I affirm on behalf of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that these revelations are faithful and true. My name is Elisabeth and I am a Servant of God serving many years in intercession in a church founded in 1999 by order of Almighty God. I had a lot of experience with God in my personal life and in the work of God.


I will try to summarize the experience when God led me to heaven and hell. I would like to thank first the Lord God of Israel. I thank you for this opportunity. I ask that your blessing fill the heart of each person who hears this testimony from the Lord Jesus.


Before talking about what I saw in the heavenly world I want to quote some biblical references because of the revelations that I had were beyond the natural senses. I will quote some references that speak about experiences beyond the senses.


Act 10:19 While Peter thought on the vision, the Spirit said unto him, Behold, three men seek thee.


2Co 12:1-4 1 It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. 2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven. 3 And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) 4 How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.


God is true and there are many passages in the Bible that mentioned hell and heaven even describing the streets of gold.


I am going to read the first part of the revelation I had in heaven. On an ordinary night when I was on my knees praying, I felt my breath coming out of my heart. I crawled and laid down with difficulty. When I looked at the ceiling of my house, I saw it was broken.


Although I could hear everything around me, when I tried to look again, I saw two spirit beings in white robes who had so much glory and they floated and stopped at my feet and told me, “It is necessary that you come with us because the Lord Jesus wants to talk to you about something very important. Jesus Christ whom you serve, who is come in the flesh, was dead and risen and is sitting at the right of the Father.”


The angels held me and we went up. I saw my body lying on the floor. I found I was in a garment whiter than snow. It is my spiritual body and is glorified. Finally, the angels said to me, “Now we have to hurry and go faster.” We started to fly at an incredible speed and we passed the clouds and the blue sky. We went beyond the stars and I saw the planets of our solar system. Then we arrived at a beautiful green landscape. Here on earth, there is no such landscape similar to that of heaven. Heaven was beautiful. It was a land with trees and plants having perfect flowers. I saw animals passing by. All paradise is perfect. I sat on the green grasses and took the time to contemplate and admire this heavenly landscape and the angels.


I heard and saw the happy saints of heaven. The children were singing happily and they were in happiness. I met a group under the beautiful trees of paradise. They sang songs of praise. They quoted passages from the Bible. They smiled. I testify that there were no cripples nor any disabled patients nor any people with sad faces. The Bible says in Rev 21:4 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”


I was sitting on the grass of paradise when the two angels who were with me said, “Elizabeth we have to leave.” So we crossed the transparent golden street and soon after I saw the rivers of living water like crystal coming out of the throne of God and the Lamb and came down in cascades. The angel told me this is the river of life. Suddenly the angel of the Lord leaned and splashed the crystal clear water on my face and told me this verse.


Rev 22:1 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.


Then we continued to float in the glory of heaven.


I contemplated a great clock on the wall and next to it were two angels holding two trumpets and waiting for the order of God to blow the trumpets. The angel told me to observe this clock. When I looked at the hands, they were minutes before midnight. I said to myself, “As soon as the hands of this clock come together, in God’s time, the trumpet will sound and Jesus will come back to look for His church. Then this change will lead to the infinite table of the wedding hall of the Lamb.” The table was miles in length and was covered with an ornate white towel and its golden embroidery was made by the angels themselves.


Finally the angel told me go to the throne of the Father, “He wants to talk to you.” As soon as we arrived before the throne there were people around the throne who have been caught up in the Spirit like me to heaven. They were saying goodbye to Jesus. The angels were there waiting for my turn to come.


As soon as Jesus looked at me, He came towards me. I ran towards Him like a child and I kissed at His feet. I asked for forgiveness and mercy. I was moved as I kissed His feet. Jesus is beautiful and full of sweetness. His eyes were like flames of fire and had so much love and mercy. I saw holes in His feet and scars on His hands and wrists. He turned around and showed me the side where He had been pierced. The garment of the Lord was glorious and was pearly white. It was brighter than the sun. He touched my mouth and put His hand on my head and said, “You’ll be a watchman and you will prophesy. Tell the earth that those who accept you have accepted Me; those who reject you have rejected Me. From now on, you have a special covenant with Me.”


Jesus looked at His Father who was sitting on a big throne of gold and silver and much glory emanated from Him. The wickedness of the earth had gone up before Him and the smell of sin rising from the earth had reached His nostrils. But Jesus interceded with His Father who was about to take some measures against the land because the sin of the world had risen up before His throne.


