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I remember that on the sixth day of this 10 days of fasting and praying, I went into a coma. My family transported my body from the church to my house. While I was in a coma, I saw the demons. They came to arrest me. After the arrest of my spirit, they transported me to a spiritual prison in the second heaven but this experience did not last. Later I came out of this coma on the 7th day of the fasting and prayers.


I prayed in the house and my family was in the compound when suddenly two radiant and resplendent angels dressed in the purest white landed in our compound. They entered the house and said to me, “Deborah, we have come to take you.” Immediately I shouted the name of Jesus and collapsed on the ground. As soon as the family heard me scream and collapse on the ground, they decided to transport my body to the hospital for treatment.


Then the two angels transported me in the space to the second heaven. Later we landed in front of the door of a huge and long building that looks like a hospital or a school. I noticed two strong and dark entities at the door. On the door of this penal institution was written “Satanic prison of the flesh.”


Therefore, this place was a prison. It was revealed to me that the people who were incarcerated in this prison are still living on Earth but they are in prison here. The place was full to capacity. Then the angels ordered the demons who guarded the portal to this prison to put me in prison.


When the two angels were about to leave, I told them, “I will be arrested and imprisoned. How can you deliver me into their hands?”


These demonic beings were robust and frightening. The angels ignored my words and they left. After the disappearance of these two angels, the demons who guarded the portal of this place said, “Deborah, the angels of God delivered you to us and you belong to us. You are ours now.”


As soon as I entered this prison, I saw a multitude of people like the sand at the seashore. There were people of all nationalities, of all races from all over the world. The multitude was piled up like sardines. I saw human beings stacked on top of one another.


In this prison, I saw men and women even young people. As soon as I entered, I saw these prisoners cheering and welcoming me and celebrating my arrival. I was placed above other human prisoners like a bag thrown on other bags. I was uncomfortable because it was tight. The demons told me, “Deborah, you stay in this position. You cannot move. You must never pray or sing hymns of adoration and praise. You will only do what we tell you.”


I was amazed by this place. When I looked around, to my surprise I saw people I knew very well in this place.


I asked a woman that I knew very well, “How is it that you are here? I saw you in the morning around our house. When did you came here?”


She said to me, “I did not die early but I am here for some time. Yes, it is true. I live on Earth and I am still living on Earth but I have always been here. In fact, I was arrested many years ago and incarcerated in this prison because I am a liar.”


I asked her, “What is this place?”


She said, “This is Satan’s prison and we are all prisoners because of sin.”


This woman told me, “I was arrested because I am a liar.”


Then I saw our church deacon.


I asked the deacon, “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here. You are such a devoted man.”


The deacon said to me, “Deborah, the people know me as a dedicated man but I am an alcoholic man and I am attached to alcohol. That is why I was arrested and transported here. I have even been drunk in church.”


Then I saw the head of our music ministry in this prison of Satan.


She said to me, “Deborah, it’s true that I lead the choir in the church but I have a boyfriend and we live in fornication.”


Then I saw a mom who told me that she is a thief. She steals water from the other cultivators.


Then I saw a pastor who is well-known in the city. He said, “Yes, I am a preacher but I live in fornication and I resorted to the occultism. That is why I am there.”


I saw a brother who is a member of our church. Immediately I asked him, “Why are you here?”


He answered me, “Although I come to church, I am a drug addict. I saw a priest who told me that he was a supplier. That’s why I am here.”


However all these people asked me, “Deborah, what are you doing here?”


Beloved these people were alive on Earth and yet they were in prison in the spirit world. They kept piling up like sardines. They couldn’t move and they were on top of each other. There were chains on their feet and legs. They were slaves of demons.


Then these people asked me, “Tell us, why are you here?”


I told them, “I was an angry person. This is why I am here. I had just insulted my beloved pastor.”


When you are slaves in this prison in the second heaven, even if you live your life on Earth, you are in the kingdom of darkness. You work for them because you are in prison. They can even have sex with you.


