Gentlemen, before starting with this audio, I want to clarify that the Lord gave me this experience in October 2018. But today I want to go back to share so that you can understand the critical times we are living in.


I’m from Mexico, and today I want to share this experience that the Lord in His infinite mercy gave me a year ago.


Beforehand, the Lord told me to prepare. I began to prepare myself to receive the revelation as the Lord subjected me to fasting and praying. The Lord kept me with that fire lit in my soul, so that when that experience comes, I would be fully prepared with the fire and the oil of the Holy Spirit.


In prayer, I anointed my eyes, my ears, and my whole being in the name of Jesus. And when that day came on the 18th of October 2018, I had everything prepared. We know that our God is a God of order.


And on that day, while we were in the church, I started to observe with my spiritual eyes, a bush that was burning with flames, yet it was not consumed. And I saw that the fire was so bright, so beautiful that I started to feel the glory of God.


When I saw this phenomena I heard a voice that was tender with full of authority. It was so audible, so beautiful, so precious.


And the voice of the Lord told me, “My son, I’m the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I am the King of kings and the Lord of lords. I’m the Great I Am. I am the First and the Last. I’m the Alpha and Omega, the One that was, the One that is and He who is to come, I am the Lamb of God and My name is Jehovah of the Armies.”


“And today I have come to show you something, especially for My people. Today I have to show you something that humanity should know that is in the place of torment. Do not fear nor be afraid for I’m with you.”


When the Lord said those words to me, I saw a character that came out of the middle of the burning bush that was not consumed. When He emerged from the flames I saw that He was glowing, bright, so beautiful that He was shining. He could not stop shining. I remember His face. He was so brilliant. His hair was like strands of gold.


When I wanted to see His face that was so glowing, I couldn’t see His eyes or His nose or everything else about HIm. I observed a light that shone like a star. From that light came out many flashes so precious. His clothes reached down to His ankle.


I saw that His sandals were crystal gold and He told me, “My son, it is necessary for Me to reveal to you something that is so real from Hell.”


When He said these words to me, I said, “Lord, I don’t want to go to that place.”


He told me, “My son it is necessary that you see what I want to show you. Let’s go so you can see if it’s necessary. I will show you a cell where powers from Hell have risen to the Earth in the End Times to destroy hearts, minds, and lives of My children. These unclean spirits have emerged to the surface to destroy souls. But I am merciful, thus even today I keep revealing and showing hidden things.”


The Lord said these things to me. Immediately I saw on His right an Angel so beautiful with golden hair whose eyes were so green and beautiful. And I remember that the Angel had a sword unsheathed in his hand. That sword had a bright and very shiny burning fire.


Upon that sword. it was written, “Holiness to Jehovah.”


I saw that this Archangel had a belt that crossed over his waist. The Archangel had some bracelets of fine gold. I remember that the Archangel was dressed as a warrior. He had a very beautiful and precious garment. His gaze was fixed and powerful.



I asked the Lord, “Who is the Angel who is by Your side?”


The Lord told me, “This is the Archangel Michael who fights for My people. He is the one who fights by My church.”


To the left of the Lord. I started to observe another Angel that had golden wings so beautiful and his hair was glowing with gold. I saw that this Archangel also had white glowing robes and blue eyes.


The Lord said, “My son this Archangel is Gabriel that I still send to reveal to My people mysteries, and he delivers messages to My Church.”


Then the Lord said, “I need to show you something.”


Quickly the Earth opened up and we began to go to the depths of the Earth, the deep interior regions. We reached the core of the Earth. And at that moment, I began to observe flames rising.


The Lord said, “This is the place of torment. It’s the eternal Hell.”


Quickly, I saw that we got to a cell that was made up of many cells. We didn’t get to these cells where the souls are being tormented.


We finally came to a cell where there were many demons imprisoned. I saw that some cells were opened and there were chains lying on the ground.


And the Lord said, “My son, in this place, there were many demons that were imprisoned. Many demons were prepared by Satan and they were to rise in the End Times to destroy My Church. I will show you for many have already come out of Hell. They have left this cell. They went to destroy My beloved Church.”


I began to observe a cell that was already opened and some chains were lying on the ground. I saw chains like iron.


The Lord said, “My son, here I had imprisoned a lot of demons and they were bound. These demons were prepared by Satan for the Last Days. And this is the time and they had to come out to cause destruction. They destroy the hearts of people, giving them the hearts of stone. These demons are the demons of disobedience that have come out of Hell to enter the lives of My people. When they


enter in My people, they cause a life of disobedience. They would no longer be doing My will, they would no longer hear My voice and obey Me for these demons of disobedience have entered their hearts, souls and thoughts.”


We kept walking through the place where I started to see another cell that was opened. And in that opened cell, there were some chains that were lying on the ground.


The Lord told me, “This was the prison of demons of sickness, like the demons of epidemic and pandemic, who are the spirits of death. Pandemic demons have also come out to cause destruction on the Earth for you are living at the end of time. I have allowed their liberation just like the plagues that had afflicted the Egyptians in ancient times. Even today, I have allowed epidemic demons that have come out in recent times,. Many people are going to die because they don’t have My seal of the Holy Spirit, they don’t have that seal.”


“My son, when I commanded the plague to hit the Egyptians, it did not touch the people who had the mark of the blood of the Lamb. Likewise, these diseases and epidemics will not touch those who are marked with the seal of My Holy Spirit.”


The Lord said, “Tell My Church to have their spiritual sight opened. Tell My people to have their ears opened in order to listen to My voice and to see the dangerous and evil times they are living in.”