Jesus said, “Father, wait a little longer for the sake of the Elect.” The Father answered, “I will wait a little longer because of the Elect.”


Beloved, the Father is waiting a little more time. That’s why we have to clean our garments and purify them. And then Jesus looked at me and said, “Elisabeth, warn My church on the earth. Many who come to church do not see and do not listen and do not understand that My return is imminent. Get ready as a beloved church.”


I could not see the face of God. God says no man has seen God but I was in contemplation of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was with Him personally. I asked for forgiveness with tears and I was delighted when two angels brought me to heaven. They came to bring me back on a golden chariot with two beautiful white horses. These horses were perfect and whiter than snow. I have never seen horses so beautiful in all my life. I joined the angel of God in his chariot. The angel was pressing on golden buttons to start the heavenly chariot and we traveled the heavens, We got into our galaxy. I contemplated the universe, the stars, the planets revolving around our system. Everything was very beautiful.


I said to the angel that I was a bit cold and asked if he could close the windows of the chariot. The angel closed the crystal windows of the celestial chariot whose glass was pure. The celestial chariot was moving at an incredible speed and we stopped at the roof of my house. I did not want to go out but the angel told me, “It is necessary that you can return to your body because Jesus has need of your testimony on earth. You would come back to heaven because heaven has a particular affinity with you and your golden house that is decorated with pearls is waiting for you.”


I saw my body and finally, I went back into my body. I looked up to say goodbye to them and they smiled at me and told me, “Stay in peace.”




I will tell you a revelation about the hell I got. After midnight a powerful angel came to see me. He was dazzlingly white, whiter than snow. He had a golden belt around the waist and was wearing a golden helmet with a sword around him and he had a supernatural glory.


He told me, “Let’s go to hell. Many Lord’s servants have been there visiting and it is necessary for you to go out there and to testify on earth. Fear not because the demons will not touch you.”


Immediately we got high in space and then we are descended beyond the sea to inside the earth. There was a black hole through which we entered the earth and I saw a terrifying tunnel under the earth. There was sulfur from the swarms of demons in the form of insects. They were hovering and shouting mocking words in shrill voices. They wanted to destroy lives on the earth. When I was in hell, I looked at the floor. It was full of lizards, animals, caterpillars, scorpions, spiders, snakes and rats and all kinds of infernal animals but they could not touch me.


I looked and I saw a wide wooden door. I saw demons around the door of hell. They were monsters of all sizes. On the portal, it was written in red and black letters, “Welcome to the kingdom of hell.” The demons and monsters looked at me in a threatening way. They were eager to capture me. The angel raised his sword against them and they opened the door and we entered.




As soon as we entered hell, the smell was terrible. I saw a lot of gray smoke. There were fires on the ground and there were people inside the fire. They were chained. I heard a lot of moans and cries of terror. Around the door, there were horrible demons full of hatred and smoke flowing from their nostrils. They kept guard over this part of hell and were not happy with my visit. The angel told him that this visit is a divine order.


I looked around and I saw priests and nuns and people who worshipped images of idol sculptures on earth. They were tormented and were crucified on musty rocks . The demons had fun with them with terrible tortures. A lot of those priests in hell were homosexual and had sex with children.


There was a room where the demons sodomize the homosexuals and pedophiles on the floor. At this place, the demons have fun with them but this torture was terrible




When we left this section we arrived in a room where there was a big dusty table on which were different objects and articles. In fact there were magazines of Eastern cult religions and leaflets of satanic heretics. I saw a magazine about spiritualism. There were also pornographic magazines. I then saw magazines featuring aliens.


I saw big shelves devoted to new technologies on which were found DVDs and TVs. I saw advanced technology that was about to go out on the earth.


Then we moved further on in another big room where there was an exhibition with showcases. This was the industrial and manufacturing complex of hell. In this exhibition of objects which was to be put into circulation on earth, I saw snake rings, necklaces, chains with skull and crossbones. They were the symbols to the worship of the New Age in hell.


I saw women devils with their hair cut short and the men devils had tattooed necks with Satanist symbols. The diabolical tattoos were also on their legs, shoulders, and arms. They were on the belly and other body parts. These lady devils wore half-naked clothes showing the belly and the intimate parts. I saw men tattooed on every part of their bodies, even on their fingers, hands, noses, belly buttons, ears and tongues.