I asked these captives, “Why don’t you pray?”


They told me, “It is forbidden to pray here. They always tell us to sleep. When it is time to pray, we cannot sing songs of worship and praise here.”


I said to this prisoner, “I must pray, I will laugh. I have been taught that in any situation I find myself in if I can pray I will see the result.”


As soon as I started praying in this place, immediately I heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ telling me, “Deborah, in this place, the prison of the flesh is a place of incarceration of people who live according to the flesh.”


This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that you cannot do the things that you would.” (Galatians 5:16-17 AKJV)


Jesus asked me, “When you sin and when you get angry, can you pray?” I answered, “Because of the guilt we cannot pray.”

Jesus says, “This is why these people cannot pray. Sin prevents people from praying. Sin causes guilt but when people are in prison, they should call Me. Although they are guilty of sin, I am the only One who can forgive them and deliver them from their prisons. You must not let your despair prevent you from praying.”


Jesus said, “You must understand what brought you to this prison. There is a repetitive sin which brought you here. Once you are incarcerated in the invisible prisons of the second heaven, even if these matters affect you, you will have to confess your sins and seek My face in prayer.”




While I was praying in this prison of the flesh, the captives that I found here warned me of the consequences. As soon as the devil noticed that I was praying in this prison of the flesh, he ordered his demons to remove me from this prison. He told them if we leave her here, it will influence the others to pray.


Then I saw giant demons arrived in this prison where I was. They told me, “How is it that you pray if you do not obey your God? You are a rebel and have killed others. That’s why your God delivered you here. As soon as you sinned, you belong here. You will not mention the name of your Master here. If we hear you pray again, we will punish you and kill you.”


They transported me to another prison in the second heaven. Sometime later, we landed in front of a huge door of a huge and long building. I saw a lot of soldiers all around this building. These soldiers were actually demons. They were holding weapons and stationed at the door of this prison. The demons escorting me told these soldiers, “She is a stubborn person. She never listens. She even allows herself to pray.”


These soldiers stationed around the door of this establishment told me, “Deborah, what you have done in the prison of the flesh, do not try it here, otherwise, we will kill you. Here are the rules that you must observe. You must not quote the name of your Master, you must not pray, you must not sing songs of praise and worship here. You will eat only what we will give you.”


As soon as I was led to my cell, I noticed that I was alone and isolated in this dark cell. I started to regret. I said to myself, “In the flesh prison, I was with people but here I am alone and isolated. I have no one to talk to.”


Later I was given water to drink which was red like blood.


The demon told me, “If you don’t eat you will be punished,” but I suspected that these were human flesh. Then I refused to eat it.


As I was alone in this cell I started praying in my heart in order to avoid being caught and punished. As I prayed I heard the voice of Jesus Christ. He told me, “Deborah, this is the prison of the souls. Where you were before was the prison of the flesh but this place is the prison of the souls. This prison is for the people who keep things in their hearts, people who do not forgive and who have bitterness.”


I said to Jesus, “It’s really hard here. I’m alone and isolated in the dark.”


Jesus told me, “You are alone because what is in your heart and soul is hidden, nobody knows. It is why you are alone. It is the prison of the sins of the heart. It is for the people who have problems in their hearts. People who have problems with unforgiveness and bitterness are here.”


Jesus said, “The soldiers who guard this cell are demons who influence your heart on Earth. The tears you shed are from the bad habits of your heart. The wall of your prison cell is your body. Your dark prison cell is the darkness of your heart. When the thoughts of your heart are bad, there is only darkness there. God cannot be in darkness where it is evil. The food that is given to you is evil thoughts and evil tendencies. When someone is in this prison of the souls, he will not receive the Word easily. He will not repent easily.”


Jesus said, “The Word of God is like a sword. It causes sorrow when it is delivered.”