We continued walking and the flames of that place were red hot. I could see that Hell was so real. At that time we got to a cell where we met a man that was being tortured. That soul was covered with flames of fire, but when I arrived with the Lord, that flame came down on his feet, and I remember that I could see all his disfigured body. They were many worms with many flames and pieces of flesh. I saw demons coming with knives that were very big and they cut the man in many pieces. I saw that the man formed his body again after being cut, but they kept inflicting him torture day and night.



The Lord told me, “My son, this soul was a notorious drug dealer on Earth. He had all the riches on Earth. He had all the pleasures on Earth, but his soul is lost.”


I started to see this man’s life here on Earth where he had many riches. He had cars and he had such big houses. I could see that he also lived in fornication and adultery.


And the Lord said, “No adulterer shall enter My presence. My son, no one defiled will enter My presence.”


I saw at that moment, one night some men went into his house and they killed him with knives. Immediately his soul fell into Hell. Demons do the same thing these men had done to him on the night of his death.


The Lord told me, “My son, go and tell humanity not to come here because they will never be able to leave this place.”


It was so real. From that moment I saw another cell. And in that cell, I saw a soul that was being tortured, and that soul was covered with a lot of fire.


And I remember that soul said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, take me out of this place.”


The Lord told me, “My son, this soul is the rich man mentioned in My Word. It is not a parable. It is something true. This man is the rich man which My writing speaks of when Lazarus was in the land. Lazarus was covered with ants. But Lazarus was looking for My presence. And today Lazarus is in My presence in the celestial kingdom. But this rich man had his pleasures in the world and his soul was lost.”


[Confer Luke 16:19-31, the Rich Man and Lazarus]


I saw a demon coming to him and telling him, “You can never get out of this place.”


And just like that person who was a drug trafficker on Earth, they told him, “You wanted money. Here is your money.”


I saw that they gave him a lot of money.


But that man said, “This won’t help me out of this place.”


Demons made fun of him.


And that man said, “I just want to go out to tell my family and tell humanity that this place is real, and tell humanity that money doesn’t save. It is nothing.”


Brother, what is worth is the blood of Christ. It was too late for the rich man.


And the Lord said, “Worms will be their beds and worms will cover them forever.”


From that moment, I followed the Lord walking with Him and I saw a woman. Two demons with very big wings took her by the arms and they were rising up into the air,. I saw a snake coming and that snake entered her intimate part. I saw demons with swords, and they pierced her and opened her private parts.


That woman said, “No, Lord, I can’t take this suffering anymore. I can’t stand being in this place anymore. Please have mercy on me.”


The Lord told her, “Beatrice, I gave you the opportunity on the Earth to repent. It’s now too late.”


And the Lord said to me, “My son, she was a prostitute on Earth. And My Word says no adulterer, no fornicator will enter My presence that is three times holy. You must tell humanity that this is the reward for prostitutes and those who live in sin, those who live in adultery, those who live in fornication.”


At that moment, I saw that I was no longer in that place. But I started to observe a very big auditorium, and I got in the auditorium. Quickly, I saw many people wearing black cassocks and the Lord told me, “My son from the month of October all the way to the month of November, Satanists and demons and all sorcerers do 40 days of fasting in order to go to war against My Church and to take souls to Hell. I will show you, My son, what you will speak of in the streets and never be silent. My people must realize they are living in evil and dangerous times.”



It is written in Ephesians 6:12, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against


evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and

against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”



Understand, we are living in such dangerous times where Hell is making war on us to destroy families, to destroy marriages and our children and to destroy the Church where we congregate.


But it’s time to fight. The time of fight has come. It’s time to make war because Satan was already defeated in the cross of Calvary. He has no part or portion in your family. It’s time you get up and go against those rulers in the name of Jesus until they are imprisoned in the name of Jesus. We must send them to the feet of Jesus, who will command them to their cages in the darkness.


I was with the Lord in this hole. I began to see artistes, rulers and kings in that auditorium. I remember that in the middle of the auditorium, there were baby children already. They were about one year old. The Lord made me understand that every day in their fasting, they killed a child. They sacrificed an innocent child. And I could see the number of those children. They were 40 children.


The Lord told me, “Every day of this fasting, they sacrifice a child of innocence, but these children come into My presence in My kingdom.”


Beloved, I also saw some naked women and the Lord told me, “Look, My son, these women are going to be sacrificed to Satan, their father. These elites think he is their father. They think they are going to earn riches and they are going to rule with Satan, but My son, the thing that awaits these global elites and Satanists is Hell.”


The Lord said, “These women were prepared by denying them food and drink so that they are “clean” when they are slaughtered on the day of their sacrifice.”


The Lord told me, “My son, when they perform a human sacrifice, they spill the blood of the victims on photos of churches that are seek My presence because demons bring photos of many evangelical churches where the power and the presence of God is. These churches are where God speaks and reveals. Demons are working to destroy those churches.”


I remember that the Lord told me, “My son, speak, and don’t shut up on all this.”


I was in this auditorium where human sacrifices were happening. Then I saw a man who was in a coffin. This man smelled sulfur. That man smelled so terrible.


The Lord was saying, “Look at him because he is the image of the Antichrist.” The Lord told me, “You will speak and I will be with you.”

Today, brother, I come to tell you what is necessary is that our lamps must have oil. We need to watch and pray because Satan walks like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. But Christ has come to give life and life in abundance.


God bless you in this hour and the peace of Christ be in your heart.



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