In the dense industrial complex of hell, I saw bands of colorful bracelets with rings. I saw artificial hair of a certain style that will be put into circulation in Brazil. Legions of demons were attached to them and dwell in these objects made in hell. They incite people to have sex contrary to the Word of God.


Then I went into the third room and I saw the fashion that will be put into circulation on the earth. I saw the transparent clothes. I saw the jewels that will be consecrated in India and in Egypt. I saw clothing woven by two popular brands on Earth and they were dedicated to the devil for the mass consumption of customers on Earth.


I saw cartoons for children. I saw some movies and children’s series. I saw a horror movie with vampires and werewolves, idolatrous novels with images of saints. I saw women dressed in clothes for men.




Now I want to talk and draw your attention to poisoned foods. As Christians we have a habit of praying for the food. When we want to eat and drink something we thank God. Indeed in hell, I saw a big kitchen where the walls were black and the demons prepare poisons to put them on processed foods we eat on the surface. This place looks like a chemical plant in the kitchen where the demons make the poison and on the ground, there was formal hydrogen peroxide sugar sodium flavored in this kitchen in hell.


I saw demons from hell throwing gray smoke on vegetables and fruits that we buy in the supermarkets and in shops. They did the same thing with drugs that we buy in some pharmacies. I will not go deeper because I am not a doctor. In this field, I do not want to report what God showed


me in the revelation. If you are a true Christian you can buy anything you want but remember to ask God to purify the food you want to eat.




I saw a glass showcase with wedding rings broken in half with rusty petals. We were in this exposure when suddenly a demon manifested before us. He was a very handsome man in the form of a mannequin. He said, “My work is to break marriages. I have already destroyed many marriages just at the wedding party and I am going to destroy more marriages on the earth. I will continue to make people commit adultery. I will make women love other women and men love other men.”


In his room was assembled his aphrodisiacs, seductive products, and erotic clothes and objects.

Most of the erotic objects and costumes are designed and made in hell.




I saw the mermaid, Jezebel and the Egyptian goddess. I want to talk about the spirit of Jezebel. A lot of people think that the Jezebel demon only incites women to use beauty products and makeup but this is only one of her functions. She has an even more evil function because she is a very strong principality and satan has assigned her against peoples and churches that are not prepared for spiritual warfare and has destroyed those churches whose shepherds are ignorant of the tactics of this principality. She gives false revelations and false prophecies in the name of Jesus but it’s not Jesus, it’s the devil.


As soon as this mermaid appeared in hell she told us, “Look what I am doing personally in the evangelical churches on earth.” I looked and saw a woman. She looked like a pastor and she prophesied and revealed deceptions that divided and was destroying a church. Many churches on the earth were demolished by the prophetic revelations of this woman yet she seemed to be spiritual. Afterward the lady became a mermaid. This principality of false prophecies is also a goddess from Egypt. She told me, “I have already closed many churches and I will close many other evangelical churches on earth. I want them to disappear because I am Jezebel.” The work of this terrible demon amazed me.




Anal and oral sex is an abomination. In hell, the tortures are terrible especially for women who have practiced abortion. I saw the suffering of those who also practiced oral and anal sex. They endured terrible tortures. I saw a demon snake the size of an anaconda from Brazil. These snakes entered the intimate parts of people to tear them up. Their screams were horrible. I cried. I want to tell people who practice this type of sex to stop. Married people and even Christians practice anal and oral sex. These practices are abominations and lead to a terrible punishment in hell. Many married men marry their women to do abominable things. They say it’s not a sin because they are married but they are all sinning in front of God and all these kinds of sexual positions do not please the Lord God.


In hell I saw a demon which was actually a gelatinous giant worm and when he opened his mouth there were people in him who were tortured by smaller ones. Demons bring him the lost souls. These people were lined up and chained and they were tortured inside this voluminous worm. There was a strong smell inside this worm. I saw souls lost in the belly of this giant worm.