“Christians who are in this prison have no time for God. When they face difficult situations, they will not use My name and they will not repent. When you are in this satanic prison, you will have problems with your health and your emotions because you are in the bond with the devil. The main characteristic of the people who are in the prison of souls is bitterness, hatred, resentment and anger. Prisoners who are in the prison of souls often entertain murderous thoughts every time they are angry.”


Beloved, if every time you are angry and think of using the knife and machete to kill, you must know that you are in the spiritual prison in the second heaven. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:30-32 AKJV And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed to the day of redemption. 31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: 32 And be you kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.


I remember when I was married I was an extremely angry woman. Every time I had an argument with my husband, I threatened to kill him or to poison him.


People who are in this prison still have an active intellect and their conscience can acknowledge their sins but this cannot deliver them because they are in prison. They cannot be released.


Later demons came to see me in my cell. They noticed that I did not eat my food. They went to report to the devil that I did not eat my food. Giant demons took me away and put a handcuff on my hands. As soon as I noticed that the handcuff on my hands was a snake, I was overcome with fear.


I threw myself on the ground and I cried, “My mother, my father, my family why did you abandon me?”


Immediately I heard the voice of an angel who said to me, “Deborah, where you are now there is no way your parents could help you. Call simply the name of Jesus Christ and the snake will leave you.”


While this snake was on my hand I noticed that this snake spat on me. The spittle of the snake is the bewitchment and spells. By spitting on me, I was experiencing failure, stagnation and manipulation in my life.


At some point I cried the name of Jesus Christ three times in this place. As a result my spirit was freed from this demon and I came back to Earth in my body.


When I woke up, I asked my family, “Where am I?”


They answered, “You collapsed on the ground. That’s why we brought you here.”


I told them that I was in a coma and that God showed things. My family went to find a herbalist doctor to take care of me. I refused the doctor as instructed by the Holy Spirit. My family was unhappy because they thought I disrespected them.


Jesus said, “Do not bother them. You are in Me. You cannot be in the traditions and customs of the family.”




On the 10th day of my fast and prayer, I rested when suddenly three entities landed around me. Usually, it was the angels of the Lord who came to get me but this time it was dark entities who came and they were demons. I wanted to use the name of Jesus Christ against them but I realized that I couldn’t. Then I collapsed on the ground. They captured my soul and we started to travel towards hyperspace.


When we arrived in the second sky we flew over the prison of the flesh. Later we flew over the prison of souls who keep bitterness, anger, and hatred in their hearts.


Then we flew over lands and mountains and finally, we arrived in the prison of spirits. As soon as we arrived I saw a huge building the size of many football fields. Immediately I saw an entity sitting on a throne. He wore a helmet on which there were two animal horns. He held a huge arrow on his right hand but on his left hand, he was holding an animal tail. On his face, there were drawings like that of a native doctor.


When I arrived in front of him, the two demons greeted him. They said, “We finally captured Deborah.”


The devil said, “Finally Deborah has arrived here. You are finished.”


The devil directly addressed me, “Deborah, you always boast that you will never fall in my hands.

You always say that I do not have you and you’re out of our reach. Deborah, who has the last laugh?


Answer my question.”


I stood there looking at the devil who threatened me not knowing what was going on. The devil stood up from his throne and said to me, “Deborah, you used the name of Jesus against us. Deborah, are you the one who sent me the fire and attacked me with the blood of Jesus Christ?”


The devil pointed his finger at me and said, “I repeat the question. Deborah, are you the one who sent fire to burn me?”


I stood there not knowing who this entity was.


He said to me, “Deborah, are you the one who threw the blood of Jesus Christ at me? Deborah, today I captured you. I will kill and finish you as you are my captive. Deborah, today we will tear your flesh in pieces and we will eat your raw flesh.”


Then the devil said, “Listen, everyone, we are not going to cook or grill Deborah. We will eat her raw flesh because she tortured us so much. She caused so much trouble and damage.”


