filled with the Holy Spirit. I saw that the Lord wasn’t away from them either.


There were baptisms of the Holy Spirit during this experience.


Pastor Zoltán: “How was it, Tamás?”


Tamás: “We were laughing; we were crying; we were constantly praising the Lord. Well, I told you that I wanted to go to the bathroom, but because we were sitting there for three hours, then the Lord commanded me—He looked at me through Eudoxia. He said, ‘No, you must stay where you are, because we need your faith, too.’ I didn’t dare to go out.”


Eudoxia: Then the Lord was still with us because I asked Him to stay with us [after she returned to her body]. He didn’t go away. He was next to me and comforting me—literally. He said to me, “Now the angels are coming to you to clothe you in the armor of God.” And Tamás also felt it.


Tamás: “What she said to me, ‘The Lord is touching your shoulders,’ I felt the heat on my shoulders. Joy and peace started to flow through my body through His touch. He suited up the armor on me with such power, you could feel it. It’s hard to describe it. The human just feels it, because it’s real.


Eudoxia: The angel told me not to sin. But he added immediately, “If you commit sin, repent immediately, so there will be no gaps in your life.” And we immediately have to ask for Jesus’ Blood.


And then the Lord came to me after this and asked if He could anoint me and my husband, as His servants. Then, those weren’t our words when we replied, “You honor us, Lord.” Then I saw what He poured out. It is beautiful and golden. And that cup that He was pouring from was also gold, and it had jewels on it. And as I said to my husband that “He’s pouring out His oil on you,” and he said what he felt…


Tamás: “I felt very hot, extreme presence, so much love, like a honey would pour over you, and it just covers your body…I definitely felt it, like it was from another world that I’ve never experienced before.”


Eudoxia: Yes, it was wonderful He stayed with us. He stayed with us and comforted us. And after that, I could barely see Him, but He was very gracious to me. Imre said that some people need more than three days of recovery from this sort of experience, but I could recover sooner.


I don’t say that I couldn’t see Jesus. I could just see Him barely. And everything seemed to me like filth on the earth. Everything seemed crappy and dark. It was amazing — the spiritual realm I was walking in was so much different in its composition. It was so much different that you can’t liken it to one another. The difference is enormous. It cannot be likened.


Then I said to Tamás, “If anyone would give me a car like before, nothing, nothing really interests me; nor even my heavenly mansion. I’d rather be the lover of Jesus. I want to be always before Him and praise Him.” I cannot believe it if someone meets Him and needs something else other than this. I can’t believe it if someone meets Jesus and then takes a look around in heaven. I didn’t even long to look around when He was next to me.


Like the palaces. [She mentions a palace she saw]. And there was a heavenly vehicle before it. Jesus said, “This is a heavenly vehicle,” which had two different colors — one darker and one lighter (which, it isn’t that dark because the dark isn’t like that). And He said, “It’s a heavenly vehicle.” But somehow, it didn’t really interest me. I didn’t care, because if someone looks at Jesus’ face, he only wants to stare at Him, to gaze at Him. Just look into His eyes. His words are life. His Word is the Word. It’s just…you cannot define it, for everything that is good comes through Him. Everything that is good comes from Him.




And after these, we recovered. There came a great cleaning up. We cleaned up everything that we thought was just a little innocent thing: posters, everything, clothes. And we changed completely. And on that day, there came Death at the hallway. He appeared to shut my mouth up because if I


wouldn’t shut my mouth, he would kill my children. I stood in faith. I commanded him with the words of Jesus, which I don’t really remember. Then he fled, but not really fled. He sank.




Then a satanic whore’s son was on the terrace. My children also felt that there was something dark there, and they asked, and I said, “Yes, he’s here.” He was waving the dark contract. Have I mentioned the dark contracts? In the council room, at the left corner, there were dark contracts, which were emitting black smoke. These are souls, which were sold for fame or money. The souls. And it’s very important to mention that Jesus said that they don’t even know about it because they were praying to satan’s synagogue for fame and money. And I was thinking a lot, like, “How can they pray when they don’t know?” The way it happens is when you ask for something in prayer but not in the Lord’s Name. For example, fame or money, then it is satan’s synagogue [that you are praying to]. So it is revealed which is the good prayer and which is bad. And they realize it down there. These are stars and doctors. There are even Hungarians among them. And there were these contracts. They sold their own souls to satan.