I suddenly saw a big screen as in the cinema. A scene was projected on the screen. When I watched I saw that it was actually a gathering. Inside a room, I saw a great black platform and various authorities and heads of states were gathered in this spacious room. I first saw the pope and his bishops but also cardinals, political ministers from around the world, famous Hollywood actors and all kinds of important personalities of the earth. Then a character got up and the man was very handsome. He was perfect, a handsome man of European beauty. When he started to speak his face and his body became half monster. Then all the celebrities and political leaders were turned into monsters and demonic forms. They were terrible and became a people without legs, without a hand, without eyes and without mouths. The angelic character of the devil became a monster. He told them, “We must the destroy; we have to stop these true Christians who are resisting us because our time is short. We have to destroy Christianity because it is I who reign; the power and the reign of the earth is mine.” While the devil continued his speech to the world elite, suddenly the angel of the Lord took me to a hospital on the earth.




I saw a nurse with an injection and inside this injection was a yellow liquid. The angel told me, “Look again.” I looked at it and I saw several syringes with mosquitoes. The angel said, “This is a biological weapon. These mosquitoes that you see and what is in this syringe are bacteria and viruses that will be injected into people to exterminate them. This was the global government program. After days these people will feel the effects and will die from tumors that are diseases caused by these vaccines.” The angel informed me that future vaccines will be dangerous but they will be put in circulation by the authorities.


After this vision I went to search the internet and I saw the case of girl who were vaccinated and had a seizure of epilepsy after that vaccination. She spent two days without speaking. She did not know this terrible reaction would be produced by this vaccination. This is a warning for humanity.


Then I saw people in positions within the churches but who were adorned with excessive makeup to the point of disrupting their fellowship with God. There are vanities that are needed, for example, when you wear a watch to see the time or a mobile phone or a car.


Then the angel who was with me took me to a throne but it was not where the Lord Jesus Christ is. The Lord told me, “This is the spirit of the antichrist that dominates over Earth. Observe the world trade, the economy, world humanism, the laws, the politics, the materialism, the technologies etc.

They are contrary to My Word. Ask My people to pray. I will be with them and they will have to live in My presence because I’ll be back soon.”




On the 17th April 2014 while lying down an angel of God came in and I held his hand. He told me, “Servant of God, the Father told me to show you some things. He is happy with you because you have kept your body, soul, and spirit in holiness.”


Suddenly we flew at an incredible speed and we arrived in the land of happiness and beauty. I looked at and I saw a green crystal and shining gold three- story building which was in the middle of other buildings, in the center of the heavenly city. It shone more than the others.


The angel told me, “Look at this building.”


I told him, “What a beautiful building. It is shining more than the others.”


The angel told me, “This house is yours. It’s your house. You will live here if you hold good if you fight and overcome.” The angel told me, “I am just going to show you the elevator in the living room and part of the kitchen and some rooms.”


Without delay we entered the elevator of crystal that climbed automatically without having to press a button and then we went into a very beautiful place. The curtains were gold, the sofa was gold and all the furniture was in pure gold. The kitchen was also gold. I liked the cutlery. The windows there were beautiful too.


The angel said, “Let’s go visit the city.”


Then we left and we flew over the city. I saw the river of life; the flowers and the birds; everything was alive in the eternal city including flowers. I saw a group of children playing in a garden of paradise. Some were sitting on the landscape. The children radiated happiness. No one was crying. They were smiling, jumping full of happiness, praising God. There were toys of birds, dogs and other animals. Yes everything is perfect. A lot of these kids have died in accidents; others died of illness; many have been aborted and they have all landed in heaven. They were all radiant with happiness. One of them looked at me and said, “Tell our parents we are here; we are with God in the light and happiness. We are waiting for them here too.” I said that I will talk to them.


We decided to fly and float on this world of happiness when I watched the angel who was with me. I saw that he was wearing boots, a belt on his hip with a sword at the waist and I heard the sound of his sword. I asked, “Why do you wear boots?” He said to me, “Because I am a warrior angel accompanying you on this trip. I am also the angel who walks with you. I am always at your side from your birth. Remember that you will not be never alone on earth. Do you see me, do you know my presence?” I told him, “It’s an honor to walk with you.”


It was that day that I encountered this angel that I understood that the Lord had deployed this angel for me and my ministry. He walks with me in my ministry. When I preach in church and wherever I am testifying he is with me. When I pray to God, he is with me. I am very happy to have this angel.


(Transcribed and translated from the Youtube video on Elisabeth Ferraz Anal and Oral Sex leads to Hell.)


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