Beloved, fear the Lord and walk in holiness because all we do against the devil will be avenged if we fall into his hands especially if you always use the blood of Jesus Christ against him, if you always call fire to burn his demons, if you always use the name of Jesus Christ against him and his demons.


If by mistake, you fall into his hands after having fought against his kingdom, you would suffer. He will start by reminding you of all that you did against his kingdom. He will take revenge and punish you.


The enemies of Lucifer are people who use the name of Jesus Christ against him. The people who call fire against his kingdom, the people who apply the blood of Jesus Christ against his kingdom – these are people that the devil wants to avenge.


He reminded me of all the destructions that I caused in his kingdom and the demons that I destroyed.


Then I saw the devil say to a man, “You will drink ten bottles of beer. Your life consists of drinking.” This man who was alive on the Earth was manipulated from the second heaven in alcoholism. He obeyed the devil on Earth by going to drink.


The devil designated another man and said to him, “You will sleep with ten women one by one.” Immediately, I saw this man on the Earth running after women.


The devil also ordered a woman to sleep with ten men. I watched on Earth the woman fornicate with men.


Some of the human behaviors on Earth are manipulation of the second heaven. Most of humanity is in prison in the second heaven. People manifest tendencies which are frankly injunctions of the spirits in space.


The bad behaviors of people are orders which they subconsciously received from the second heaven. They are ordered to behave in a certain way even if they are not willing to do it because they are in prison. They have no choice. People get orders given to their flesh, their soul and their spirit in the prison located in the second heaven.


Later I saw the devil ordered a man to fly. Immediately I saw on Earth, this man flying. Then the devil said to me, “Deborah, you like to sing for God on the Earth.”


The devil ordered a demon to put music, then he ordered me to dance for him. I also had no choice since in my prayers of authority I forced the demons to drink the blood of Jesus Christ. The devil gave me a pot and he asked me to think about it and drink it. As I refused to drink, the devil called a demon and ordered him to inject me with a disease. I saw a disease demon called rheumatism. His injection will cause legs and arms to be weakened.


The devil told me, “Deborah, today I’ll break your legs and arms and we’ll see what your God is going to do to you.”


Immediately he started to inject me with rheumatism. As a result of the pain, I screamed. My comatose body in the hospital also screamed and people heard me.


Then the demons started to beat me fiercely. While he beat me, he said, “Deborah, you chased us in the name of Jesus, now use the name of Jesus Christ against us. You sent us the fire, now call the fire on us.”


While he beat me, he said, “Deborah, you forced us to drink the blood of Jesus in your prayers, now force us to drink the blood of Jesus Christ again.”


While the demons were beating me, my mother started to see the effect of the treatment inflicted on my mind and in my body in the hospital. As the demons beat me, I was bleeding and my mother testified later that I was bleeding physically in the hospital.


I remember when I arrived in this prison I undressed and the two demons gave me sexy clothes. In fact the fashion industry is controlled by the devil and I saw a lot of women dressed in a sexy way in this prison. Their spirits were ordered to dress sexily and their bodies on the ground followed what their spirits did.


Then the demons injected a liquid and I was lobotomized (a surgical severance of nerve fibers connecting the frontal lobes to the thalamus of the brain to treat mental illness). I lost my conscience. I couldn’t even call the name of Jesus Christ.


So the Christians who are in this prison of the spirits cannot pray; they cannot read the Bible; they cannot evangelize. Others must pray for them by those who are free.


Beloved, when people are in prison in the spiritual world they will even suffer hair loss. I saw the hair of people kept in two cages in this prison of demons.


I was fighting, therefore, I was bleeding in my body on the Earth. When my mother saw this she started to pray for me. She started to confess my sins and she started to ask God to remember something I did for Him.


Immediately a radiant angel landed in this prison of the spirits. In fact the devil and his demons were on the point of cutting my body in order to devour me when the angel landed in this prison and pulled me out of this place.


The angel told me, “Deborah, this place is the prison of spirits. These people are not dead, they are alive on Earth.”