Jesus said there is a world-renowned star that even our children praise—but not our children because they don’t listen to this music.


She also sold her soul to this. And Jesus said that as they are listening to this music, they are twisting, they are playing, they are singing. They are getting caught into this net. Then he will never see straight. You can talk to him, but he will only see tunnel vision.




Pastor Zoltán: “There is something that was left out, which you said to us in our previous talk about the elders.”


Eudoxia: Oh, yes…Jesus taught me that the pastor gives his life for the sheep. It’s well-known, but we must also give our lives for others. Jesus said that we have to relieve the pastors and leaders, but especially the pastors from burdens. The reason is that he must be with the Lord because if they don’t have enough time with the Lord, the anointing only lasts for a short time. We have to refill the oil. So the pastor stands in the middle and the sheep are around him. And the brethren must love each other with an accepting love. And we have to take the pastor into the circle. And we have to ask the pastor to step on our feet and stand on our shoulders. “It doesn’t matter how, but we have to lift you up.” This is spiritual. We have to lift him up among us because he has the Word of God, he is the shining fragrance. Then there would be a great number of people who would find their way here. “It is very important to relieve those from the burden who have the Word of God because, for us, this is the treasure,” He said.




Then Jesus spoke to me and I really like when He said this that “The Word is like an expensive necklace, like a necklace made of pearl. Every part of this necklace is a scripture. It cannot be removed. If you remove one, all of them will fall away.” He said to me, “The other churches are standing in this way — the Lutheran, Catholic…” (I don’t know what other churches) “…They are standing on partial truth, and it’s not stable. And it doesn’t remain on the Rock. Full truth, just as the Word is. One scripture connects to the other scripture and we have to accept it fully.” There is no, “I remove this one,” and “That second one is not about me.” He gave His life for us, and we have to give our lives for them. And Jesus said to me, “It’s not a high thing.” He said it’s our duty. This is


the duty of being a Christian that we lay down our lives. “If I must, I will die for you. If I must, I will give up this for my life. Or if I have to, I will help you. If I have to, I will do this for you.”




And He said that—and it’s my own understanding, too—that Christians must spend more time together so much more. We have to know each other, because it does not love [just to say] that, “Hi, what’s your name?” Talk to each other, hug one another, love each other. This is not a weakness. Jesus did the same in heaven. Men can also do this to other men, as one of the elders did to my husband, and I was very happy because of it because that’s the love it is.


He told me how the mothers should be praying, and a lot more. Stop gossiping. The restroom — I don’t really like it because I just run in and run out. Because there (meaning at church), there is always gossiping. This is not good. It’s always going on, and it’s not good. I wrote down what the women must be like, that in this way we must defend our pastors, to lift them up. We have to accept everything from the pastor. We can’t criticize him.


Oh, and it’s very important: One man with his family. It’s not like I don’t love one of them, with his daughter, his son, his uncle—with every part of his family, because they are family in this way. If you don’t accept one member of his family, then there is no full truth in it. There is no complete love in it. There is only partial. And it won’t stand. We have to love his family as we love him. Some say that it’s work to love. Yes, it’s work, but we have to love each other. And if they stand in complete love, then the wolf can’t come and grab them.




And Jesus said to me with this word that He needs the people of shame, who are sitting at the very back row of the churches, who are staring toward the front. They are crying but never receiving comfort. He didn’t forget about the orphans or the widows. He will strengthen them. He needs the shameful, discarded people.


And after this, a lot of things happened. I was in hell twice.


Pastor Zoltán: “Thank you very much.”


Eudoxia: You’re very welcome.


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