When a Christian cannot pray or read the Bible, he is surely in the prison of the spirits. Therefore he will not even dream when he sleeps because he is in prison. People are programmed to behaviors and the way of life imposed on them by the controlling demons in the second heaven.




On the tenth day which was the last day of fasting and prayers, I was in our compound relaxing. I was really hungry so I asked my sister to cook something for me. My sister started to make peanut tea food for me. Meanwhile, my mom went to buy something for me. I carried the baby and I was in the company of family and friends. Later I took the peanut that my sister had brought me and I was about to eat when suddenly two angels of radiant light landed.


They told me, “Deborah, do not eat.”


I asked them, “Why not? You told me that on the sixth day of the fast and the prayer I will eat.”


While I was talking to the two angels, my family and my friends watched me talking in the empty space.


They asked me, “Who are you talking to?”


I answered, “I am talking to the angels. Can’t you see them?” They could not see the angels.


I said to the angel of the Lord, “I am hungry and you told me to eat on the last day of the fast and prayers.”


The angel told me, “Your mission is not yet finished. You must visit the realm of the spirit.”


I asked him, “Where specifically?”


He replied, “You go to another invisible world in a state of fasting and prayers.”


When my sister saw me speak, she said to me, “We asked you to consult a doctor but you said you don’t have a mental problem but this is how you talk to yourself.”


The angel ordered me to give my sister the baby I was carrying.


The angel told me, “Deborah, tell your sister not to take you to hospital, not to cry about you. She must not bury your body.”


I said to my sister, “Big sister, the angels say I should tell you not to cry or panic or take me to the hospital. Just sing two songs of praise and worship to the Lord.”


Then my sister asked me, “Deborah, you want to die? Why are you talking to like that?”


At that time the angel told me, “Tell your sister that you will not die.”


As I have already said, I warned my sister I was not going to die.


Then suddenly three brilliant shining angels landed. They were dressed like doctors. They landed in front of me. These angelic doctors said to the two angels who came earlier, “Tell Deborah to lie on a flexible chair.”


Both the messenger angels asked me to take a chair and lie down.


Immediately, I took a chair and pretty adjusted. Then I laid down as instructed by the three angels who were doctors and the two angels who were messengers.


Then one said to the two messenger angels, “Tell Deborah to straighten her leg and hands.”


The two messenger angels said to me, “Deborah, ask your sister to straighten your hands and feet.”


I called my sister and I asked her to straighten my arms and legs.


Then the angels who were doctors injected a liquid in my legs. Immediately my legs became numb and became paralyzed with the anesthetic. Then the angels injected the same liquid in my arms. As a result, they stopped moving. Then the angels put cotton in the ears and they dropped a liquid on my eyes.


My sister was next to my body. She could see how I reacted and she panicked even if she could not see the angels she was emotional.


When this angelic doctor put this liquid on my eyes, I could not see any more correctly. In fact, I lost my vision.


Gradually my sister noticed that my eyes was rolling fast. This is how she panicked and went out to call my neighbors despite the fact that she was warned of what was going to happen in advance.


Then I saw the angelic doctor come closer to me. He put his mouth above my mouth and he pulled my breath of life out of my body. He emptied my body of vital energy. As a result I heard a sound of deflation and my soul came out of my body and I became two. My body laid on this flexible chair and my soul stood near the angel of the Lord.


Then I saw one of the angels who was a doctor spreading a white powder on my physical body which was lying there and he did the same for my spiritual body which was standing.


Then I went up dressed with a white garment of the purest white.


I asked the angel, “How did I become two? Did I die?”


The angel told me, “Your body is sleeping.”


Then I saw my sister coming with my family and people from my neighborhood. My mother asked the people to bring my body to the house inside and after checking everything she said, “Deborah is dead.”


I asked the angels of the Lord, “Am I dead?”


They told me, “You are not dead. You are sleeping.”


Then I saw my mother undress my body. She started to wash my body and dressed it. Then she laid down and covered my body.


At that moment I saw another angel descend from the sky and landed where we were standing. I noticed that the two angels who were messengers did not have a sword. The three angels who were


doctors didn’t have a sword either but the angel who came down was holding a sword. I presume he was a warrior.


The angels who were doctors and the angels who were messengers asked this warrior angel to protect my body. They told him, “Whenever these people start to think of burying her body, you have to put heat and warm her body so that they would know she is alive. You have to observe their thoughts and their intentions so that they will not bury her body.”


Immediately I saw the three angelic doctors get up and went up to space. Their feet no longer touched the ground but were in space. They were moving uniformly as if a machine has lifted them from the ground and transported them up.


Suddenly they disappeared. Then the two angelic messenger said, “Deborah, we must now leave.”


Immediately we started to go up in space Then we started to move through hyperspace.


I heard my mother screaming, “Deborah died like that. I cannot accept this.”


While we were going up in space we arrived towards a place there were like two tanks Then I saw angels behind these tanks. They waved their swords towards the two angels accompanying me.


I asked the angels about these tanks.


They answered me, “These tanks are portals. The tank on the right leads to the place of rest that is paradise. The tank on the left to the place of torments. The people who land in the place of torments never leave this place. They are stuck there forever.”


We left these places which were the portals to paradise and to the place of torment.


I told the angel of the Lord, “I heard stories of people who died in my country but they were seen in the neighboring country in bars and clubs at night.”


The angels told me, “These phenomena are orchestrated by demons from cemeteries and demons of death. They can take the form of people who died without Jesus Christ. These demons copy their appearance of their faces and their voices and even their style of walking to seduce the people.”


While moving in the spiritual world, immediately we were inside the left tank which was the place of torment. Beloved, what I saw in hell is horrible and unbearable. We must repent to avoid hell at all costs. You are not prepared for torture and you will not bear the pain of hell. Repent before it is too late.


After visiting the place of torments we continued our journey towards the invisible universe. An angel of the Lord carried me on his back and we left the portals of the beyond and we traversed a long trajectory.


Then the angel told me, “Deborah, you have to walk now by yourself. When you are new in a church like a baby everything is made for you by others but when you grow up you learn to do things by yourself so you have to walk on your own now.”


I started to walk and as we progressed towards another destination, the angels told me, “We are going towards a civilization of Satan in space and the firmament called the kingdom of Persia.”


The angel told me, “Deborah, you have no shoes. How are you going to face the kingdom of Lucifer?”


I replied, “I left my shoes on the Earth.”


To tell the truth the angel was speaking to me about spiritual shoes.


They asked me, “Didn’t your pastor give you any shoes?”


I answered, “The pastors don’t give things to people. They preach.”


“Deborah, what is your work in Church?”


I said, “I am an intercessor and a prophetess.”


They answered, “If this is the case, how come you don’t know the shoes we are talking to you about is the Word of God? You cannot enter the kingdom of Lucifer unless you have the Word fully in you. You can only defeat the enemy with the Word.”


While with the angels, I saw a piece of land in front of us. There were lots of shoes. The angel gave me a pair of shoes and I put them on. Then we kept walking. I noticed that we were walking on the sand. I wondered how there is sand here in space. I thought we had left it on the Earth but this sand was hot. It was thanks to the shoes that the angels had given me that I was not burned by this hot sand.


The angel of the Lord told me, “Deborah, you do not feel the heat of this sand because of the shoes that you wear. Otherwise, you would have suffered. This sand represents trials and tribulations but if you have shoes on your feet which is the Word of God you will not be affected. Many Christians are discouraged and they collapse when suffering and tribulation comes because the Word of God is not in them. However, when the Word is in you fully, you can overcome the hard times. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:15 AKJV And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.


After walking for a while we finally arrived in the kingdom of Persia. As soon as we arrived I saw a stubborn one who wore the shoes upside down. When he saw us coming he fled.


In the first place I found that this kingdom looked like a bush or a forest.


The angel told me, “We are in the kingdom of Persia where the government of the devil is established. The Bible said in Daniel 10:12-13 AKJV Then said he to me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that you did set your heart to understand, and to chasten yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I am come for your words. 13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, see, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. 21 Then said he, Know you why I come to you? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, see, the prince of Greece shall come.


I asked the angel who is the entity that fled when he saw us.


The angel said to me, “It’s the devil.”


At this moment I said to myself, “I can’t believe the devil is fleeing. He was beating me not long ago.”


That was when the angel told me, “The devil was fighting you because of the sins in your life which gave him power and dominion over you but now that you are dressed in a white garment which represents holiness and good deeds and you have shoes on your feet which is the Word of God and you are protected by angels, that is why he fled. Tell the people of God if they can take away the sins of their life, witches and Satanists will not come near them. They will run away and stay away because sin gives them power.”


While I observed this kingdom in space, I noticed that the surface was not flat as on Earth.


The angel of the Lord told me, “The devil built his kingdom on a bad foundation. For this reason, his kingdom is weak.”


I asked the angel of the Lord, “Why does Lucifer wear his shoes upside down?”


He told me, “The devil built a kingdom on the basis of being anti-God and anti-Word with the intention of opposing God and His Word. For example, the Bible opposes murder and the consumption of human blood but in its law and its kingdom, human sacrifices and the consumption of human blood are encouraged. These laws are established and founded in opposition to the standards of God. He reversed the Word of God and the Gospel. This is the meaning of the phrase “shoes on the wrong foot.”


I said to the angel, “Does that mean that Satan knows the Word of God?”


The angel told me, “The devil was a great singer in heaven. He was close to God. He was popular in the kingdom of God but he became proud. When he was driven from heaven, he wrote laws opposed to God which are anti-Bible. Those are the laws that govern his kingdom.”


After we entered this kingdom of Persia in the second heaven, we started to explore it. Immediately I saw demons in this space kingdom working as carpenters. They were building millions and millions of coffins.


I asked the angels of the Lord, “Why are these demons building these coffins? Do they die like humans too?”


The angels said, “The demons are spirits and they do not die. The demons build coffins for the many people you saw in the three space prisons, the prison of the flesh, the prison of the souls and the prison of the spirits in the firmament, the second heaven.”


Then the angels asked me, “Deborah, if you are raising chickens, are you going to ask permission from others to kill and eat them?”


I said, “No.”


The angels told me, “This is the scenario between Lucifer and the people you saw in the space prisons. Lucifer and the demons consider humans as chicken and their food especially those who live according to the trends of this world.”


While we continued our visit in this kingdom of the second heaven, I started to notice that some coffins disintegrated and disappeared.


The angels told me, “Some of the people that you saw in the invisible prisons have confessed their sins on the Earth and received Jesus Christ. Consequently their coffins have disintegrated.”


Then I asked the angel of the Lord about my uncle who is in witchcraft.


He told me, “Witches obey orders from Lucifer. There is no democracy in the kingdom of Satan. They must obey orders of destruction otherwise they will suffer the consequences.”


While we continued to explore this kingdom, I saw an entity holding a bottle of something similar to coke. I asked the angel, “What is that drink that this entity is holding? It looks like coke to me.”


The angel told me, “It’s not coke but rather human blood. This entity is the secretary general of Satan. It was he who decides the death of humanity on the surface of the Earth. He is responsible for deaths on Earth. He is always in consultation with Lucifer in order to decide the place, the time and the number of people supposed to die on Earth. This entity is called Moloch.”


I asked the angel of the Lord, “Why does he hold the bottle of blood in his hand?”


The angel told me, “Each time and wherever a human being is killed on Earth by human sacrifice, Moloch receives a bottle of blood as it is his right and even the devil respects him.”


I asked the angel of the Lord, “Who is Moloch?”


The angel told me, “Moloch was an inhabitant of heaven before being cast out with Satan. He is a fallen angel. In the past Moloch was in heaven with Lucifer. Lucifer had gathered angels in opposition to God and Moloch had joined them in their rebellion. They all began to behave as an opposition party in heaven. They objected to God in every way possible. This is why God cast them out. When they were chased from heaven, some fell into the water, some fell underground, some in the second heaven and some in the forests.”


The angel of the Lord told me, “When the devil and the fallen angels were banished from Heaven, they took control of the material world. Then Moloch came with the initiatives to kill the descendants of Adam in order to drink their blood and eat their flesh. He submitted his initiative to the high dignitaries of the world of darkness which was accepted and applauded. Then Lucifer asked Moloch, “As you came up with this initiative, how should we reward you?””


Moloch replied, “Every time a man or woman is killed on the surface of the Earth in human sacrifice I am entitled to a bottle of blood. Lucifer and the angels who fell from the sky accepted his request. That’s why you see Moloch with a bottle of blood on his hand.


The angel told me, “People who are in rebellion to God are the potential targets for human sacrifices and the children who are in rebellion against God are potential victims of human sacrifices.”


We continued our visit in this space kingdom. Then I saw like a big pharmacy I asked the angel if the demons get sick like humans.

The angel told me, “This pharmacy is not for the second heaven. The medicines that are designed here by demons are popular medicines on Earth. They do the opposite of medical healing. If a paracetamol is a pain relief, you must understand that the paracetamol made here is a pain enhancer.”


As soon as we got closer to those pharmacy I saw plastic bags containing white powder.


The angel of the Lord, “This is the way demons spread diseases on the Earth. The devil entrusts this disease to the hands of Moloch who is responsible for the human sacrifice and all the murders on the Earth. In turn, Moloch delivers these diseases to agents of Satan who are Satanists, witches and magicians. Some of the plastic bags which are not open are diseases which must still appear on Earth but when these bags are opened, AIDS is nothing in comparison with these diseases which will destroy the Earth.”


I asked the angel of the Lord what are the next diseases which will strike the Earth but he refused to tell me. He told me that these powders which are diseases are often thrown into the air and space and the people who breathed them are victims. Some are mystically injected innocently by witches and wizards.


As we explored the kingdom of Persia in the second heaven, I noticed in the firmament that there was like a huge net in space. There were lines set up at the border between the second heaven and the third Heaven which is the dwelling of God.


The angel of the Lord told me, “The devil is poor so he installed his nets in space in order to capture the packages of Christians that descend from the throne of God and to oppose their prayers.”


The angel told me, “When the children of God ask God for things in prayer, their prayers are answered and transits through the second heaven. This is why the devil built the net in order to steal the packages and the goods of the believers.”


The angel told me, “God responds to petitions and prayers of the Christians. When their prayers are answered, their gifts and packages land first in the net of the devil. It is only when the Christians persevere in prayer that their prayers tear the net. As a result the Christians would receive their packages but the Christians who give up in prayer, their gifts stay in the net and the devil steals their gifts and packages.”


The angel of the Lord told me, “Fervor and perseverance in prayer are things that allow Christians to obtain their goods. Christians must learn to persevere in prayer and be persistent. So therefore the devil often collects money, cars, clothes and many things which were intended for the believers. They were discouraged because they felt that God was taking the time. The devil collect the unclaimed packets and gives them to his servants, the witches, Satanists, occultists, magicians, and mystics. He is a thief.”


“The devil’s nets in the space in the second heaven also stop the prayers of Christians and prevent them from reaching God. The fact that you pray is not a guarantee that your prayer has reached heaven. You must learn to confess your sins and persevere until you receive what you asked of God. You must never give up. Many packages and goods are stuck in the net in space. If you abandon your prayers, your properties and packages will become the devil’s gifts.”



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